Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Night Games (February 6, 2017)

The Monday Night Games may be just three weeks old, but already The United have amassed a legion of enemies! After last week's attack by VenoMark, and the Pre-Show 89: Control II victory against The Invasion, there were reasonable expectations for assaults from several hostile sources. Nobody expected it would be the return of "The Y2Juggalo" Violent`J that challenged The United!

Shoe & Artanix reached a new echelon of success when they ended the 420 day reign of "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J in a shock win at Supercard 87: End Of Days. It was an unexpected victory that gave The United the power to end The Invasion in a single battle of Trios -- a match that also included Violent`J on the losing side! VJ was back on Monday Nights to call out the weekly event's new masters and challenge them to an Duo Division Championship rematch!

Artanix answered Violent`J's challenge with one of his own, launching into a solo main event fight with the Hall of Famer! Artanix was completely unintimidated - fighting to a solid victory! Violent`J told him to enjoy it while it lasts as he backed off into the night.

In the undercard: Murdoink fended off the hopeful advances of Div. 2 Invasion fighter KurtAngle. Angle's compadre in arms Grayback was approached by Alliance fighter PaganFreak, who had questions about Banging. Grayback shut him down with a hard hitting win.

In the shock of the night, GreenLantern returned to competition with a stunning win against former Division 2 Champion SubScorpTile! An unexpected attack caught SST completely by surprise, a +5 impact resulting from the comprehensive win!

Monday Night Games: Week 3 (February 6, 2017):
7. United: Artanix (c) d. "Y2Juggalo" Violent`J [+1]
6. United: Murdoink d. KurtAngle [+3]
5. Grayback d. PaganFreak [+3]
4. little-mac d. Onimike [+1]
3. Shinnokxz & NosajSamoht d. Sgtf & BilboFett [+1]
2. GreenLantern d. SubScorpTile [+5]
1. "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade d. rick991 & kentei290 [+1]

Supercard 89: Breaking Point (February 12th, 2017):
- "Invasion Contender Elect" Genku versus ElJobber (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J versus "The United" Shoe & Artanix (c) [Duo Division Championship]
- VenoMark versus United: Mimik

Weekly Rankings Recap - 2/5/2017

Pre-Show 89: Control II confirmed The United and their Monday Night Games are here to stay, but it remains to be seen if this spells the end for the once dominant Invasion. Their numbers have been scattered since the shocking end to last year. Doubt over the allegiance of "American Nightmare" LordSkarlet & Corrupt hydraslash has been raised -- The Fallen fighting their contemporaries at the same event. LS still has one strong foot in The Invasion, with the November Election currently under an investigation that could prove he won the group's alleged confidence.

Despite the salacious allegations; "Invasion Contender Elect" Genku is primed to challenge new Undisputed Champion ElJobber at this weekend's Supercard 89: Breaking Point! Their war of words has been building since The Master's Series, setting up a highly anticipated grudge match!

The only other confirmed match continues the theme of "Breaking Point": VenoMark becoming a highly volatile component as he watches vanquished foes repeatedly overtake him on the road to glory. His rage was uncaged during last week's Monday Night Games. He's resigned himself to another bitter challenge against former champion Mimik, but after his near miss at Battle Royale, VenoMark has become an unpredictable force!

The Great Arena League Top Ten:
#1 (+1) United: Mime
#2 (-1) ElJobber [Undisputed Champion]
#3 (+1) The_Purple_Bunny [Battle Royale]
#4 (+1) "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile
#5 (new) JoelKatz
#6 (-3) Benjamin
#7 (-1) "The Chosen One" Damo
#8 (+2) proXade
#9 (-2) Poasty [Division 2 Champion]
#10 (new) KittyKat

