Wednesday, September 13, 2017

4 Big Matches Announced for FNF

This week's edition of Friday Night Fights will be a hotly anticipated one with five big matches pre-announced for the weekly card!

Last week: Genku sought to vent his frustrations against Undisputed Champion Damo's acquaintance DeathScepter! He was dragged to the arena for a beating and was defeated surely enough -- but not how he expected! Statix intervened to confront arch-rival Genku, sidelining DeathScepter in the process! This week on FNF DeathScepter will try to settle the score one-on-one with Statix!

The fallout from last week will continue when GuiltyByDesign challenges potential Division 2 title contender "Mad Dog" Onryo! GBD was dragged into the conflict when DECEPTION helped his New Generation partner beat reigning Div.2 Champion Shinnokxz! Now she'll attempt to spoil his run just two days before he fights a #1 contenders match at Pre-Show 98!

Onryo's opponent on Sunday will be strong Division 2 prospect: G0LD! G0LD'll have issues of their own to contend with on Friday when redman tries his luck against the rising star!

PLUS: Top Duo Jammer2Omega & Porygonix will attempt to even the score for their shock upset defeat at the hands of Killswitch & jack4813! All this and plenty more! Be here in 2 days!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pre-Show 98 Gets Xtreme This Sunday

The stars will be out this Sunday at Pre-Show 98 for a headlining contest of trios that will be all about Xtreme Unity!

The challenge was made during yesterday's edition of Monday Night Games, where Team Xtreme were on the hunt for their Pre-Show 97 opponents: The_Purple_Bunny & Mimik! The United duo formed their alliance as a perfect plan to dominate next weekend's Night of Champions match and it turns out they have quite the chemistry! They're one of only three teams to have ever beaten Marz & Violent`J in The Great Arena! With Shaggy2Dope joining the pair, it'll be teams of three going head-to-head, with Artanix recruited by The United!

Officials have also announced a #1 Contender's match for the Division 2 Championship that will pit "Mad Dog" Onryo against rival contender G0LD! If Onryo wins, he'll be able to go for solo gold while New Generation partner DECEPTION chases the Undisputed title shot of the Night of Champions Battle Royal!

SubMan799 and Jerrod will continue the blood feud started at Summerfest 2017! Politics & Menas will look to settle the score with Duo rivals Mark & Leroy. PLUS: ]{0MBAT & tabmok99s_wife revisit their Tournament 83: Grand Slam [Doubles] clash with "The United" Shoe & zelse, and deadpool rises out of the Summer Grand Slam for a grudge match with United: Murdoink!

It all goes down this Sunday - September 17th! Be here for all the action as we continue the count down to showcase of champions and Supercard 98: Night of Champions VI!

Pre-Show 98: Xtreme Unity (September 17th, 2017):
- "Team Xtreme" Marz, Violent`J & Shaggy2Dope versus "The United" The_Purple_Bunny, Mimik & Artanix
- SubMan799 versus Jerrod
- Politics & Menas versus Mark & Leroy
- "Mad Dog" Onryo versus G0LD [Division 2 #1 Contenders]
- ]{0MBAT & tabmok99s_wife versus "The United" Shoe & zelse
- deadpool versus United: Murdoink

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Night Games (September 11, 2017)

The_Purple_Bunny & Mimik revealed their perfect plan for success at the upcoming Night of Champions, but a well timed absence from the Monday Night Games was what kept them out of harms way when Team Xtreme came looking for a fight!

The once indomitable Marz & Violent`J haven't forgotten their historic upset loss at Pre-Show 97! They sought to disrupt The United pairing's plans with a rematch, but instead found "Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge looking to assert themselves as the #1 duo in an uncertain division. The result was an impromptu main event that put Team Xtreme back on the winner's list! It was a one-sided win, but The Invasion escaped from their brush with duo royalty with their heads held up.

Marz & Violent`J guaranteed there were other ways they could hurt their United rivals, announcing a contest of trios for this Sunday's Pre-Show 98! Old pal Shaggy2Dope will join the fight with The United, where they've promised to upset TPB & Mimik's plans - regardless of who they bring!

Shaggy2Dope had been eyeing a KFL Championship shot after a big win last week, but the intended history-making Open Challenge didn't go to plan when Poasty took the gold from United: Mime! A frustrated Shaggy2Dope challenged the former champ any way, but found himself the recipient of a devastating post-title loss MAX Damage demolition! Mime may've lost the gold last week, but he remains firmly in the hunt for a rematch!

Big wins for the rest of The United, as well! Artanix managed to repel The Invasion's heavy Evil AlbertBeefcake in a strong showing. Shoe & zelse teamed to absolutely dominate the fighting force of MattHardy & Ghrimm! There was also a nice opening win for The Greek Crisis!

