Saturday, June 17, 2017

Legends Return for Mid-Year Grand Slam

The 2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam officially begins this coming Monday after Supercard 95: Tower of Power XIX -- and it's attracting some of the biggest names in Great Arena history!

Recent tradition dictates that members of the Hall of Fame are ineligible for January's customary Grand Slam Launch, and by the time the Grand Prix Warm-Up begins, many of the top fighters are already resting to prepare themselves for the grandest stage of them all: Ultimate Grand Prix!

It's this confluence of events that makes the Mid-Year Grand Slam one of the most competitive and unpredictable Grand Slam Tournaments of the Great Arena calendar -- and 2017 will be no exception!

A star-studded line-up is hungry to win this prestigious event in a year that will host Supercard 100, and Dead Or Alive X -- the 15th Anniversary of ICWW!

Five Hall of Famers have now confirmed their entry into the random draw for this year's bracket! With a laundry list of individual accolades between them, but no prospects of seeding, they will be some of the deadliest competitors navigating the seven rounds of competition! Could one of them be the next Mid-Year Grand Slam champion? Here's who you'll be watching out for:

Achievements: 2016 Mid-Year Grand Slam Winner, 2014 Grand Prix Warm-Up Winner, Ultimate Grand Slam Semi Finalist, Tournament 8 Runner-Up, 5-time Undisputed Champion, 2013 Battle Royale Winner, 2015 Battle Royale Winner

Ratt's tournament success may have come late in his career, but he's widely recognized as one of the greatest competitors of all-time! He's a dangerous opponent in any situation, but as defending Mid-Year Grand Slam champion -- history will be on his side! Winning another tournament would be the perfect way to jumpstart Rattamania all over again in the countdown to Supercard 100!

Achievements: Ultimate Grand Slam Winner, 2015 Mid-Year Grand Slam Runner-Up, Tournament 2 Runner-Up, Tournament 5 Runner-Up, 4-time Undisputed Champion, 2016 Battle Royale Winner

Kron has only won a single Grand Slam Tournament -- but it was the biggest one of them all!
Before the Summer Grand Slam became an annual fixture in 2013; 256-fighters were gathered for an unprecedented Ultimate Grand Slam in 2012! Kron endured the extra eighth round, defeating four Hall of Famers in the final stretch to claim the ultimate victory! A vital participant in the earliest tournaments that established The Great Arena, he's another legend looking ahead to Supercard 100!

"Y2Juggalo" Violent`J
Achievements: 2016 Mid-Year Grand Slam Runner-Up, 2012 Grand Prix Warm-Up Runner-Up, 2012 Master's Series Winner, Undisputed Champion, ICWW International Champion, ICWW Heavyweight Champion, ICWW National Champion, ICWW Hardcore Champion

Violent`J may have established his legend in the days of ICWW, but in 2012 he was one of the first Immortals to lead a "Silent Invasion" of The Great Arena! He quickly found success, becoming the only fighter in history to have held both the coveted ICWW International Championship and Great Arena Undisputed Championship! With ICWW's 15th Anniversary fast approaching, the Y2Juggalo would love to start the countdown to DOAX with a tournament win! And considering he was Runner-Up in last year's Mid-Year Grand Slam -- now could be the time to do it!

Achievements: 2017 Grand Prix Warm-Up Semi Finalist, Ultimate Grand Slam Quarter Finalist, ICWW International Champion, ICWW National Champion, 5-Time ICWW Hardcore Champion

Oozaru returned earlier this year, fighting for the soul of his legendary Pacific Connection partner, with whom he reunited at Ultimate Grand Prix! His history as an ICWW Tag Team and Duo Division Champion is legendary, but Oozaru's legacy is also one of phenomenal individual success! Earlier this year he fought into the Semi Finals of the Grand Prix Warm-Up, and was one of the fighters who challenged TPB during this year's Battle Royale match! In the days of ICWW he was one of the elite few to hold the prestigious International Championship! Could the Mid-Year Grand Slam be his next triumph on the road to DOAX and the 15th Anniversary?

United: Mimik
Achievements: 2016 Summer Grand Slam Semi Finalist, 3-time Undisputed Champion, 2012 Battle Royale Winner

As a member of The United; Mimik has become embroiled in an internal struggle with comrade and fighting legend - The_Purple_Bunny! That may seem like poor preparation for a fighter whose past in tournaments was always sketchy, but just six months ago he was Undisputed Champion after beating another member of The United! Last year Mimik reached the Semi Finals of the Summer Grand Slam tournament, establishing credibility in the format that once vexed this King of the Battle Royal! He entered the Hall of Fame way back in 2013, but has become a regular in The Great Arena once more! What better way to continue his tremendous legacy than with a tournament win before Supercard 100?

