Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Night Fights (February 12, 2016)

Last week's shocking KFL Championship match proved The Invasion are more than a nostalgic nuisance, setting a tone for this week's Friday Night Fights! The collective was clearly emboldened by their title acquisition, choosing this week to make their full presence known in an all-out attack!

Before the chaos erupted: deadpool & MercWithMouth opened Friday Night Fights to issue a challenge against Hall of Fame Duo Division Champions Marz & Violent`J. The only thing more unexpected than the challenge itself was the emergence of the champions to accept! The resulting match: a brutally one-sided affair that left the challengers comprehensively defeated. An oddity soon forgotten as The Great Arena was systematically consumed by a flood of The Invasion!

Regular competition became completely derailed as members of The Invasion spilled out to confront league fighters in a string of improvised encounters. It began with Philip94 fending off The_Rock alone, before would-be opponents JUST_A_TARKATAN & ]{0MBAT forged an impromptu alliance to beat back "Everlasting Gaze" Ironize & Jesseman.

As promised late last week, members of The Alliance were on hand to restore order -- until they became soldiers in this new war! Just as Banging had turned his back on Statix during a face-to-face last week: Shen_DuHBK & Jason_Voorhees revealed their true allegiance to The Invasion by turning on The Alliance Superfriends AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane! They were thwarted, but the battle and impact of their turn was enough to neutralize The Alliance for the rest of the night! The Invasion's fortunes changed from there as DaemonX & Banging, Rhyno & Grayback and edge picked up wins over the league representation. With that, The Invasion left - KFL Champion ShawnMichaels nowhere to be seen, but his team's mark clearly felt.

With order restored, Poasty was able to avenge a previous loss to Jironobou [1/29/2016]. "The Greek Crisis" continued their campaign against the world with a win against the United Arab Emirates' jaytea & Intel. The hottest Division 2 rivalry saw Zentile steal the right to challenge for the Div.2 title from Sekktor in a last minute win before Pre-Show 75! In the main event: The_Purple_Bunny finally scored revenge against Tournament 63 arch-rival SubScorpTile!

Friday Night Fights (February 12, 2016)
12. The_Purple_Bunny d. "The Secret Weapon" SubScorpTile [+2]
11. "The Portuguese Pegasus" Zentile d. Sekktor [Division 2 #1 Contender]
10. "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade d. jaytea & Intel [+1]
9. Poasty d. Jironobou [+1]
8. "The Invasion" DaemonX & Banging d. Coltess & Onimike [+5]
7. "The Invasion" Rhyno & Grayback d. Maridany & TheMetinPorta [+1]
6. avenger45 d. AcidicWonder [+2]
5. edge d. Jauger [+1]
4. "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane d. "The Invasion" Shen_DuHBK & Jason_Voorhees [+1]
3. JUST_A_TARKATAN & ]{0MBAT d. "The Invasion" Ironize & Jesseman [+1]
2. Philip94 d. The_Rock [+1]
1. "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J (c) d. deadpool & MercWithMouth [+5] [Duo Division Championship]

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The United - Under New Management

For years now, The United has been synonymous with dominance and strength in numbers in The Great Arena.

The collective headed by Shoe is one of the few teams to own decisive victories over the combined might of The Barons of Mislukking! Although their line-up has changed over the years, even with dwindled numbers, they've typically topped the contender ranks - as evidenced by Supercard 74: Battle Royale!

The January Supercard saw all three remaining members of The United in championship situations. Hokey defended the Undisputed Championship, while Shoe & Artanix earned their way to a long overdue Duo Division Championship. All looked promising for the trio, but the Battle Royale party was spoiled by a disaster run that saw all three leaving without title gold.

This disappointing scenario has led to an unforseen shake-up within The United ranks!

They aren't letting on exactly who is stepping in to get The United back on track, but the new plan of attack is ready to go into motion starting at Pre-Show 75! That's because The United is now under new management!

The new guiding force is pointing Hokey in the direction of his fatal Day 1 victory at Tournament 63. He'll usher Bronzie back to the active fighting roster in a featured grudge match! While the former Undisputed Champion gets back to solo action - Duo Division hopefuls Shoe & Artanix will take on one of the hot teams coming into 2016: "Lucifer's Ladder" Corrupt UlcaTron & Corrupt hydraslash!

Pre-Show 75: Fatal Attractions (February 14th, 2016):
- "The Chosen One" Damo versus The_Purple_Bunny
- CCShadow & Scott-Howell versus "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J (c) [Duo Division Championship]
- Ratt versus Chromatose
- "The United" Shoe & Artanix versus "Lucifer's Ladder" Corrupt UlcaTron & Corrupt hydraslash
- Bronzie versus United: Hokey

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ratt Returns at Pre-Show 75

2015 Hall of Famer Ratt will return to action during Pre-Show 75 when he attempts to deal with some unfinished business! Throughout his illustrious career, Ratt has overcome almost every opponent, but one name sticks out among the rest for its two unanswered victories: Chromatose!

As unlikely as it seems, Chromatose owns back-to-back victories against Ratt - a perfect 2-0 record against the 5-time Undisputed Champion and living legend of The Great Arena! It won't be a clean cut affair when they meet this weekend, either. Ratt still has the burden of knowing his friend and duo division partner NightHawk has been forced onto the shelf by his bitter rival Crow.

NightHawk helped Ratt put the feud with Crow and his "Guardians" behind him with a gutsy victory at Supercard 74: Battle Royale. This should at least free Ratt up to enjoy his run to UGP6 with this special exhibition bout!