The Great Arena Duo Division Top Ten:
#1 (+1) KittyKat & JoelKatz
#2 (-1) "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge
#3 (+1) "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade
#4 (-1) "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo
#5 (+2) Piccolo & GohanSon
#6 (+3) Jammer2Omega & Porygonix
#7 (-2) "The United" Shoe & Artanix [Duo Division Champions]
#8 (RE) CCShadow & Scott-Howell
#9 (-3) Sekktor & legoslayer10
#10 (-2) Shinnokxz & NosajSamoht

The Division 2 Under 5k Top Ten:
#1 (+8) JoelKatz
#2 (-1) Benjamin
#3 (+2) proXade
#4 (-2) Poasty [Division 2 Champion]
#5 (new) KittyKat
#6 (+2) SubScorpTile
#7 (RE) nightbreed_16
#8 (RE) "The Apprentice" DeathScepter
#9 (-6) edge
#10 (-6) Shen_DuHBK

The Incapacitated List:
- MercWithMouth [vs CCShadow & Scott-Howell - February 5, 2017]
- Unknown265 [vs TonyTheTiger - January 4, 2017]
- MINION [vs Mime - January 3, 2017]
- ShawnMichaels [vs Genku - December 16, 2016]
- AcidicWonder [vs LordSkarlet - December 5, 2016]
- Ironize [vs Genku - November 25, 2016]
- Ken [vs LordSkarlet - November 7, 2016]
- rxvt [vs AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane - October 16, 2016]
- marianokombat [vs CaTigeReptile - August 24, 2016]
- xtactics [vs Leroy - August 22, 2016]
- jaytea [vs Artanix, Ken & Baraka_MK - August 13, 2016]
- Celeste [vs Damo - August 11, 2016]
- TheMetinPorta [vs Violent`J - June 22, 2016]
- Knickxasawrrrr [vs Mime - May 22, 2016]
- Crow [vs Ratt - April 3, 2016]

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pre-Show 89: Control II

Late last year The Invasion controlled a war torn arena, but that all changed on the fateful night of December 19th, when their enemies combined to deal a devastating blow!

The United were there to boldly declare the cancellation of Monday Night Invasion -- replacing it in 2017 with their own plan for the weekly Monday Night Games! The United's championship gauntlet of power was broken at Supercard 88: Battle Royale, leaving them vulnerable to a return strike. The Invasion regrouped to come to Pre-Show 89: Control II to fight for domain over Monday nights!

The Invasion led with recent hot shot Shen_DuHBK, but it was The United who scored the first elimination when Murdoink reversed his fortunes. Loopster jumped into the firing line with the former Division 2 Champion, eating a hard shot. He was able to chip away at Murdoink in an epic brawl, evening the tally at 1-1. Former KFL Champion Mime exploded into the match with a double elimination, dominating both Loopster and Grayback! With his team trailing, Banging jumped in to work down Mime, and then evened the score at 3-3 with an impressive elimination of Mimik! He sunk a deep shot on Artanix, but the reigning Duo Division Champion was able to overcome the fatiguing fighter -- leaving only Invasion leader DaemonX! For a moment it looked as if it might come down to a sudden death face-off, but Artanix rallied to single-handedly lay claim to a follow-up defeat of last month's Duo Division Championship challengers!

The win ensures The United will continue to hold weekly court with their Monday Night Games! The fourth week of the new regular programme returns tomorrow. Be here for all the fall out! Also be watching for developments concerning next weekend's Supercard 89: Breaking Point!

The Invasion didn't fare much better in the undercard: Jason_Voorhees & edge found themselves locked in a hard fought, drag-out rankings battle with KittyKat & JoelKatz. The two teams seemed remarkably well matched, but in the end, it was KittyKat & JoelKatz who emerged supreme. "The Fallen" LordSkarlet & Corrupt hydraslash also put some distance between themselves and The Invasion, fending off a challenge from TripleH & WilliamRegal! The exact status of The Fallen's relationship with The Invasion has been unclear, with LordSkarlet's defeat in the Invasion Election now subject to an official review amidst allegations of vote tampering!

