Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Night Invasion (May 2, 2016)

Monday Night Invasion was pregnant with expectation thanks to last week's announcement of a KFL Championship main event! TripleH earned his shot with a win that extended his 2016 record to an impressive 11-2 -- his only defeats handed via the overwhelming odds of the 40-fighter Battle Royale and 30-fighter Annual UGP Battle Royal!

TripleH lived up to the hype of his record, bringing Statix down into a dirty scrap for the KFL gold! Statix looked surprisingly vulnerable, but showed the core fundamentals to ensure he exacted a +2 impact to finish the challenger in a solid result. The win keeps the gold with The Alliance, but Statix isn't out of The Invasion's firing line just yet!

Watching the title bout with interest was #1 contender: Banging! Holding an elimination over Statix from Pre-Show 78: Control; Banging will get his chance to avenge his title loss at Ultimate Grand Prix VI in a rematch two weeks from now - May 15th at Pre-Show 79! In the mean time, he was free to do as he pleased to PaganFreak as Monday revealed a shocking bombshell: Oozaru has left The Alliance to return to retirement! The loss of Oozaru is a massive blow to The Alliance, but they still have the gold and they still have resolve!

One man who wants to settle the differences between The Invasion and The Alliance is "The American Dream" Scott-Howell! His campaign for change was in the arena during Monday Night Invasion, encouraging The Invasion to put their trust in him with the slogan: "How can we change? Howell can change!" It didn't go down well with The_Rock, who attempted to direct his aggression toward the politically minded interloper. Willing to fight for change - Howell shrugged it off with a comfortable win!

Also willing to fight: King Ken - who found himself on the shocking end of an upset loss to one of The Invasion's newer recruits. Loopster turned it on to follow-up his Tournament 66 win over The King of the World to pick up a surprising solo victory!

Monday Night Invasion: Week 10 (May 2, 2016):
7. Statix (c) d. TripleH [+2] [KFL Championship]
6. Hokey & Mime d. Rhyno & Grayback [+2]
5. Loopster d. King Ken [+1]
4. "American Dream" Scott-Howell d. The_Rock [+1]
3. Jason_Voorhees & edge d. Ironize & AcidicWonder [+1]
2. Banging d. PaganFreak [+1]
1. "Secret Weapon" SubScorpTile d. Jesseman [+3]

Weekly Rankings Recap - 5/1/2016

The first full strength Duo Division tournament of 2016 had a big influence on all rankings fields this week. Tournament 66 winners "The United" Shoe & Artanix have leapt back into the Top 3 teams, while also conquering the major Top 10! It's being called the masterstroke of the managerial passage of DArqueBishop, who controversially fired Hokey from the group, but has clearly led his team back to prominence!

Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon may have been runners-up in the tournament, but they still take top honors as the #1 Duo Division from their finals appearance. The Greek Crisis also made a surprise jump back into the Top 5. Baraka_MK & Onryo once again proved The New Generation are the forefront of the next top teams!

The tournament also marked a return for Politics, who rejoined Menas after a prolonged period on the incapacitated list due to a brutal defeat in Round 1 of the Grand Prix Warm-Up. They made the Second Round of Tournament 66, going out to Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon.

The Great Arena League Top Ten:
#1 (--) ElJobber
#2 (+1) United: Shoe [Tournament 66 Winner]
#3 (-1) AlbertBeefcake
#4 (--) Banging
#5 (RE) United: Artanix [Tournament 66 Winner]
#6 (+3) Jammer2Omega
#7 (--) Mime
#8 (RE) "Silent Assassin" Ghostdragon
#9 (-4) Knickxasawrrrr
#10 (-4) Benjamin

The Great Arena Duo Division Top Ten:
#1 (+2) "Guardians of the Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon
#2 (--) Jammer2Omega & Porygonix
#3 (+6) "The United" Shoe & Artanix [Tournament 66 Winners]
#4 (+1) "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade
#5 (+5) "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo
#6 (-5) CCShadow & Scott-Howell
#7 (-3) McDaniel & fraysol
#8 (-2) Corrupt UlcaTron & Corrupt hydraslash
#9 (-2) "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane
#10 (-2) "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J [Duo Division Champions]