Each and every one of these Hall of Fame legends will be a serious contender! Will one of them be the next Mid-Year Grand Slam winner? Revisit the past finalists and then prepare for a big week of action as Monday Night Games and Friday Night Fights go on hiatus! Tournament 81: Mid-Year Grand Slam 2017 starts the night after Supercard 95: Tower of Power XIX -- next week, Monday, June 19th! Do not miss it!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Night Fights (June 16, 2017)

Three weeks after Genku staged a hostile takeover during Friday Night Fights: members of The Invasion decided it was time to start fighting back! It was the culmination of weeks of criticism and an ultimatum Genku never imagined would turn out the way it did!

The night started well for The Invasion. Rhyno & Zengeance continued a simmering feud with the duo who put Grayback on the injured list, earning a solid win against ]{0MBAT & tabmok99s_wife. Things started to turn sour as WilliamRegal succumbed to a grudge clash with Killswitch, and Loopster took +2 damage in a desperate clash with Division 2 title hope: "Mad Dog" Onryo!

Pressure was building late in the night with knowledge Genku had issued an open challenge to any team able to test the mettle of Jason_Voorhees & edge! Despite the pair's confident win last week, endorsement by league officials, and strong performance in their title match at Pre-Show 95 -- Genku remained convinced they were the weak link in their losing trio!

Statix & The_Hurricane emerged to provide a daunting challenge for Jason & edge. For them, it was about investigating the disappearance of AlbertBeefcake, and the identity of a pair of mystery attackers who tried to take out Statix before his match with DaemonX at Supercard 94!

Jason_Voorhees & edge fought hard to resist their opponent's combative interrogation techniques, but the experience of the investigators was too great, on this night. They left the battle with sufficient data to eliminate Voorhees & edge from suspicion. They weren't entirely off the hook yet, though/

Genku emerged to confront The Invasion team over their loss. He echoed sentiments from earlier in the week, describing his past successes as a 3-time Undisputed Champion and even a Duo Division Champion! He explained he only wants the best surrounding him! He reluctantly offered one final chance for the three of them to fight together on the next Friday Night Fights. An offer Jason & edge soundly rejected as they launched a two-on-one attack on Genku!

Friday Night Fights came to a bombshell close with Genku out-cold, suffering another devastating +7 impact! A bad way to prepare for this weekend, when Genku will compete at Supercard 95: Tower of Power XIX as one of the guaranteed entrants into The Challenger 7!

NOTE: Next week's Friday Night Fights will be on hiatus as the league clears the week for non-stop tournament action in the 2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam! The 128-fighter elimination bracket begins the night after Tower of Power XIX - Monday, June 19th! Don't miss it!

Friday Night Fights (June 16, 2017):
10. "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge d. Genku [+7]
9. Statix & The_Hurricane d. "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge [+1]
8. "Mad Dog" Onryo d. Loopster [+2]
7. G0LD d. maxilos [+2]
6. Benjamin & Mo2 d. SubScorpTile & ErmackDaddy [+1]
5. Kiara85 d. mwgrant0 [+1]
4. Killswitch d. WilliamRegal [+1]
3. deadly d. subzero776 [+1]
2. JoelKatz d. Celeste [+1]
1. "The Invasion" Rhyno & Zengeance d. ]{0MBAT & tabmok99s_wife [+1]

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tower of Power XIX Preview

It's been more than a year since the Undisputed Championship was last up for grabs during The Tower of Power! In that time, many champions have arisen and fallen -- yet we find the same man standing atop the structure as last time, when The Tower returns this Sunday!

Past Tower Champions are a who's who of The Great Arena's finest!

Ratt achieved the greatest climb, reaching the final battle from the #7 rung at Tower of Power XIII. He won his first Undisputed Championship at the original Tower of Power, and defended the gold at Tower of Power VII against The_Purple_Bunny. Few names are as synonymous with The Tower as TPB! He factored into four consecutive Tower of Power championship matches, suffering a string of near-misses until he finally conquered at Tower of Power XI!

