Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Night Invasion (November 7, 2016)

Fallout from last week's Halloween Battle Royal blanketed the action on Monday Night Invasion!

Battle Royal winner Sekktor returned to Monday without his hard earned opportunity to challenge the KFL Champion. That was lost during last week's Friday Night Fights, when The British Exit goaded him to put his title shot on the line against Banging. Their latest gambit means the confused Kiwi will take on Statix in the near future, fighting to bring the gold into the domain of The Brexit and exiled leader ShawnMichaels.

Both master and minion made appearances in the body of the Monday card. ShawnMichaels had no trouble exacting revenge against surprise eliminator Jericho. Banging didn't quite have the same ease in his hard hitting victory against Grayback, though.

The Invasion fighter had shared a strange moment with Banging during the Halloween Battle Royal, and returned to confront the masked KFL #1 Contender. He referenced winning the ICWW Tag Team Championships with Banging in November at the classic ICWW: One Night Only. Grayback insisted he could see Banging recognized him, and compelled him to abandon his allegiance to the Brexiteers. Banging lashed out violently, destroying Grayback with a +5 impact for his challenge! He then fled The Great Arena, leaving "The Crippler" lying.

Despite his bad luck on Friday, Sekktor and legoslayer10 answered another challenge, this time from Jason_Voorhees & edge. Sekktor single-handedly eliminated the Invasion duo back-to-back in the Halloween Battle. It was a tougher fight in 2-man stakes, but Sekktor earned another win.

nif recruited Liam in his quest to take down TripleH for his premature exit, facing down WilliamRegal with the benefit of more familiar dynamics. Likewise, Chromatose joined Loopster to attempt to work out their mutual issues with "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo. In that case, the mastery of two-man fighting firmly advantaged The New Generation!

No match was harder hitting, or more shocking than the unexpected main event. King Ken was one of the surprise entrants drawn into the Halloween Battle Royal. His near-miss drew the attention of "American Nightmare" LordSkarlet, who extended the olive branch of The Fallen to a fighter he saw falling from grace.

Ken came face-to-face with The Invasion's title prospect in the middle of the arena, admitting he was disappointed to have slipped since winning the King of the World tournament, and competing for the Undisputed Championship at Supercard 73. He commended LordSkarlet on his climb back to the top after a nightmare start to 2016, too. Right when it seemed Ken would accept LordSkarlet's offer, he said he will never fall that low! He said The Invasion were a cancer and he might just join up with The Alliance to send them packing. That prompted LordSkarlet to leap into "a match" that left King Ken absolutely decimated! A violent conclusion to Monady Night Invasion!

Monday Night Invasion: Week 35 (November 7, 2016):
8. "American Nightmare" LordSkarlet d. King Ken [+25] [-1up]
7. "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane d. "The Fallen" Corrupt hydraslash & Corrupt MINION [+1]
6. Sekktor & legoslayer10 d. Jason_Voorhees & edge [+1]
5. Banging d. Grayback [+5]
4. ShawnMichaels d. Jericho [+1]
3. "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo d. Loopster & Chromatose [+2]
2. KurtAngle d. MattHardy [+2]
1. "The British Exit" Liam & nif d. TripleH & WilliamRegal [+2]

Weekly Rankings Recap - 11/6/2016

Now you see it, now you don't! Sekktor was a real surprise in the Halloween Battle Royal this week, but sometimes being #1 contender means having as big a target on your back as the champ! Banging and The British Exit were able to turn defeat into triumph, exploiting their dominion on Friday Night Fights to take the KFL Championship title shot. A twist that sets up another match between Banging and his one-time Duo Division partner: Statix!

This week also saw the announcement of Duo Division #1 Contenders Unknown265 & mwgrant0! The Tower of Power stand-outs aren't just worthwhile title challengers, they've also got blood in the fight, having survived a devastating loss to Marz & Violent`J earlier in the year, at Supercard 76.

