Saturday, August 20, 2016

2016 Summer Olympic Games - Day 15

Day 15 of the Summer Olympics brought the 2016 Games to a close with a sense of fun and festivity. Medals in the Trios and Battle Royal matches brought back many of the fighters who'd represented their nation in other events at these Games. A final farewell to competitive carnival of countries that makes the Olympics such a joyous occasion!

New Zealand surprised as they fought their way to a second Gold Medal with a dominant outing in the Trios! The team experience and synchronicity of "Service Krew" affiliates Damo & Kiara85, and Banging produced a shock comprehensive win over Team USA! A perfect compliment to Damo and Banging's Duo Gold Medal from Day 13!

In the Bronze Medal fight, Team Great Britain were kept out of the final medal tally in a hard fought battle with Team Canada! Break out Survival Sequence fighter Jerrod led an untested combination of Shadaloo & Torchia to pick up second Bronze of the Games!

In the long awaited Battle Royal event, fifteen of the world's best fighters came to contest a fight to the finish. Portugal's Zentile made a splash with the first two eliminations - but paid for his hubris with a successive elimination at the hands of Italian Cyclone Shen_DuHBK! Great Britain's Dez-Burnett bounced back from his Trios disappointment with a couple of good eliminations. By the mid-way point, it was clear who was taking control. 2015 Royal Roulette winner VenoMark made his push for the Gold Medal early and hard! Chromatose began a toppling of fighters down to the final three! Indian Hall of Fame favourite Rockey316 had managed an early elimination of UAE's Intel -- fighting in tribute to Day 8 casualty jaytea -- but ran out of steam, taking Bronze. Undisputed Champion DECEPTION was clearly the biggest contender in VenoMark's way. The two waged a back and forth war that had everybody caught up in the teeter-totter of control! VenoMark managed to score successive heavy hits, turning the tide in his favour. In a huge finish - VenoMark wins Gold!

A thrilling end to what has been an incredible two weeks of action at the 2016 Olympic Games!

2016 Olympic Trios Event Finals:
1. Jerrod, Shadaloo & Torchia (CAN) d. Dez-Burnett, "Bad Bad" Leroy & AcidicWonder (GRB) [+1] [Bronze Medal]
2. "Chosen One" Damo, Banging & Kiara85 (NZL) d. United: Artanix, King Ken & Baraka_MK (USA) [+1] [Gold/Silver Medals]

2016 Olympic Battle Royal Event:
1. VenoMark (USA) eliminated DECEPTION (c) (CAN) to win! [Gold/Silver Medals]
1. Zentile (POR) elim. proXade (GRC)
2. Zentile (POR) elim. Kiara85 (NZL)
3. Shen_DuHBK (ITA) elim. Zentile (POR)
4. marianokombat (ARG) elim. Sgtf (EST)
5. Rockey316 (IND) elim. Intel (UAE)
6. Dez-Burnett (GBR) elim. EasterBunny (NTL)
7. VenoMark (USA) elim. marianokombat (ARG)
8. Dez-Burnett (GBR) elim. shin (MLY)
9. Chromatose (HUN) elim. Shen_DuHBK (ITA)
10. VenoMark (USA) elim. Chromatose (HUN)
11. VenoMark (USA) elim. Dez-Burnett (GBR)
12. VenoMark (USA) elim. Loopster (AUS)
13. VenoMark (USA) elim. Rockey316 (IND)
14. VenoMark (USA) elim. DECEPTION (c) (CAN)

Medal Winners Podium:
Gold: VenoMark (USA)
Silver: DECEPTION (Canada)
Bronze: Rockey316 (India)
Gold: Damo, Banging & Kiara85 (New Zealand)
Silver: Artanix, Ken & Baraka_MK (USA)
Bronze: Jerrod, Shadaloo & Torchia (Canada)

The Battle Royal win boosted the USA's Medal Tally to a clear victory, helping them with a late third Gold Medal to go with one Silver and one Bronze! New Zealand - the surprise second with their two Golds in Trio and Duo! Singapore finish third, with the coveted Solo Event Gold! Check out the full Olympic Games coverage for details, and this week's Rankings Recap for the final Medal Tally!