This weekend's reigning Undisputed Champion, ElJobber, equaled Ratt's record of winning Tower of Power twice. He also achieved a similar feat of scaling its heights from the unenviable #6 rung, at Tower of Power II! Revisit the history of previous Undisputed Championship matches below:

Former Undisputed Championship Tower of Power Finalists:
1. Ratt (#1) d. Toryn (c) - Supercard 5: The Tower of Power (April 17, 2011)
2. Crow (c) d. ElJobber (#6) - Supercard 10: Tower of Power II (July 31, 2011)
3. Violent`J (#1) d. Crow (c) - Supercard 25: Tower of Power V (June 17, 2012)
4. ElJobber (c) d. The_Purple_Bunny (#1) - Supercard 30: Tower of Power VI (November 18, 2012)
5. Ratt (c) d. The_Purple_Bunny (#1) - Supercard 35: Tower of Power VII (April 28, 2013)
6. Hokey (#1) d. The_Purple_Bunny (c) - Supercard 50: Tower of Power X (April 20, 2014)
7. The_Purple_Bunny (c) d. Kron (#1) - Supercard 55: Tower of Power XI (September 21, 2014)
8. Kron (c) d. Ratt (#7) - Supercard 65: Tower of Power XIII (May 31, 2015)
9. ElJobber (c) d. DECEPTION (#4) - Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV (February 21, 2016)

ElJobber successfully defended the gold at Tower of Power XV, but he conceded the championship shortly thereafter to DECEPTION! His Tower of Power run from the #4 position was a star-making performance, earning him his first Undisputed Championship at the following Supercard! DECEPTION went on to successfully defend the title in the main event of Ultimate Grand Prix VI!

For every Tower of Power winner, there is often one stand-out performer who emerges from the pack with a display of unparalleled determination and tenacity! Will Tower of Power XIX deliver us the next big contender?

Former Champion "The Chosen One" Damo will enter the Tower of Power in the #1 position. We also know "The Predator" TonyTheTiger will contest the field after his dominant performance during last week's Friday Night Fights! The rest of the structure will be revealed this weekend!

Before The Tower collapses in on itself there will be The Challenger 7! Tower of Power XVIII showed us the incredible feat of conquering the entire Tower of Power is possible! Two teams were able to reach the Champions on that night.

After preliminary announcements and Pre-Show 95 qualifiers, The Challenger 7 will be: Genku, DArqueBishop, Oozaru, Banging, NovaStarr, MKMaster and a returning Hall of Famer! Could Tower of Power XIX be the first time a lone fighter bests the ten top contenders and claims gold? Be here Sunday, June 18th to find out!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam Starts Next Week

The third Grand Slam Tournament of the annual calendar is almost upon us! Tournament 81: 2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam is scheduled to pick up right where Supercard 95: Tower of Power XIX leaves off! The 128-fighter elimination bracket will be fought over a week of non-stop tournament action starting Monday, June 19th!

The 2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam promises to be a tournament quite unlike any we've seen so far this year! With the Grand Slam Launch eliminating Hall of Fame competitors, and the Grand Prix Warm-Up seeing some fighters opt out to save themselves for Ultimate Grand Prix -- the Mid-Year Grand Slam will be the event that brings all eligible fighters to the arena for one massive, randomly drawn 128-fighter competition!

Reigning Undisputed Champion ElJobber and Tower of Power #1 "The Chosen One" Damo will be entered as the top two seeds pending the outcome of Supercard 95! Two additional seeds will be chosen after Tower of Power XIX, with "The Hitman" DECEPTION favoured as the reigning 2017 Grand Prix Warm-Up winner. Other competitors vying for a top 4 seed will be VenoMark, United: Mimik, United: The_Purple_Bunny, "Red Nightmare" LordSkarlet, "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile and "The Predator" TonyTheTiger!

Any one of them could rise to claim the prestigious honor of being Mid-Year Grand Slam! A regular fixture since 2013; former winners include Hall of Fame legends Ratt and Crow, who both had to beat Hall of Fame legends Kron and Violent`J to claim victory! The Grand Slam format clearly favours the legendary, but history shows it can also be contested in truly unexpected conditions! Never was there a more surprising final than in 2014, when Statix and Baraka_MK competed for the crown!

Former Mid-Year Grand Slam Finalists:
1. Crow d. Kron - Tournament 5: War for the Kr0wn (May 15, 2011)
2. Genku d. Mime - Tournament 31: Mid-Year Grand Slam 2013 (June 30, 2013)
3. Statix d. Baraka_MK - Tournament 44: Mid-Year Grand Slam 2014 (June 29, 2014)
4. The_Purple_Bunny d. Kron - Tournament 56: Mid-Year Grand Slam 2015 (June 28, 2015)
5. Ratt d. Violent`J - Tournament 68: Mid-Year Grand Slam (June 26, 2016)

Tournament 81: 2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam begins right after Supercard 95 - June 19th--25th!