We should see plenty more matches coming together for Supercard 86: Survivor Sequence in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

The Great Arena League Top Ten:
#1 (--) Banging [KFL #1 Contender]
#2 (+1) United: Shoe
#3 (-1) The Great Genku
#4 (--) ElJobber
#5 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#6 (--) Benjamin
#7 (--) Scott-Howell
#8 (--) The_Hurricane
#9 (--) United: Hokey [Royal Roulette]
#10 (RE) United: Artanix

The Great Arena Duo Division Top Ten:
#1 (--) Jammer2Omega & Porygonix
#2 (--) CCShadow & Scott-Howell
#3 (--) "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane
#4 (+1) "The United" Shoe & Artanix
#5 (-1) DaemonX & Banging
#6 (+1) "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade
#7 (-1) "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo
#8 (+1) McDaniel & fraysol
#9 (-1) Sekktor & legoslayer10
#10 (--) Unknown265 & mwgrant0

The Division 2 Under 5k Top Ten:
#1 (--) Banging [KFL #1 Contender]
#2 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#3 (--) Benjamin
#4 (--) Scott-Howell
#5 (--) The_Hurricane
#6 (--) Jammer2Omega
#7 (--) Porygonix
#8 (+1) Politics
#9 (-1) DaemonX
#10 (--) ShawnMichaels

The Invasion/Alliance/Brexit Independent Top Ten:
#1 (--) Banging (Brexit) [KFL #1 Contender]
#2 (--) The Great Genku (Invasion)
#3 (--) AlbertBeefcake (Alliance)
#4 (--) The_Hurricane (Alliance)
#5 (--) DaemonX (Invasion)
#6 (--) ShawnMichaels (Brexit)
#7 (--) Chromatose (Invasion)
#8 (--) Statix (Alliance) [KFL Champion]
#9 (--) Corrupt hydraslash (Invasion)
#10 (--) Jason_Voorhees (Invasion)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kron Books Supercard Grudge Match

"The Chosen One" Damo hasn't been seen since he suffered a MAX Damage beating at Supercard 84: Return to the Dark Carnival. It came as a result of a grudge match with Genku spawned from Damo's opportunistic Battle Royal eliminations at Supercard 83: Night of Champions V!

Genku wasn't the only fighter Damo eliminated from the Night of Champions Battle Royal. Before he fell at the hands of the self-proclaimed "Chosen One", the field of former champions teamed up to dominate Hall of Famer: Kron!

Kron was the shock first elimination from the contender's match thanks to Damo jumping in to take advantage. He was none too happy then, and with Supercard 86 right around the corner, the legend will return to finally excise his anger in a massive grudge match!

It's more bad news for Damo, but a great start to what's shaping up to be a major Survivor Sequence later this month! Also on the November 20th card is the freshly announced return title match for Team Xtreme survivors Unknown265 & mwgrant0, who will finally get a shot at payback against the team who put them on the shelf!

Supercard 86: Survivor Sequence (November 20th, 2016):
- Kron versus "The Chosen One" Damo
- Unknown265 & mwgrant0 versus "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J (c) [Duo Division Championship]

Saturday, November 5, 2016

DaemonX Plans Pre-Show Exorcism

Last month DaemonX lost his right hand man when ShawnMichaels used a curious case of mistaken identity to lure Banging from The Invasion, to his forces in The British Exit.

The key to confusing the masked warrior was the recruitment of DemoniaX: a similarly named damsel in distress to make Banging think his Invasion teammates were the enemy torturing his ally. It was a plot that preyed upon the nature of Banging's loyalty to DaemonX - steeped in a seemingly torturous, mysterious shared past that was alluded to in the final days of ICWW.

The reason for the grand plan was a simple case of revenge. Bad blood between ShawnMichaels and DaemonX goes back to July, when Michaels' loyalty to The British Exit movement led to his defeat at the hands of a European Union, and subsequent exile from his position as leader of The Invasion.

DaemonX has applauded the plan for what it was, but attempts to tackle ShawnMichaels head-on at Supercard 84: Return to the Dark Carnival failed to shake Banging out of his misplaced loyalty.

Now DaemonX has vowed to eliminate the problem at Pre-Show 86: DaemonX Quest, where he will finally face DemoniaX and put an end to Banging's confusion once and for all!

Pre-Show 86: Daemon Quest (November 13th, 2016)
- DaemonX versus DemoniaX

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Night Fights (November 4, 2016)

Stakes for the KFL Championship were back on Friday Night Fights as Sekktor returned to answer the challenge issued by ShawnMichaels. He became #1 contender to the KFL title Monday by winning a thirty-fighter Halloween Battle Royal. His victory was earned with an impressive 12 eliminations, but it would only take one loss to make it all go away!