The Division 2 Under 5k Top Ten:
#1 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#2 (--) Banging
#3 (+2) Jammer2Omega
#4 (+4) "Silent Assassin" Ghostdragon
#5 (-2) Knickxasawrrrr
#6 (-2) Benjamin
#7 (+2) Pink_Ranger
#8 (-2) The_Hurricane
#9 (RE) Porygonix
#10 (-3) "American Dream" Scott-Howell

The Invasion/Alliance Independent Top Ten:
#1 (--) AlbertBeefcake (Alliance)
#2 (--) Banging (Invasion)
#3 (--) The_Hurricane (Alliance)
#4 (--) Hokey (Invasion)
#5 (--) TripleH (Invasion)
#6 (+1) DaemonX (Invasion)
#7 (-1) Statix (Alliance) [KFL Champion]
#8 (--) Loopster (Invasion)
#9 (--) ShawnMichaels (Invasion)
#10 (RE) Jason_Voorhees (Invasion)

Incapacitated List: - Poasty [vs Genku - April 12, 2016]
- Crow [vs Ratt - April 3, 2016]
- little-mac [vs VenoMark - March 15, 2016]
- Politics [vs m0s - March 14, 2016]
- mwgrant0 [vs Marz & Violent`J - March 13, 2016]

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tournament 66: Duo Division May Day!

For the first time in 2016: an almost full-strength field of thirty-two of the Duo Division's best fighting pairs entered The Great Arena for an elimination tournament! Tournament 66: Duo Division May Day! promised to go even harder than the Grand Prix Show event, reflected in the high-level finals!

It was a welcome but short-lived return for Politics, who joined Menas for a strong showing in the first round. CCShadow & Scott-Howell were the big upset of Round 1!  "The Alliance" Oozaru & PaganFreak were also surprising victims in the first to Oozaru's former Pacific Connection partner and his Invasion ally: Banging & DaemonX.

The Greek Crisis, Sekktor & legoslayer10, Jerrod & Corrupt MINION and "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge all impressed with deep runs into the Third Round! Beaten out by an intriguing mix of the heavyweight stalwarts of the division, the new generation of leaders, and one of the fresh combinations taking the league by storm! In the end, it was all about the heavyweights!

"The United" Shoe & Artanix were in scintillating form the entire tournament - responsible for the ousting of CCShadow & Scott-Howell in the first round. In the end, they were simply too strong for "Guardians of the Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon - a fact that will be attributed to the new management style of United's DArqueBishop! His direction of the team has brought them back to the very pinnacle of competition! Will it result in gold? Stay tuned!

Tournament 66: Duo Division May Day! - Round 1:
1. Sekktor & legoslayer10 d. MKR & blacksaibot [+1]
2. Kiara85 & Stealth-Ninja d. deadpool & MercWithMouth [+1]
3. "The Invasion" Loopster & chaos_Drone d. King Ken & Bee_07 [+1]
4. "The United" Shoe & Artanix d. CCShadow & Scott-Howell [+2]
5. "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade d. "The Invasion" Ironize & AcidicWonder [+1]
6. Corrupt UlcaTron & Corrupt hydraslash d. Piccolo & GohanSon [+2]
7. "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo d. rxvt & deadly [+1]
8. "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane d. "The Invasion" Rhyno & Grayback [+2]
9. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix d. Mark & Leroy [+1]
10. McDaniel & fraysol d. Liam & nif [+1]
11. Jerrod & Corrupt MINION d. redman & Killswitch [+1]
12. "The Invasion" DaemonX & Banging d. "The Alliance" Oozaru & PaganFreak [+1]
13. Bofh & Dolce d. Maridany & TheMetinPorta [+1]
14. "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge d. Eko & BilboFett [+1]
15. Politics & Menas d. NosajSamoht & Shinnokxz [+1]
16. "Guardians of the Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon d. JoelKatz & KittyKat [+1]