Be here tomorrow as competition returns to normal and The Great Arena plays host to the biggest event of the season! Sunday is All-Star Summer Showdown where Olympic Gold Medalist The Great Genku challenges Undisputed Champion DECEPTION in a hotly anticipated main event! It promises to be a showcase of the greatest and a culmination of one of the most action packed Summers on record!

Summer Championship Preview: Genku vs DECEPTION

It's the Supercard of the Summer! All-Star Summer Showdown is finally here - and one of its most anticipated matches will be the long awaited Undisputed Championship clash!

The long, winding road to contention has brought The Great Genku back for his third Summer main event! He secured the title shot in a contenders match at Supercard 81: Royal Roulette, but that only happened after VenoMark snatched away the opportunity on the July 22nd Friday Night Fights! The experience ingrained a deep paranoia in Genku, who made a deal with the devil - The Invasion - to prevent Royal Roulette winner Hokey from stealing this title shot, as well!

2016 has been the year of Undisputed Champion DECEPTION! The Hitman's path to the top began at Battle Royale, where he made an unannounced return from his 2015 Survivor Sequence Iron Man Death Match loss to Hokey. He quickly followed it up with a star making four eliminations in Tower of Power XV - falling shot in the final battle! A rematch saw him claim his first Undisputed title with a win against ElJobber at Supercard 76: Ratt in a Cage! He then proved it was far from a fluke by beating Kron in the main event of Ultimate Grand Prix VI! He continued his wins against a who's who of former champions: The_Purple_BunnyTonyTheTiger, and VenoMark!

Now the champ hopes to add another accomplished name to his list! The omens are undecided on who the fates will favour! In five years, the Undisputed Championship has only changed hands once at the All-Star Summer Showdown! Yet Genku is on a Summer Streak with three straight wins at an event that has long been one of his best! Genku also has a team elimination over DECEPTION, earned on Day 7 of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games!

It's any one's match to win! Genku is an accomplished veteran catching up on long sought accolades. DECEPTION is the New Generation figurehead whose era has just begun! Who will be Undisputed Champion after All-Star Summer Showdown? We find out tomorrow - Sunday, August 21st at the Supercard of the Summer! Here's how these two titans match-up:

The Great Genku - The Challenger
GS Rating: 19651+
League Rank: #8
Summer Record: 3-2-0 (60%)
2016 Record: 32-14-0 (69.57%)
Career Record: 254-135-0 (65.3%)
Championships: Undisputed Champion (2), Duo Division Champion, KFL Champion (3), Division 2 Champion
Accolades: Tournament 1, Tournament 11: Year Two Begins, Tournament 27: 2013 Grand Prix Warm-Up, Tournament 31: 2013 Mid-Year Grand Slam, Tournament 33: 2013 Summer Grand Slam, 2016 & 2012 Olympic Gold Medals (2), Tower of Power IV, 2011 Royal Roulette

The History of Genku at All-Star Summer Showdown:
1. Crow (c) d. Genku - Supercard 11: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 14, 2011)
2. Statix d. DECEPTION & Genku - Supercard 27: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 19, 2012)
3. Genku d. ElJobber - Supercard 39: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 18, 2013)
4. Genku d. Statix - Supercard 54: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 17, 2014)
5. Genku d. Kron (c) - Supercard 69: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 23, 2015)

"The Hitman" DECEPTION - The Champion
GS Rating: 10227+
League Rank: #26
Summer Record: 3-2-0 (60%)
2016 Record: 21-9-0 (70%)
Career Record: 144-90-0 (61.54%)
Championships: Undisputed Champion (2) (current), Duo Division Champion (2)
Accolades: Tournament 64: 2016 Grand Prix Warm-Up, 2016 Olympic Silver Medal, 2016 & 2012 Olympic Bronze Medals

The History of DECEPTION at All-Star Summer Showdown:
1. DECEPTION & Onryo d. SubMan799 & Casselman - Supercard 11: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 14, 2011)
2. Statix d. DECEPTION & Genku - Supercard 27: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 19, 2012)
3. DECEPTION d. TonyTheTiger - Supercard 39: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 18, 2013)
4. DECEPTION d. TonyTheTiger - Supercard 54: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 17, 2014)
5. ElJobber d. DECEPTION - Supercard 69: All-Star Summer Showdown (August 23, 2015)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Night Fights (August 19, 2016)

As the Olympic Games entered their penultimate day of competition, Friday Night Fights geared up for a final push to August 21st Summer Supercard -- All-Star Summer Showdown!