The British Exit generally struggled in the multi-man Elimination Battle Royal, unable to turn their numbers into an advantage for weapon of choice: Banging. He fought well alone, but succumbed to the double teaming tactics of The Invasion. ShawnMichaels' nemesis Shen_DuHBK was ultimate benefactor, eliminating the ill gotten recruit at number twenty-five. In a traditional #1 contenders setting, Banging put all those troubles behind him, defeating Sekktor in a solid victory. Banging now has the right to challenge Alliance KFL Champion Statix -- the culmination of a perfect plan to deprive The Invasion of their much coveted gold!

It wasn't all wins for The British Exit on Friday Night Fights. The Greek Crisis leveled Ironize & AcidicWonder in the night's opening match. Liam & nif had better luck, though. Liam answered a solo challenge from Sekktor's partner in crime legoslayer10, who made sure the Duo enforcers were kept busy ahead of his friends match. Liam & nif both picked up solo wins.

The United also had a mixed night of their own. Shoe & Artanix returned to the main event to put the pressure back on failed Tower of Power title challengers: TonyTheTiger & CaTigeReptile. The all-star combination had the better of their arch-nemesis at Supercard 85, but fell short in the rematch.

Poasty had much better luck, earning his third consecutive win against United: Murdoink since his crushing loss in Tournament 75! The decisive win left few questions, but Murdoink promised that next week on Friday Night Fights, he and The United will have a special surprise for Poasty!

Friday Night Fights (November 4, 2016):
10. "The United" Shoe & Artanix d. TonyTheTiger & CaTigeReptile [+1]
9. Banging d. Sekktor [+1] [KFL #1 Contender]
8. Poasty d. United: Murdoink [+1]
7. McDaniel & fraysol d. KittyKat & JoelKatz [+1]
6. Liam d. legoslayer10 [+1]
5. Politics & Menas d. Hidin & Learn [+2]
4. Shinnokxz d. "Portuguese Pegasus" Zentile [+1]
3. G0LD d. Red_Spaniard [+3]
2. nif d. xort [+1]
1. "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade d. "The British Exit" Ironize & AcidicWonder [+1]

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Falling: The Temptation of Ken

King Ken was a surprising addition to this week's Halloween Battle Royal, fighting for a chance to be named #1 contender to the KFL Championship. He fought valiantly, holding position in the final three, but couldn't come out with the win.

Ken unsuccessfully contested the new KFL title earlier in the year. Despite being one of the brightest names to emerge during the first years of competition, he remains one of the few Great Arena originals without championship gold to his name.

"American Nightmare" LordSkarlet was watching the Halloween Battle Royal closely, and has noted the struggle Ken has undertaken over the last twelve months.

It was this time last year that Ken arguably reached his highest accolade, fending off several Olympic medalists to be crowned King of the World as winner of Tournament 61. One year later, the King of the World has gone from taking the fight to the league's biggest names, to losing to Nephrite and failing to even finish runner up in a Monday Night Battle Royal!

LordSkarlet says these things clearly make Ken one thing: Fallen.

The American Nightmare knows what it means to fall, but also believes he knows the path to rising to even greater heights. Since his low earlier in the year, he's won the KFL Championship twice, and become Violent`J's personal pick to lead The Invasion to the Undisputed Championship. His Fallen agents Corrupt hydraslash & Corrupt MINION have also emerged as one of the top Duo Division contenders in the league!

LordSkarlet has extended an invitation to Ken for this week's Monday Night Invasion, promising to lift him to the gold he's so long sought after as the newest member of The Fallen!