Tournament 66: Duo Division May Day! - Round 2:
1. Sekktor & legoslayer10 d. Kiara85 & Stealth-Ninja [+1]
2. "The United" Shoe & Artanix d. "The Invasion" Loopster & chaos_Drone [+1]
3. "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade d. Corrupt UlcaTron & Corrupt hydraslash [+1]
4. "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo d. "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane [+1]
5. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix d. McDaniel & fraysol [+1]
6. Jerrod & Corrupt MINION d. "The Invasion" DaemonX & Banging [+1]
7. "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge d. Bofh & Dolce [+1]
8. "Guardians of the Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon d. Politics & Menas [+2]

Tournament 66: Duo Division May Day! - Round 3:
1. "The United" Shoe & Artanix d. Sekktor & legoslayer10 [+1]
2. "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo d. "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade [+1]
3. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix d. Jerrod & Corrupt MINION [+1]
4. "Guardians of the Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon d. "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge [+2]

Tournament 66: Duo Division May Day! - Semi Finals:
1. "The United" Shoe & Artanix d. "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo [+1]
2. "Guardians of the Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon d. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix [+1]

Tournament 66: Duo Division May Day! - Final:
1. "The United" Shoe & Artanix d. "Guardians of the Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon [+1]

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Champions: The Grand Path to Greatness

It came completely without warning! A Division 2 Championship challenge during this week's Friday Night Fights that earned The Great Genku his first reign through the defeat of Benjamin!

For a fighter who was just competing for an Undisputed Championship match at the Spring Classic - it seemed like a bizarre left turn! As many know, there is more than one path to greatness, and as it turns out - there was method to Genku's madness!

With his unexpected title victory, the self-proclaimed "Great" one joins an elite list of fighters who've won all four major championships during their careers! Genku is only the third fighter to achieve the feat, completing the fourth "Grand Slam Title" collection on record!

The sudden nature of such a history making moment reminds us that just about anything can happen in The Great Arena! Genku's next challenge will be defending his Division 2 Championship, starting with a title rematch on the next Friday Night Fights - May 6th!

The History of "Grand Slam Championship" Winners:
1. Mime (1) April 27, 2014 Pre-Show 51: The Turn
1. Duo Division Championship: Hokey & Mime d. Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon (c) - Pre-Show 9: Destination Duo (Jul 10, 2011)
2. Undisputed Championship: Mime d. Hokey (c) - Supercard 17: Ninja_Mime/Hokey III (Dec 4, 2011)
3. KFL Championship: Mime d. Knickxasawrrrr (c) - Friday Night Fights (Aug 24, 2012)
4. Div. 2 Championship: Mime d. Knickxasawrrrr (c) - Pre-Show 51: The Turn (Apr 27, 2014)

2. The_Purple_Bunny (1) May 4, 2014 Supercard 51: Deception
1. Duo Division Championship: The_Purple_Bunny & Jade d. Hokey & Mime (c) - Supercard 13: Spirit of Vengeance (Oct 2, 2011)
2. Undisputed Championship: The_Purple_Bunny d. Genku (c) - Supercard 19: Battle Royale (Jan 29, 2012)
3. KFL Championship: The_Purple_Bunny d. Scott-Howell (c) - Friday Night Fights (Oct 12, 2012)
4. Div. 2 Championship: The_Purple_Bunny d. Mime (c) - Supercard 51: Deception (May 4, 2014)

3. The_Purple_Bunny (2) October 26, 2014 Supercard 56: Winner Take All
1. KFL Championship: The_Purple_Bunny d. Genku (c) - Friday Night Fights (Jan 11, 2013)
2. Undisputed Championship: The_Purple_Bunny d. Ratt (c) - Pre-Show 36: Tower Fallout - The Golden Opportunity (May 5, 2013)
3. Div. 2 Championship: The_Purple_Bunny d. SubScorpTile (c) - Pre-Show 56: Spirits of Vengeance (Oct 19, 2014)
4. Duo Division Championship: The_Purple_Bunny & Jade d. Damo & DeathScepter (c) - Supercard 56: Winner Take All (Oct 26, 2014)

4. The Great Genku (1) April 29, 2016 Friday Night Fights 4/29
1. Undisputed Championship: Genku d. Mime (c) - Supercard 18: Finale - Fearful Symmetry (Dec 18, 2011)
2. Duo Division Championship: Genku & ShingoEX d. DECEPTION & Onryo - Supercard 20: Tower of Power IV (Feb 19, 2012)
3. KFL Championship: Genku d. The_Purple_Bunny (c) - Friday Night Fights (Dec 28, 2012)
4. Div.2 Championship: Genku d. Benjamin (c) - Friday Night Fights (Apr 29, 2016)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Night Fights (April 29, 2016)

It was a star studded edition of Friday Night Fights this week! Tensions during the week set up an intriguing main event, but it was the unexpected attacks and challenges that made it an FNF for the history books!