Hoping to steal himself a spot in the Div. 2 Championship match, "Secret Weapon" SubScorpTile challenged avenger45 to a title bout. SST picked up the gold at Dead Or Alive IX, but lost it right back during last week's Friday Night Fights. The last minute smash and grab proved unsuccessful as avenger45 stood firm against the challenger! This means Olympic Gold Medalist Benjamin will take on avenger45 for the Division 2 Championship in a big title match - this Sunday!

All four championships will be on the line at the All-Star event as The Great Genku headlines with hopes of repeating his Olympic Day 7 elimination of DECEPTION! If he does, he'll turn his triumph into Undisputed Championship gold! Genku's fellow American Dream Team Gold Medalist Scott-Howell will attempt to end an American Nightmare when he takes on "The Fallen" LordSkarlet in a long awaited KFL Championship match! All this plus: The_Purple_Bunny vs Kron, an epic grudge bout between m0s and ElJobber, the return of the Steel Cage as VenoMark tries to destroy "Chosen One" Damo once and for all, Hokey's revenge -- and so much more!

Undefeated Duo Division Champions Marz & Violent`J will feature prominently when they face the biggest challenge of their 301 day reign at All-Star Summer Showdown! Ratt & NightHawk will be attempting to repeat their win last year -- the only time the champions have ever been defeated in The Great Arena! The champs will arrived a potentially fractured unit, having turned on one another during this week's Monday Night Invasion!

In response to that shocking breakdown on Monday; ICWW alum and former KFL Champion Statix attempted to reach out to Marz on Friday. He said he knew exactly how Marz was feeling, recalling his partnership with Banging, and his defection to The Invasion on February 5th. Statix extended an invitation to Marz to join The Alliance -- which Marz aggressively rejected with a +3 beat down! It seems clear Marz has no interest wading in to either side of the war between The Alliance and The Invasion!

Friday Night Fights (August 19, 2016)
10. avenger45 (c) d. "The Secret Weapon" SubScorpTile [+3] [Division 2 Championship]
9. Marz d. Statix [+3]
8. Sekktor & legoslayer10 d. rxvt & deadly [+1]
7. Killswitch d. Coltess [+1]
6. McDaniel & fraysol d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+1]
5. NosajSamoht & Shinnokxz d. ]{0MBAT & tabmok99s_wife [+1]
4. G0LD d. zebraska [+1]
3. xort d. Ottis [+1]
2. "Mad Dog" Onryo d. DemoniaX [+1]
1. J-Spit d. "The Prodigy" nface [+1]

2016 Summer Olympic Games - Day 14

The Survival Sequence team event has consistently been one of the most exciting attractions at these 2016 Olympic Games. Team Canada produced two of the moments of the Games when Undisputed Champion DECEPTION produced a stunning come-from-behind victory on Day 5, and Jerrod stepped up to score four eliminations against Malaysia on Day 7!

A rematch of that 5-4 Heats win against Team Great Britain had every one anticipating the rematch in the Bronze Medal showdown. The story was very different this time, however -- Team GB's run clearly taking its toll. Liam took over for his fatigued partner, picking up a good two eliminations, but it was all over from there. Jerrod once again stepped it up to blast his way through the British national team -- untouched in a sprint to the finish! A fantastic finish to Canada's endearing run in the 5-Team Event! They'll be one of the teams to watch come Summer 2020!