The Path of King Ken in 2016:
- Ken d. ShawnMichaels - R1, Tournament 63: Grand Slam Launch (January 4)
- Ken d. AcidicWonder - R2, Tournament 63: Grand Slam Launch (January 6)
- Knickxasawrrrr d. Ken - R3, Tournament 63: Grand Slam Launch (January 7)
- Genku d. Ken - Pre-Show 74: The Long Hard Road (January 17)
- Genku elim. Ken - Battle Royal, Supercard 74: Battle Royale (January 24)
- Mime d. Knickxasawrrrr & Ken - 3way, Friday Night Fights (February 19)
- AlbertBeefcake d. Ken - C7, Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV (February 21)
- The_Hurricane d. Ken - C7, Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV (February 21)
- Ken d. SubScorpTile - C7, Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV (February 21)
- TonyTheTiger d. Ken - C7, Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV (February 21)
- Banging d. Ken - C7, Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV (February 21)
- VenoMark d. Ken - C7, Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV (February 21)
- Damo d. Ken - C7, Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV (February 21)
- Knickxasawrrrr d. Ken - Supercard 75: Tower of Power XV (February 21)
- Mime d. Ken & Knickxasawrrrr - 3way, Supercard 76: Ratt in a Cage (March 13)
- Ken d. TonyTheTiger - R1, Tournament 64: Grand Prix Warm-Up (March 14)
- Ken d. NovaStarr - R2, Tournament 64: Grand Prix Warm-Up (March 16)
- Ken d. Jammer2Omega - R3, Tournament 64: Grand Prix Warm-Up (March 17)
- DECEPTION d. Ken - R4, Tournament 64: Grand Prix Warm-Up (March 18)
- Ken & Bee_07 d. maxilos & proXade - Supercard 77: Ultimate Grand Prix VI (April 3)
- Ken d. The_Hurricane - Monday Night Invasion (April 4)
- Ken d. kingjolly - Friday Night Fights (April 8)
- Ken d. AlbertBeefcake - Monday Night Invasion (April 11)
- Statix (c) d. Ken - KFL, Supercard 78: Spring Classic (April 24)
- Loopster & chaos_Drone d. Ken & Bee_07 - R1, Tournament 66: Duo Division May Day! (May 1)
- Loopster d. Ken - Monday Night Invasion (May 2)
- Genku d. Ken - Friday Night Fights (June 17)
- Ken d. jaytea - R1, Tournament 68: Mid-Year Grand Slam (June 21)
- Ken d. Jammer2Omega - R2, Tournament 68: Mid-Year Grand Slam (June 22)
- Ken d. Dez-Burnett - R3, Tournament 68: Mid-Year Grand Slam (June 23)
- DeathScepter d. Ken - R4, Tournament 68: Mid-Year Grand Slam (June 24)
- Loopster d. Ken - Pre-Show 81: The British Exit (July 17)
- TonyTheTiger elim. Ken - Battle Royal, Supercard 81: Royal Roulette (July 24)
- Ken d. nightbreed_16 - Pre-Show 82: Heat Up Scramble (July 31)
- Artanix, Ken & Baraka_MK d. Jerrod, Shadaloo & Torchia - 2016 Olympic Trios Heats (August 13)
- Artanix, Ken & Baraka_MK d. Intel, KurtAngle & jaytea - 2016 Olympic Trios Heats (August 13)
- Damo, Banging & Kiara85 d. Artanix, Ken & Baraka_MK - Gold, 2016 Olympic Trios Event Final (August 20)
- Nephrite elim. Ken - Battle Royal, Supercard 82: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 21)
- Ken d. EasterBunny - R1, Tournament 73: Summer Grand Slam (August 22)
- ElJobber d. Ken - R2, Tournament 73: Summer Grand Slam (August 24)
- Nephrite d. Ken - Pre-Show 84: A Lovely Tea Party (October 2)
- Sekktor elim. Ken - Battle Royal, Monday Night Invasion (October 31)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sekktor Targeted by British Exit

ShawnMichaels and Tbe British Exit have been at war with The Invasion for some time now, but after the events of the Halloween Battle Royal during Monday Night Invasion - the Brexit leader has a challenge for a whole new target!

Sekktor emerged from the Battle Royal match the surprise #1 contender to the KFL Championship. ShawnMichaels has challenged him to put his contention on the line during this week's Friday Night Fights -- not against him, but rather his star recruit: Banging!

ShawnMichaels concocted an elaborate plot to lure Banging away from The Invasion, and he'd love nothing more than to use his new weapon to keep the KFL Championship out of the clutches of his former faction and their leader: DaemonX!

Will Sekktor answer this challenge? Be here this Friday for all the action from Friday Night Fights!