Monday Night Games: Week 31 (September 11, 2017):
6. "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J d. "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge [+1]
5. United: Mime d. Shaggy2Dope [+MAX]
4. United: Artanix d. Evil AlbertBeefcake [+1]
3. "The United" Shoe & zelse d. "The Invasion" MattHardy & Ghrimm [+4]
2. CRX7 d. Cyber-X [+1]
1. "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade d. nav-gone & MinnyBean [+1]

Weekly Rankings Recap - 9/10/2017

We're still a couple of weeks away, but Night of Champions VI is already starting to shape-up. I'm looking forward to seeing what DECEPTION can do, but I'm not sure anybody will be able to stop The_Purple_Bunny & Mimik as long as their alliance holds true! We should see plenty more entrants announced in the coming days and weeks. It's getting exciting!

The Duo Division feels very vibrant right now, even as we venture towards another irregular choice of contenders. What DaemonX & Shen_DuHBK lack in experience as a team, they make up for with fire and determination. Their win over rxvt & deadly on Friday was some kind of token gesture, but it's really about the tension of The Invasion, and their desire to beat CCShadow & Scott-Howell!

The champs have had their fair share of unusual contenders, but they've also proven they can go with the biggest names in the league. I would've loved to see The New Generation going for gold. They broke back into the Duo Top 10 this week with their victory on Friday. It seems like "Mad Dog" Onryo will use that win to finally reach for the Division 2 Championship, but nothing's certain - even if it seems like it is!

I really thought Mime was headed for the KFL Championship record books! What an amazing win for "Champion of Champions" Poasty, who took full advantage of the open challenge scenario! It's been a helluva year for Poasty, who just last month was fighting for the Undisputed Championship! I think this is a good level for him. The KFL title will help him build the next phase of his career!

The Great Arena League Top Ten:
#1 (--) United: Mime
#2 (--) Oozaru [2017 Grand Slam [Doubles] Co-Winner]
#3 (--) MKMaster
#4 (+1) "The Hitman" DECEPTION [2017 Summer Grand Slam Runner-Up, 2017 Grand Slam [Doubles] Runner-Up]
#5 (-1) Evil AlbertBeefcake
#6 (+1) Genku [2017 Summer Grand Slam Winner]
#7 (-1) Statix
#8 (--) Banging [2017 Grand Slam [Doubles] Co-Winner]
#9 (--) United: Artanix
#10 (--) Scott-Howell [Duo Division Champion]

The Great Arena Duo Division Top Ten:
#1 (--) "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge
#2 (--) CCShadow & Scott-Howell [Duo Division Champions]
#3 (--) Politics & Menas
#4 (--) "The Pacific Connection" Oozaru & Banging [2017 Grand Slam [Doubles] Winners]
#5 (--) "Brexiteers" Liam & nif
#6 (--) "The Invasion" Evil AlbertBeefcake & Shen_DuHBK
#7 (--) "The 5 Minute Kismet" Baraka_MK & MKMaster
#8 (--) Benjamin & Mo2
#9 (--) Jammer2Omega & Porygonix
#10 (RE) "The New Generation" DECEPTION & Onryo

The Division 2 Under 5k Top Ten:
#1 (--) Oozaru [2017 Grand Slam [Doubles] Co-Winner]
#2 (+1) Evil AlbertBeefcake
#3 (+1) Banging [2017 Grand Slam [Doubles] Co-Winner]
#4 (+1) Scott-Howell [Duo Division Champion]
#5 (RE) Benjamin
#6 (--) United: Murdoink
#7 (--) Baraka_MK
#8 (--) "Mad Dog" Onryo
#9 (RE) DaemonX
#10 (-1) Jason_Voorhees

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Controversial Duo Announced To Challenge Champs

Uncertainty has clouded the picture surrounding the Duo Division Championship in the build to Supercard 98: Night of Champions VI. Today officials have made a surprising announcement to illuminate the situation: declaring "The Invasion" DaemonX & Shen_DuHBK the challengers!

The pair will pursue a grudge most recently kindled by the August 11th edition of Friday Night Fights, where CCShadow & Scott-Howell participated in a wining trios match against The Invasion!

DaemonX & Shen_DuHBK don't have a lot of experience competing together as a duo, but they earned a trios grudge win against the ICWW All-Stars on September 1st, and followed it up with a strong victory against rxvt & deadly during this week's Friday Night Fights.

With DECEPTION's entry into the Night of Champions Battle Royal, The New Generation will step aside for the unknown quantity of The Invasion! Will their unfamiliarity provide the x-factor needed to end CCS & Howell's new Duo Division Dynasty? Find out in The Great Arena - Sunday, September 24th!

Supercard 98: Night of Champions VI (September 24th, 2017):
- [To Be Determined] versus "The Chosen One" Damo (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- Night of Champions Contender Battle Royal feat. "The Hitman" DECEPTION, "The United" The_Purple_Bunny & Mimik
- ElJobber versus Genku [#1 Contender]
- "The Invasion" DaemonX & Shen_DuHBK versus CCShadow & Scott-Howell (c) [Duo Division Championship]

Saturday, September 9, 2017

TPB & Mimik Enter Night of Champions

Earlier in the year; competitive tensions between The_Purple_Bunny and Mimik threatened to unravel the winning formula of The United! They came together as part of a re-United front in August, shocking everyone at Pre-Show 97: Summerfest 2017 when they worked together to defeat the indomitable Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J!