In 2016, it was all a case of history repeating! The 2012 Gold and Silver Medal teams rekindled their rivalry - Australia hopeful they could improve upon their disappointing 5-2 Heats defeat at the hands of the dominant Dream Team. Those hopes quickly dissipated as Team USA stuck to the script of their first encounter, repeating the sequence exactly! Division 2 #1 Contender Benjamin once again dismissed BIGkev and Bronzie with ease, before The Alliance's former KFL Champion Statix put an end to that. "The U.S. Predator" TonyTheTiger had no trouble taking him out. Hall of Famer Oozaru made the save, but was wiped out by #1 Contender The Great Genku! None of the other Americans had to apply -- ElJobber's resistance reversed as Genku fought off devastating blows to secure the Gold Medal! A Dream Team USA win that never even required Ratt or "American Dream" Scott-Howell to fight! Unbelievable!

The USA entrench themselves at the top of the Medal Tally, adding their second Gold to the 3way Event won "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile! Australia and Canada are equal 4th, each with one Silver and one Bronze!

2016 Olympic 5-on-5 Survival Sequence Finals:
1. Team Canada d. Team Great Britain [5-2] [Bronze Medal]
- KittyKat (CAN) elim. nif (GBR)
- Liam (GBR) elm. KittyKat (CAN)
- Liam (GBR) elim. xtactics (CAN)
- Jerrod (CAN) elim. Liam (GBR)
- Jerrod (CAN) elim. AcidicWonder (GBR)
- Jerrod (CAN) elim. Ironize (GBR)
- Jerrod (CAN) elim. ShawnMichaels (GBR)
Survivors: Jerrod, Politics & DECEPTION (c)

2. Team USA d. Team Australia [5-2] [Gold/Silver Medals]
- Benjamin (USA) elim. BIGkev (AUS)
- Benjamin (USA) elim. Bronzie (AUS)
- Statix (AUS) elim. Benjamin (USA)
- TonyTheTiger (USA) elim. Statix (AUS)
- Oozaru (AUS) elim. TonyTheTiger (USA)
- Genku (USA) elim. Oozaru (AUS)
- Genku (USA) elim. ElJobber (AUS)
Survivors: Genku, Ratt & Scott-Howell

Medal Winners Podium:
Gold: Genku, TonyTheTiger, Benjamin, Ratt & Scott-Howell (USA)
Silver: ElJobber, Oozaru, Statix, Bronzie & BIGkev (Australia)
Bronze: DECEPTION, Jerrod, Politics, KittyKat & xtactics (Canada)

The 2016 Summer Games end with a big bash of action on the Saturday before All-Star Summer Showdown! Team USA will be on the hunt for more team Gold when they take on Duo Winners New Zealand in the first ever Olympic Trios Event final! Then the Games end with a celebration of nations in a massive Olympic Elimination Battle Royal! Do not miss it!

Day 15 - 2016 Olympic Trios Event Finals:
Gold/Silver: Artanix, Ken & Baraka_MK (USA) versus Damo, Banging & Kiara85 (NZL)
Bronze: Jerrod, Shadaloo & Torchia (CAN) versus Dez-Burnett, Leroy & AcidicWonder (GBR)

Day 15 - 2016 Olympic Battle Royal Event:
Featuring: marianokombat (ARG), Loopster (AUS), DECEPTION (c) (CAN), Sgtf (EST), Dez-Burnett (GBR), proXade (GRC), Chromatose (HUN), Rockey316 (IND), Shen_DuHBK (ITA), shin (MLY), EasterBunny (NTL), Kiara85 (NZL), Zentile (POR), Intel (UAE), VenoMark (USA)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016 Summer Olympic Games - Day 13

The favourites dominated at the Games on "unlucky" Day 13, as the Duo Event roared to a stunning conclusion! Mime & Politics and Damo & Banging were never in any danger of losing their Semi Final matches as they stormed through their opponents with devastating efficiency!

The Semis set up two exciting Medal matches! In the Gold Medal fight, the long awaiting meeting of the two dominant teams fulfilled a dream match scenario. Canadian Duo experts United: Mime & Politics were hopeful to bring home the Duo Gold for Canada, who dominated in 2012 with Marz & Violent`J. Alas; New Zealand's equally experienced Duo doyens "Chosen One" Damo & Banging were simply fighting at too high a level! The Canadians capitulated as New Zealand overwhelmed them, an incredible performance to win New Zealand their first Gold at the 2016 Games!