Be here for all the action Sunday as the ten greatest contenders in the league assemble for Tower of Power XIX! The Undisputed Championship will be on the line as The Challenger 7 attempt the feat of scaling The Tower, before it turns inward on itself until there is only one champion left standing!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Genku Doubts Invasion Talent

Jason_Voorhees & edge may have the faith of league officials -- but Genku still isn't convinced!

The Invasion tandem earned their second Duo Division Championship opportunity with a strong victory during last week's Friday Night Fights. League spokesman Mick appeared personally to announce their contention for Pre-Show 95: Tower Defense, where they delivered a legitimate test against veteran champions: CCShadow & Scott-Howell!

Three weeks on from his hostile takeover of The Invasion: Genku remains unmoved by the apparent success of The Invasion's most promising duo: Jason_Voorhees & edge. He called their Duo Division title matches "inexcusable failures", and feels the pair aren't "-- anywhere near talented enough, or successful enough, to even be in the same building as me. Let alone [standing] by my side."

Genku explained the two "failures" he fought with on May 26th and June 2nd aren't cutting it, and are making "jobbers look like MEGASTARS". He cited his multiple past championships as the standard he expects, claiming he's "used to succeeding at the highest levels" and wants only "the best" surrounding him.

Despite his harsh assessment, Genku also vowed to grant Jason_Voorhees & edge a "benevolent" last chance this week during Friday Night Fights.

Genku issued an open challenge to any fighters who want to face The Invasion. If they fail to win again, he plans to start looking elsewhere for allies, possibly The United, or resort to a one-man Invasion.

Genku will also compete this weekend in Tower of Power XIX, challenging the top ten contenders as a guaranteed participant of The Challenger 7. He blames officials for deliberately keeping him from his rightful place at the top of The Tower, despite suffering a crushing +7 defeated when "The Predator" TonyTheTiger answered his challenge to Tower contenders last week.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Night Games (June 12, 2017)

The United may have emerged victorious from last week's special edition of VS United, but it was Baraka_MK & MKMaster who were featured in the main event during Monday Night Games!

The competitive rivalry brewing between The_Purple_Bunny and Mimik exploded unexpectedly over the weekend at Pre-Show 95: Tower Defense. The situation began late last month, when TPB started riding Mimik about his win-loss record. The tables turned over recent weeks, culminating in Mimik's win on the weekend after TPB challenged him in the days following VS United!

Neither man was in the arena Monday: leaving The United severely depleted with Shoe on indefinite sabbatical, and Artanix still recovering from his Steel Cage Fight loss at Supercard 94: Red Reign!

Only Murdoink, and rookie protégé zelse fronted up for the action! Taking on rivals from opposing factions -- both men suffered bitter defeats! Red_Spaniard of The Red Reign had no trouble putting the hurt on zelse in a convincing win. It was much closer when New Generation ring-in foahchon followed his VS United victory with a hard fought win over Murdoink!

With their rivals all-but vanquished; Sekktor & legoslayer10 re-teamed for The Red Reign to take on the accomplished duo of "Brexiteers" Liam & nif! Despite not fighting with their usual partners, The Red Reign secured a well earned victory in tribute to recovering leader LordSkarlet, and fallen comrade hydraslash! Their teammate redman wasn't able to make it red all over: he was defeated by "The Sword of Europe" Chromatose, who was desperate for a win after missing out on Challenger 7 Qualification at Pre-Show 95!

In the night's main event, new sensations Baraka_MK & MKMaster looked to reset their expectations in a clash with remnants of the European Union: Nephrite & Zentile. Having enjoyed immediate chemistry as a pair; BMK & MKM set their ambitions on beating New Gen UGP rivals Mark & Leroy at Supercard 94: Red Reign. Not quite ready to be world beaters; Baraka_MK & MKmaster found their footing with a confident win against the European pair.

There'll be no alliances to help when MKMaster joins the Challenger 7 this weekend at Supercard 95: Tower of Power XIX! The ultimate opportunity awaits as ten contenders form the ominous structure known as The Tower of Power! Reigning Undisputed Champion ElJobber will await the challenge of whoever can climb their way to the top! Contenders include "The Chosen One" Damo, "The Predator" TonyTheTiger, United: Mimik and United: The_Purple_Bunny! Find out who will rise and fall this weekend - Sunday, June 18th!