Pre-Show 75 (February 14th, 2016):
- "The Chosen One" Damo versus The_Purple_Bunny
- CCShadow & Scott-Howell versus "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J [Duo Division Championship]
- Ratt versus Chromatose

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Damo Wants The_Purple_Bunny!

It was a simple enough plan: The_Purple_Bunny joins The Service Krew on the Friday Night Fights before Battle Royale [01/22/16], and lets Damo believe he's "The Chosen One" who'll use the numbers advantage to dominate 38 other fighters. Then The_Purple_Bunny enjoys the same strength in numbers, before turning on Damo, and earning an Undisputed Championship match in the main event of Ultimate Grand Prix all for himself.

A simple enough plan, but a premature turn meant The_Purple_Bunny didn't have the numbers advantage and didn't win Battle Royale. He did screw Damo, though, and now he wants payback!

The main event of Pre-Show 75 will see the still believing "Chosen One" Damo finally get his revenge on The_Purple_Bunny! How will this affect their course to a potential Undisputed Championship win at Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV? Pretty definitively, I would think!

Pre-Show 75 (February 14th, 2016)
- "The Chosen One" Damo versus The_Purple_Bunny
- CCShadow & Scott-Howell versus "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J [Duo Division Championship]

Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Rankings Recap - 2/7/16

His ability to endure his partner's betrayal helped Statix leap up the ranks, this week. He was able to eke out a win in a 2-on-1 ambush by "The Invasion" DaemonX & Banging on Friday Night Fights. The turn appears to be the end for "The New Pacific Connection", who hold on to tenth spot on the Duo Division rankings, but will inevitably succumb to one of the close ranked teams.

Limited action in the Duo Division meant no changes in the Top Ten. "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade continue on their winning ways, beating out another combination sourced from the world of fighters - Australians: BIGkev & acez.  That was BIGkev's first appearance in competition - a harsh debut!

The win propelled proXade back into the league Top 10, as well as launching him up the Division 2 stakes. maxilos re-entered the Division 2 stakes as well. This is the FNF advantage previously seen amongst fighters in the KFL sub-league. If The Greek Crisis continue on their winning ways, you would think they'll probably start to come up against tougher competition, but also become bigger draws, and therefore upgrading to more infrequent Pre-Show and Supercard appearances. "The Greeks have a 2 win lead on #1 contenders CCShadow & Scott-Howell, who'll take their shot at the gold on February 14th and Pre-Show 75!

The Great Arena League Top Ten:
#1 (--) ElJobber [Undisputed Champion]
#2 (+3) Statix
#3 (-1) Knickxasawrrrr
#4 (-1) Benjamin [Division 2 Champion]
#5 (-1) "The Predator" TonyTheTiger
#6 (RE) proXade
#7 (-1) United: Artanix
#8 (-1) United: Shoe
#9 (-1) redman
#10 (-1) The Great Genku

The Great Arena Duo Division Top Ten:
#1 (--) "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade
#2 (--) CCShadow & Scott-Howell [#1 Contenders]
#3 (--) "The Invasion" Rhyno & Grayback
#4 (--) "Guardians of the Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon
#5 (--) Ratt & NightHawk
#6 (--) "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J [Duo Division Champions]
#7 (--) "The Corrupt Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo
#8 (--) JoelKatz & KittyKat
#9 (--) Politics & Menas
#10 (--) Statix & Banging

The Division 2 Under 5k Top Ten:
#1 (--) Knickxasawrrrr
#2 (--) Benjamin [Division 2 Champion]
#3 (+2) proXade
#4 (-1) redman
#5 (+5) Philip94
#6 (-2) knigjolly
#7 (--) Jammer2Omega
#8 (RE) maxilos
#9 (-3) Banging
#10 (-2) avenger45

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tower of Power XV & Pre-Show Announcement

Since competition inception; every fifth Supercard has been reserved for a construct known as the ultimate opportunity in championship contention: The Tower of Power!

Tradition has it that ten top contenders will be assembled beneath a reigning champion to first endure the hopeful test of The Challenger 7, before the Tower turns on itself, eliminating contenders toward the final battle for gold! In the past, we've seen Tower of Power events for both the Undisputed Championship and Duo Division Championships based on the decision of the booking council.

This month was expected to host a 2-man Tower, but to the surprise of many -- February 21st will force ElJobber to defend his newly won Undisputed Championship during Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV!

Entering the tower in the coveted #1 contender's spot will be m0s!
The 2015 Master's Series winner arrives in the top spot as the only 2-time Master's Series winner in history. With a phenomenal performance in Battle Royale that included 10 eliminations at his back, he'll be a major threat to ElJobber's title! The rest of the Tower of Power will be finalized by the council in the final days leading up to Supercard 75.

Qualifying matches for The Challenger 7 will be decided one week earlier during Pre-Show 75!

Pre-Show 75 will also be headline by a Duo Division Championship match between CCShadow & Scott-Howell against the dominant force of "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Alliance Are Coming to FNF!

After a stunning turn of events during this week's Friday Night Fights, The Alliance has declared they will not be standing idly by any longer! On February 12th, The Alliance will be back in the arena to ensure The Invasion are kept in check during Friday Night Fights!

The five-man team led by AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane had kept the forces of The Invasion at bay throughout the latter part of 2015, but The Invasion have been able to use the new era of Friday Night Fights to escalate their efforts! DaemonX & Banging have expanded The Invasion ranks, while ShawnMichaels claimed the Invasion's first Great Arena title by answering the KFL Championship Open Challenge!

The Alliance added Shen_DuHBK, Jason_Voorhees & edge to their ranks for November's Survivor Sequence. They're going to need all hands on deck if they're to counter their expanding opponents!