Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekly Rankings Recap - 12/4/2016

Some said it could never happen, but November 30th will go down in history as the day The Great Genku became Contender Elect for The Invasion! He was only winner by one vote, but that was enough to ensure he'll have the chance to be sworn in as Undisputed Champion on January 29th!

Genku has unsurprisingly come out in firm support of The Invasion's war against The British Exit, Alliance and other factions opposing their hostile attacks. He says he's going to help make The Invasion Great, but "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile thinks recent events have only highlighted the seriousness of the overlooked threat The Invasion's pose!

Meanwhile, The United have kept out of the conflict, but will inevitably be drawn back in when Shoe & Artanix challenge Marz & Violent`J to defend their Duo Division Championship at Supercard 87! Violent`J's historic reign has been the feather in the cap for The Invasion whose quest for gold has been interrupted at many turns. With Hokey defending his title against both Mimik and VenoMark, there's a good chance Genku may find himself squaring off against a member of The United when he pursues the Undisputed Championship!

The Great Arena League Top Ten:
#1 (--) Banging
#2 (--) "Invasion Contender Elect" Genku
#3 (--) United: Shoe
#4 (+1) AlbertBeefcake
#5 (-1) ElJobber
#6 (--) Benjamin
#7 (--) Scott-Howell
#8 (--) The_Hurricane
#9 (--) United: Hokey [Undisputed Champion]
#10 (--) United: Artanix

The Great Arena Duo Division Top Ten:
#1 (--) Jammer2Omega & Porygonix
#2 (+1) "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane
#3 (-1) CCShadow & Scott-Howell
#4 (--) "The United" Shoe & Artanix
#5 (--) DaemonX & Banging
#6 (--) "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade
#7 (--) Sekktor & legoslayer10
#8 (--) "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo
#9 (--) McDaniel & fraysol
#10 (--) "The British Exit" Liam & nif

The Division 2 Under 5k Top Ten:
#1 (--) Banging
#2 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#3 (--) Benjamin
#4 (--) Scott-Howell
#5 (--) The_Hurricane
#6 (--) Politics
#7 (+3) ShawnMichaels
#8 (-1) DaemonX
#9 (-1) Jammer2Omega
#10 (-1) Porygonix

The Invasion/Alliance/Brexit Independent Top Ten:
#1 (--) Banging (Brexit?)
#2 (--) The Great Genku (Invasion)
#3 (--) AlbertBeefcake (Alliance)
#4 (--) The_Hurricane (Alliance)
#5 (+1) ShawnMichaels (Brexit)
#6 (-1) DaemonX (Invasion)
#7 (--) Jason_Voorhees (Invasion)
#8 (--) CHromatose (Invasion)
#9 (--) Statix (Alliance) [KFL Champion[
#10 (--) Corrupt hydraslash (Invasion)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

State of The United Address

While The Invasion wage war on Monday and Fridays, The United have taken a step back to set their sights on Supercard 87!

The final major card of the year is already scheduled to headline with United: Hokey's defense of the Undisputed Championship. His status with The United is somewhat enshrouded in mystery since he cashed in his Royal Roulette title opportunity against teammate United: Mimik! Mimik will factor in to a big three-way grudge match with hot contender VenoMark! That won't be the only title match The United factor in to in December, though!

Shoe & Artanix will launch out of their Trios victory at Supercard 86 to take the impossible test of "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J! The Hall of Fame duo will be into their 420nd consecutive day as Duo Division Champions by the time they accept The United's challenge. Shoe & Artanix first faced the champs almost a year ago in their infamous loss at Supercard 74: Battle Royale. It's sure to be a firey rematch to round out the year!

Supercard 86 was also the event where United: Murdoink claimed the Division 2 Championship! He extends his time with the title beyond a previous reign of just 2 days, taunting arch-rival Poasty with his new accolade! Their rivalry began when Murdoink interfered with Poasty's dream run to the title during Tournament 75. Poasty beat Murdoink three times after that, but his loss at Supercard 86 has brought back the crippling trauma of past defeats. With Poasty unlikely to come for Murdoink, he will instead issue an open challenge to the division for Supercard 87!

Rounding out The United's representation at the December 18th event will be United: Mime! He returned in November to contribute to Poasty's plight, and settle the score with his All-Star Summer Showdown ambushers TonyTheTiger & CaTigeReptile! Now he'll step out on his own to go face-to-face with "The Predator" in a one-on-one grudge match!