NOTE: Monday Night Games will be on hiatus next week. Instead: Tournament 81: Mid-Year Grand Slam begins Monday, June 19th. 128-fighters will compete in a non-stop week of elimination bracket action until the last man is standing! The Mid-Year Grand Slam is the third prestigious Grand Slam Tournament of the calendar year. Be here for all the exciting results - next week!

Monday Night Games: Week 20 (June 12, 2017):
7. Baraka_MK & MKMaster d. Nephrite & Zentile [+2]
6. "Sword of Europe" Chromatose d. redman [+2]
5. "Red Reign" Sekktor & legoslayer10 d. "Brexiteers" Liam & nif [+1]
4. foahchon d. United: Murdoink [+1]
3. Red_Spaniard d. United: zelse [+2]
2. CRX7 d. VR-FIST [+1]
1. touchee d. Cukier [+1]

Weekly Rankings Recap - 6/11/2017

I'm really impressed with TonyTheTiger lately. This week's win against Genku is just another reminder that The Predator is always lurking in in the periphery. I'm very interested to see how he will perform this weekend at Supercard 95: Tower of Power XIX. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Undisputed Championship be the focus, and I've got to believe TonyTheTiger's chances are as good as any of the unrevealed Tower of Power fighters!

I'm wondering what the end game for Genku is right now. The antagonism he's shown toward his allies in The Invasion has a curious allure, but fighters the caliber of Jason_Voorhees & edge are only going to put up with so much, for so long. They let their fighting speak for them this week during Friday Night Fights. I'm not sure if Genku is listening.

I'm liking Oozaru & Banging as members of The Challenger 7 this weekend. They've had a white hot couple of months in the Duo Division, but they hit the wall in terms of the Championship. Tower of Power is a well timed detour for these accomplished solo fighters. It mustn't be forgotten that both are accomplished individual competitors. Oozaru held the coveted ICWW World Championship, and Banging is himself a former ICWW Heavyweight Champion and 2-time KFL Champion.

MKMaster is having one of the most impressive rookie years in recent memory. There's clearly a natural tension between he and "Mad Dog" Onryo. We saw that at Supercard 93 and this weekend at Pre-Show 95, but isn't The New Generation big enough for both of them? With foahchon they clearly made a formidable five playing VS United this week! After the blow-up between Mimik and The_Purple_Bunny, The New Gen could be more stable than The United!

Don't forget Monday Night Invasion and Friday Night Fights will be on hiatus next week while the 2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam tournament gets under way! 128-fighters duking it out for a full week of non-stop elimination competition! Opportunity beckons and everyone is going to want to win this prestigious event! Round 1 begins Monday, June 19th the day after Supercard 95: Tower of Power XIX! Make sure you're here for all the action!

The Great Arena League Top Ten:
#1 (--) United: Mime [KFL Champion]
#2 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#3 (--) United: Artanix
#4 (--) Oozaru
#5 (--) MKMaster
#6 (+2) Scott-Howell [Duo Division Champion]
#7 (-1) "Red Nightmare" LordSkarlet
#8 (+1) Benjamin
#9 (-2) "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile
#10 (--) SubScorpTile

The Great Arena Duo Division Top Ten:
#1 (--) CCShadow & Scott-Howell [Duo Division Champions]
#2 (+1) "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge
#3 (-1) AlbertBeefcake & Shen_DuHBK
#4 (--) DaemonX & Banging
#5 (+1) Benjamin & Mo2
#6 (-1) "Brexiteers" Liam & nif
#7 (RE) Politics & Menas
#8 (-1) "Red Reign" LordSkarlet & legoslayer10
#9 (-1) Oozaru & PaganFreak
#10 (-1) "Red Reign" Sekktor & hydraslash

The Division 2 Under 5k Top Ten:
#1 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#2 (--) Oozaru
#3 (--) MKMaster
#4 (--) Scott-Howell [Duo Division Champion]
#5 (--) Benjamin
#6 (--) SubScorpTile
#7 (--) Banging
#8 (--) United: Murdoink
#9 (+1) DaemonX
#10 (RE) CCShadow [Duo Division Champion]

VS United Leader Board:
#1 (--) Artanix
#2 (+1) Murdoink
#3 (+3) Mime [KFL Champion]
#4 (-2) Shoe
#5 (-1) The_Purple_Bunny
#6 (-1) zelse
#7 (--) Mimik