Porygonix notably brought Benjamin back to the Duo Division at Pre-Show 89, issuing a grudge match challenge in response to his Round 3 elimination from the 2017 Grand Slam Launch! There was an obvious home ground advantage for Pory and Jammer2Omega, but Benjamin showed some good chemistry, reteaming with Mo2 for the first time in quite some time. They put up a respectable performance, losing in the gentlest way possible.

In one of the most shocking results of the night: MercWithMouth's attempt to score payback against his Battle Royale eliminator Scott-Howell cost him dearly! It didn't take much to destroy the hopeful Duo fighter. A +5 impact a pale shadow of what legendary pairing CCShadow & Scott-Howell are capable of! The stunning defeat adds the third name to the Injured List for 2017.

Pre-Show 89: Control II (February 5, 2017):
12. The United defeated The Invasion in a Survival Sequence match! [5-3]
- 1. Murdoink (United) elim. Shen_DuHBK (Invasion)
- 2. Loopster (Invasion) elim. Murdoink (United)
- 3. Mime (United) elim. Loopster (Invasion)
- 4. Mime (United) elim. Grayback (Invasion)
- 5. Banging (Invasion) elim. Mime (United)
- 6. Banging (Invasion) elim. Mimik (United)
- 7. Artanix (c) (United) elim. Banging (Invasion)
- 8. Artanix (c) (United) elim. DaemonX (Invasion)
Survivors: Shoe & Artanix (c)
11. "The Fallen" LordSkarlet & Corrupt hydraslash defeated "The Invasion" TripleH & WilliamRegal in a dominant victory. [+3]
10. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix defeated Benjamin & Mo2 in a solid result. [+1]
9. KittyKat & JoelKatz defeated "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge in a near draw! [+1]
8. Statix defeated "The Apprentice" DeathScepter in convincing fashion. [+1]
7. CCShadow & Scott-Howell defeated deadpool & MercWithMouth in a completely dominating fatal encounter! [+5] [-1up]
6. SubScorpTile defeated "Portuguese Pegasus" Zentile in a solid victory. [+3]
5. Chromatose defeated Jerrod in a solid win. [+2]
4. avenger45 defeated The_Hurricane [+1]
3. UlcaTron defeated Dez-Burnett [+1]
2. nightbreed_16 defeated deadly in a solid result. [+1]
1. Piccolo & GohanSon defeated BIGkev & acez in convincing fashion. [+1]

Saturday, February 4, 2017

VenoMark Reaches Breaking Point

In 2016, VenoMark established himself as a fighter you don't want to mess with! Every major foe he met was vanquished - often inside the unforgiving confines of the Steel Cage!

At Ultimate Grand Prix VI, VenoMark took down arch-nemesis Mimik with extreme prejudice -- yet at October's Supercard 84: Return to the Dark Carnival, VenoMark watched Mimik fulfill his dream of becoming the Undisputed Champion! At Supercard 87: End Of Days, VenoMark finally got his shot at the title -- but was once again thwarted by Mimik in a three-way!

At Supercard 82: All-Star Summer Showdown, VenoMark took down "The Chosen One" Damo -- yet VenoMark watched Damo reach the final of Tournament 77: 2017 Grand Slam Launch!

At Supercard 86: Survivor Sequence - Invasion, VenoMark defeated The_Purple_Bunny in a brutal victory -- yet at Supercard 88: Battle Royale, TPB defeated VenoMark to earn the right to challenge the Undisputed Champion in the main event of Ultimate Grand Prix VII!

With a championship match already booked for Supercard 89 -- VenoMark has reached Breaking Point! The classic feud of 2016 will be revisited when VenoMark sets out to correct the mistakes of the past by venting his frustration against former Champion - Mimik!

The pressure is building toward Sunday, February 12th when Supercard 89: Breaking Point lets the rage out of the cage! Will these fighters even make it to April? UGP Season is ready to explode!