The Bronze Medal match had its own curious sense of anticipation. There was a lot of uncertainty coming out of the Semi Finals, but the devastating results didn't deter either team! In fact, both the USA and Great Britain teams lifted their game for the Bronze match! Liam & nif made a genuine threat at taking the medal, but Jammer2Omega & Porygonix would not leave the 2016 Games without bringing metal back to the USA!

Jammer2Omega & Porygonix were a controversial choice for team selection, with many looking to other more established US pairings, such as "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo. Whether you agree or disagree with the criticism they faced, there's no denying J2O & Porygonix represented their country with pride. Bronze Medalists who bump the United States to the top of the Medal Tally, adding to CaTigeReptile's Gold in the 3way [Day 12]!

Tournament 72: 2016 Olympic Duo Event - Semi Finals:
1. Mime & Politics (CAN) d. Liam & nif (GBR) [+2]
2. Damo & Banging (NZL) d. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix (USA) [+3]

Tournament 72: 2016 Olympic Duo Event - Finals:
1. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix (USA) d. Liam & nif (GBR) [+1] [Bronze Medal]
2. Damo & Banging (NZL) d. Mime & Politics (CAN) [+1] [Gold/Silver Medals]

Medal Winners Podium:
Gold: Damo & Banging (New Zealand)
Silver: Mime & Politics (Canada)
Bronze: Jammer2Omega & Porygonix (USA)

Three of the four Duo Semi Finalist nations will have another chance to add to their medal tallies as the exciting 5-Team Survival Sequence concludes on Day 14! Team USA will be hot favourites, undefeated throughout all previous rounds! Classic rivals Australia will be working hard to improve upon their 5-2 loss to The Dream Team on Day 7! Plus: Controversial Team GB will attempt to avenge their Duo loss against Canada! Another exciting day of competition ahead at these Olympic Games of 2016!

Day 14 - 5-Team Survival Sequence Finals:
Gold/Silver: Team Australia versus Team USA
Bronze: Team Great Britain versus Team Canada

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2016 Summer Olympic Games - Day 12

The biggest surprises of the Olympic Solo Event arguably came in the Semi Finals. Despite the Hall of Fame status of their opponents, ElJobber and The_Purple_Bunny were widely expected to factor in to the Gold Medal match. Instead, they arrived to compete for Bronze in the Day 12 opener - producing an inevitable final bombshell. Against all expectations, Team USA walked away from the Solo Event with no medal as ElJobber rallied after his Semi Final fade-out to defeat TPB!

In the Gold Medal battle of the Hall of Famers: Rockey316 did his best to put together another exciting performance, but Shamrock was sticking to the script, using his superior powers to secure a well earned Gold Medal! Rockey316 - nothing to sneeze at with Silver!

In the 3way Event, Team USA faced the prospect of another upset! "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile was overwhelming favourite coming in to these Olympic Games, contesting the Gold Medal she won back at the 2012 Games for China. With more experience, she was expected to blitz the field, but instead found herself in a struggle from minute one! Chromatose was breathing down CTR's neck the entire time -- Murdoink not far off the pace as the first, Bronze Medal elimination.

With the world watching - Chromatose rode the momentum of his elimination of Murdoink, taking the fight right to CaTigeReptile's doorstep! With almost nothing separating them, the American dug deep, calling upon her superior experience to win her second 3way Gold Medal! A spectacular finish and another amazing moment from these 2016 Olympic Games!

Tournament 70: 2016 Olympic Solo Event - Finals:
1. ElJobber (AUS) d. The_Purple_Bunny (USA) in convincing fashion! [+1] [Bronze Medal]
2. Shamrock (SNG) d. Rockey316 (IND) in convincing fashion! [+2] [Gold/Silver Medals]

Tournament 71: 2016 Olympic 3way Event - Final:
1. CaTigeReptile (USA) d. Chromatose (HUN) & Murdoink (CHL) in an epic hard fought conclusion! [+1/--/-1] [Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals]

Medal Winners Podium:
Gold: CaTigeReptile (USA)
Silver: Chromatose (Hungary)
Bronze: Murdoink (Chile)
Gold: Shamrock (Singapore)
Silver: Rockey316 (India)
Bronze: ElJobber (Australia)

Day 13 brings another big Medal contest as the Duos of these Olympic Games battle it out in a final endurance run to the finish! The hopes of Team USA will be behind the Dream Team of J2O & Porygonix, who stunned everyone with their win over Australia! They have the biggest mountain to climb when Duo Legends Damo & Banging represent New Zealand! It will be a similar predicament when Liam & nif of Team GB take on Canada's Duo experts - Mime & Politics!