The Great Genku set a tone for a night full of surprises, issuing an impromptu challenge to Division 2 Champion Benjamin! The reigning champ succeeded in stabilizing the title across four months of dominance, but found himself mounting a weak effort against the veteran heavyweight. He was woefully outclassed - granting Genku a completely unexpected title win!

ElJobber & Mime were better prepared when Knickxasawrrrr made a crazed return to Friday Night Fights! The lone fighter threw himself at the combined Unholy Alliance, slamming into a wall of two-man power! Knickxasawrrrr seems to have grown desperate and directionless since his brother's departure from competition [4/4/2016].

Also unsuccessful in a deliberate attack were Corrupt UlcaTron & Corrupt hydraslash! The newly independent combination set their mutual corrupt sights on unlucky Spring Classic title challenger: "The Predator" TonyTheTiger! It isn't the first time they've made an unprovoked attack. The pair targeted Sekktor & legoslayer10 during the April 15th Friday Night Fights, leading to a Supercard 78 rematch win. Why TonyTheTiger was their next target is unclear.

There was no complicated reason behind VenoMark's destruction of NovaStarr. The unsuccessful Spring Classic Div.2 challenger was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. VenoMark pointed to the fresh demolition, and his dispatch of Mimik and ShawnMichaels to make his case for contention for the Undisputed Championship! He called out #1 contender The_Purple_Bunny - warning that next week he'd be looking to do to him what he did to NovaStarr!

CaTigeReptile dominated in her grudge bout with United: Shoe! The Duo Division specialist was eating his words as CTR unleashed a devastating offensive! A solid main event to finish a wild Friday Night!

Friday Night Fights (April 29, 2016):
10. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile d. United: Shoe [+4]
9. "The Predator" TonyTheTiger d. Corrupt UlcaTron & Corrupt hydraslash [+1]
8. VenoMark d. NovaStarr [+12]
7. "Unholy Alliance" ElJobber & Mime d. Knickxasawrrrr [+4]
6. "Portuguese Pegasus" Zentile d. xort [+2]
5. Sekktor & legoslayer10 d. Reiko & Shujinko [+1]
4. nightbreed_16 d. Coltess [+4]
3. McDaniel & fraysol d. flameshang & J-Spit [+1]
2. NosajSamoht & Shinnokxz d. AbG & shin [+2]
1. The Great Genku d. Benjamin (c) [+5] [Division 2 Championship]

Thursday, April 28, 2016

CTR Issues FNF Challenge For Shoe

A seemingly unprovoked, tense stand-off has occurred in the arena between United: Shoe and "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile! Reports of the exact circumstances are hazy, but Shoe is said to have launched a tirade against the 7-time KFL Champion, and questioned the merit and legitimacy of her victory over Damo at Supercard 78: Spring Classic.

CaTigeReptile was understandably agitated by the attack and has issued a challenge for Shoe for this week's Friday Night Fights! The United's new management has not commented on the match.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How Can We Change? Scott-Howell Can Change

As a 4-Time KFL Champion, "American Dream" Scott-Howell knows his fair share about winning fights.

As one half of the league's most storied Duo Division pairing - he also knows the strength that can be achieved by working together toward a mutual goal. That knowledge has not only carried him to the Duo Division Championship and the 2016 Grand Prix Show Tournament title, but also through the hard times and adversity that challenge everyone on their own journey.

In recent months, The Great Arena has been divided by conflict and dispute. If left unchecked, these forces could tear this beloved institution apart! Is that what any of us wants?...

How can we change? Scott-Howell can change!

This message written and spoken for the campaign of "American Dream" Scott-Howell.