Supercard 89: Breaking Point (February 12th, 2017):
- "Invasion Contender Elect" Genku versus ElJobber (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- VenoMark versus United: Mimik

Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Night Fights (February 3, 2017)

Fall out from Battle Royale permeated the Friday Night Fights card on the first FNF of February, but it was the hotly anticipated KFL Championship main event that had all eyes on the arena!

AlbertBeefcake was once again in The Great Arena to interrogate another suspect in his official investigation into accusations of Invasion Election fraud. This time Shinnokxz was his target, still pursuing the hunch that somebody may've used technical knowhow to hack the voter results. The convincing win gave Albert the insight he required, dismissing Shinnokxz as a suspect.

"The Guardian" CaTigeReptile returned to competition, answering a challenge from eliminated Battle Royale competitor "Bad Bad" Leroy! He was clearly out of his depth against the heroine, comprehensively defeated. MKMaster also fended off a challenge from one of the two fighters he eliminated from Battle Royale. MKR is no slouch, but MKMaster is showing some skills, earning a solid win.

"The Predator" TonyTheTiger found himself in the unusual position of being somebody's prey! Throughout 2016 he stalked members of The United -- leading him to his KFL Championship win over United: Mime at Supercard 88! Shen_DuHBK was simply hoping to capitalize on his recent notoriety, including back-to-back wins against Genku, and his skirmish with The_Purple_Bunny. It was a fair challenge, but TTT was simply too strong for The Invasion fighter! A solid defense!

The Invasion will set their sights on higher goals when they challenge The United -- this weekend, at Pre-Show 89: Control II! It'll be a 5-on-5 Survival Sequence match to determine the fate of the new Monday Night Games -- winner takes control of Monday programming! Their fate is decided Sunday, February 5th! Be here!

Friday Night Fights (February 3, 2017):
9. "The Predator" TonyTheTiger (c) d. Shen_DuHBK [+6] [KFL Championship]
8. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile d. "Bad Bad" Leroy [+6]
7. MKMaster d. "The Rocket" MKR [+3]
6. AlbertBeefcake d. Shinnokxz [+1]
5. "The Apprentice" DeathScepter d. NovaStarr [+1]
4. Coltess d. Darfus [+1]
3. MinnyBean d. STEROLIZER [+1]
2. Nemesis316 d. Killswitch [+1]
1. KittyKat & JoelKatz d. Lays & piledlobster [+2]

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Supercard 89 is Genku's Breaking Point

Tensions between ElJobber and Genku have been building since they faced off during the 2016 Master's Series in December. Eventual Tournament winner ElJobber started the war of words when he mocked Genku's ill fated hopes for a title shot at Supercard 88.

ElJobber went on to win the Undisputed Championship at that very event, enjoying a wave of success while Genku sunk deeper into the limbo of an official independent inquiry into allegations of Invasion Electoral Fraud!

While ElJobber was preparing for his championship match; Genku defeated his accuser Violent`J, before firing a warning shot back at ElJobber! He warned that he'd be coming for ElJobber's title the first chance he got -- and February will be that moment!

Supercard 89 comes quick as UGP Season accelerates toward the biggest event of the year! Battle Royale winner The_Purple_Bunny will face whomever holds the Undisputed Championship when the main event of Ultimate Grand Prix VII finally arrives! Will it be ElJobber or Genku? Their rivalry reaches Breaking Point -- next Sunday, February 12th!

Supercard 89: Breaking Point (February 12th, 2017):
- "Invasion Contender Elect" Genku versus ElJobber (c) [Undisputed Championship]

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

KFL Title Match Main Events Friday

Shen_DuHBK has been a prominent feature of Friday Night Fights this year, tangling with some of the biggest names in The Great Arena! He's vexed "Invasion Contender Elect" Genku more than once, and tangled with Battle Royale winner The_Purple_Bunny.

This Friday, Shen_DuHBK will attempt to turn his recent notoriety into a golden ticket -- challenging for the KFL Championship! He'll face reigning champion "The Predator" TonyTheTiger, whose win at Supercard 88 showed he's going to be one tough champ to unseat!