The TPB & Mimik pairing has continued to find unbeatable chemistry, defeating The Invasion on the August 28th edition of the Monday Night Games - and it's no coincidence! TPB missed out on a title opportunity at last year's Night of Champions when he was outgunned by Hokey and his United teammates. Now TPB plans to benefit from his alliance with Mimik to secure the chance to win his 7th Undisputed Championship in 2017!

TPB & Mimik have a very impressive championship pedigree between them! Mimik was part of the first year title blitz, winning gold in a controversial October Feast or Famine special. After some high profile misses that included the main event of Ultimate Grand Prix II, and a brief hiatus after joining the Hall of Fame; Mimik returned for a second phase of his career, earning two more title wins at Supercard 84 and Supercard 87: End of Days, fighting retiring teammate Hokey into 2017!

The_Purple_Bunny arrived to the title at the tail end of the first year blitz, at Battle Royale 2012. His pursuit came in fits and starts, until a compelling victory at Battle Royale 2014! He traded lasting title reigns with m0s throughout that year, establishing his credentials with successful defenses against Ratt, Kron, Genku, ElJobber, and Mimik himself! He interrupted DECEPTION's rise to the top with a surprise win at Supercard 79: Purple Reign, becoming the first 6-time Undisputed Champion!

Despite his legendary status as the King of Battle Royals, Mimik's only meaningful attack on the Night of Champions match was last year! His team-up with Hokey helped get him to the final four -- but also cost him victory. The_Purple_Bunny was a runner-up at Night of Champions IV, and as this year's Battle Royale winner, he'll be a tough challenger to beat! The only question may be: if it comes down to TPB and Mimik at the end -- which United fighter will advance to the title?

TPB & Mimik think they have the perfect formula success, but for the first time in history eligibility for the Night of Champions Battle Royal will be extended to both former Undisputed Champions and former ICWW International Champions! The only way to find out who wins is to be here later this month for Supercard 98: Night of Champions VI!

Supercard 98: Night of Champions VI (September 24th, 2017):
- [To Be Determined] versus "The Chosen One" Damo (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- Night of Champions Contender Battle Royal feat. "The Hitman" DECEPTION, "The United" The_Purple_Bunny & Mimik
- ElJobber versus Genku [#1 Contender]

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Night Fights (September 8, 2017)

DECEPTION announced his entry into this year's Night of Champions Battle Royal earlier in the week, but he also made it known he wouldn't turn his back on New Generation teammate: "Mad Dog" Onryo. In the main event of Friday Night Fights, he showed everyone just what that loyalty meant, challenging the reigning Division 2 Champion to a battle of duos!

Shinnokxz had to scramble to find a Duo partner and found old acquaintance GuiltyByDesign to help him defend against The Hitman's challenge. The pairing was ultimately moot as the proven fighting fusion of The New Generation delivered swift defeat! The win was DECEPTION's way of helping his partner Onryo prove himself against the Division 2 champ. Will it set Onryo up for solo title opportunity while DECEPTION goes in search of Undisputed gold?

G0LD may have something to say about Onryo's championship aspirations. The highly ranked Div.2 fighter has been circling the title for some time, and executed a text book solid win against xort! G0LD had the better of Onryo when he first split from previous New Gen partner Baraka_MK, but the title picture remains uncertain.

There was nothing uncertain about Genku's intentions when he dragged DeathScepter into The Great Arena on Friday. He was still clearly fuming over last week's announcement that he won't compete for Damo's Undisputed Championship at Supercard 98. The Invasion were irregularly removed from Genku, but Damo's old Service Krew buddy was still clearly outmatched. A reprieve emerged when Statix inserted himself into the conflict, taking the fight to his old Invasion rival! The three-way scenario did DeathScepter no favours as he was overwhelmed early in the match. Statix barely fared any better himself, suffering a dominating beating at the hands of Genku!

Ironically, Statix will be one of the former ICWW Champions eligible for the Contender Battle Royal that will deliver the winner to an Undisputed Championship match at Supercard 98: Night of Champions V! It remains to be seen if Statix will take that opportunity, or continue to pursue the menace of The Invasion, who were largely absent save for DaemonX & Shen_DuHBK challenging rxvt & deadly to a Duo Division match.

Friday Night Fights (September 8, 2017):
10. "The New Generation" DECEPTION & Onryo d. Shinnokxz (c) & GuiltyByDesign [+1]
9. Genku d. Statix and DeathScepter [+3/+1/-4]
8. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile d. BilboFett [+5]
7. Sekktor d. Benjamin [+1]
6. Killswitch & jack4813 d. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix [+1]
5. G0LD d. xort [+3]
4. The_Hurricane d. STEROLIZER [+2]
3. Onimike d. KombatKid [+1]
2. Kiara85 d. Red_Spaniard [+2]
1. "The Invasion" DaemonX & Shen_DuHBK d. rxvt & deadly [+1]