Day 13 - Tournament 72: 2016 Olympic Duo Event - Semi Finals:
1. Mime & Politics (CAN) versus Liam & nif (GBR)
2. Damo & Banging (NZL) versus Jammer2Omega & Porygonix (USA)

Day 13 - Tournament 72: 2016 Olympic Duo Event - Finals:
Gold/Silver: Winner 1 versus Winner 2
Bronze: Runner-Up 1 versus Runner-Up 2

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 Summer Olympic Games - Day 11

The Duos had a long wait between rounds, last competing on Day 4 of these Olympic Games. The Solo Event fighters - much more fresh after their Day 9 Quarter Final crunch. The combination of waiting and high stakes made for a pressure cooker environment. Day 11 did not disappoint!

The Duos were on first and the favourites were in fine form! Damo & Banging were cool and calm in their execution of Finland, unassuming as they made New Zealand the Gold Medal frontrunners at these 2016 Olympic Games! Their primary competition - Canada - were much more flashy in their demolishing of Poland's Bofh & Cukier.

After "The Greek Crisis" were gifted a randomized Bye in the First Round, the most anticipated match of Round 2 became their meeting with arch-rivals Liam & nif! It was difficult to not see this match in a political context. The controversy of The British Exit hung in the air at these Games, at least until the air rushed out with Team GB's win. maxilos & proXade have had the better of Liam & nif so frequently this year, but with everything to fight for - The Brits pulled off another unbelievable moment!

On the flipside, there was nothing but joy for Jammer2Omega & Porygonix as they faced down the daunting task of Aussie heavyweight Statix and Duo expert Corrupt hydraslash! In the fight of their life, the controversially chosen USA team rose to the occasion. A thrilling coming out for one of the burgeoning tandems of 2016!

The competitive rivalry between Australia and The United States has been building throughout these Games, and there was one last twist in their story. As the Solo Quarter Finals gave both nations a chance to move on to the Gold Medal match -- it was the Hall of Fame longshots who shocked the world! Shamrock had to work hard to eliminate The_Purple_Bunny, while India's Rockey316 was faced with an ElJobber fighting well below standard!

A shocking twist that guarantees Singapore and India no less than a Silver Medal! Shamrock will be the favourite as the first medals of these Olympic Games are awarded - tomorrow, Day 12! Fighting for the Bronze will be USA and Australia - not where either expected to be!

Tournament 72: 2016 Olympic Duo Event - Round 2:
1. Mime & Politics (CAN) d. Bofh & Cukier (POL) [+6]
2. Liam & nif (GBR) d. maxilos & proXade (GRC) [+1]
3. Damo & Banging (NZL) d. ArtemisFlow & Zmoke (FIN) [+1]
4. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix (USA) d. Statix & Corrupt hydraslash (AUS) [+1]

Tournament 70: 2016 Olympic Solo Event - Semi Finals:
1. Shamrock (SNG) d. The_Purple_Bunny (USA) [+1]
2. Rockey316 (IND) d. ElJobber (AUS) [+2]

Day 12 begins the Medal count as the first winners are crowned! Team USA has a chance at two Medals: "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile goes in favourite to claim the 3way Gold Medal she won for China last year, while The_Purple_Bunny will be favourite in his Bronze Medal match with ElJobber of Australia!

Day 12 - Tournament 70: 2016 Olympic Solo Event - Finals:
Gold/Silver: Shamrock (SNG) versus Rockey316 (IND)
Bronze: The_Purple_Bunny (USA) versus ElJobber (AUS)

Day 12 - Tournament 71: 2016 Olympic 3way Event - Final:
Gold/Silver/Bronze: CaTigeReptile (USA) versus Chromatose (HUN) versus Murdoink (CHL)