Four big matches that are sure to set The Great Arena on fire as Season 2016 draws to a close!

Supercard 87 (December 18th, 2016):
- VenoMark versus United: Mimik versus United: Hokey (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- "The United" Shoe & Artanix versus "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J (c) [Duo Division Championship]
- United: Mime versus "The Predator" TonyTheTiger
- [Open Challenge] versus United: Murdoink (c) [Division 2 Championship]

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Guardian: The Invasion Are A Threat

Over the last two weeks The Invasion has launched tactical strikes against The British Exit during Friday Night Fights. The unofficial division between Mondays and Fridays has been challenged before, but rarely with this degree of ferocity. This week, The Invasion mostly fought with regulars from The League. A fact that doesn't surprise "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile.

Until now, CTR had been locked in a bitter struggle with another group of fighters using numbers to their advantage - The United. After the events of the last fortnight, including The Invasion Election, she's become convinced The Invasion is a far bigger threat than anything The Great Arena has seen.

CaTigeReptile has likened The Invasion to the flood of Wicked Klowns that attacked The Great Arena on Devil's Night. She's even calling for the fighters who helped drive them away to stand with her again against this new threatening horde called The Invasion!

CTR believes if The Invasion are left unchecked, they will threaten the very foundation of everything The Great Arena has come to stand for. She implores a coalition of the willing to come together to fight them, or risk losing Friday Night Fights and everything else they've fought for.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Night Fights (December 2, 2016)

A week after their precision strike on The British Exit, it was a slightly more disorganized attack by The Invasion during this week's Friday Night Fights!

The Invasion's efforts were waylaid by a ragtag group of Union fighters who provided a mixed bag of distraction and interference. While AcidicWonder avoided the fight after suffering a hard hitting +10 impact last week; ShawnMichaels was able to score another win against the interfering Grayback, while Liam & nif took out the duo of TripleH & WilliamRegal!

He may've only got 48.15% of the Contender Election, but "American Nightmare" LordSkarlet got all of Unknown265 in an impactful +7 beat down! His Fallen teammate Corrupt MINION was also able to pick up a solid victory over hopeful hero Sekktor! Corrupt hydraslash wasn't so lucky, having a hard time of one-man "Greek Crisis" proXade.

"The Guardian" CaTigeReptile made a conceited stand against The Invasion, executing a comprehensive win over Shen_DuHBK! She was one of the few fighters to do the same last week, abandoning her chase of The United, and ally TonyTheTiger in the process.

Former Division 2 Champion SubScorpTile kept himself in the title chase while representing The Invasion in a solid victory against Zentile. There were also notable victories for Loopster and Jason_Voorhees & edge. There were no signs of "Contender Elect" Genku this time. What will he make of these events? Be watching Monday Night Invasion next week to find out!

Friday Night Fights (December 2, 2016):
10. "American Nightmare" LordSkarlet d. Unknown265 [+7]
9. ShawnMichaels d. Grayback [+2]
8. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile d. Shen_DuHBK [+9]
7. Corrupt MINION d. Sekktor [+1]
6. SubScorpTile d. "Portuguese Pegasus" Zentile [+1]
5. proXade d. Corrupt hydraslash [+2]
4. Loopster d. Kiara85 [+1]
3. "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge d. Piccolo & GohanSon [+1]
2. Shinnokxz d. Jeeves [+4]
1. "The British Exit" Liam & nif d. "The Invasion" TripleH & WilliamRegal [+1]

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Contender Elect: We'll Make The Invasion Great

As the final month of 2016 begins, the message from "Contender Elect" Genku is one of purpose and solidarity. He will have several challenges ahead of him now, not the least of which is fulfilling the expectation of winning the Undisputed Championship in January!

More immediately, Genku's primary concern will be ensuring The Invasion remains productive and together after an election that was decided by just one vote! If you were looking for signs of disunity within The Invasion the day after the election, you wouldn't find them in Genku's speech.

Speaking of his opponent LordSkarlet, the Contender Elect had mostly positive things to say. "Are you kidding me? LordSkarlet is great. Of course he's great, or else he wouldn't be running against me. He's an excellent fighter. I said so myself. He's the best KFL Champion we've had in years. He's too much for them, they can't handle him, the KFL and Div.2 contenders. He's a huge asset to The Invasion and we're going to do amazing things together. We're going to make The Invasion great!"

Genku's definition for greatness is unclear, but it seems he'll continue to target the enemies that helped him establish a successful campaign: "Well, let me tell you. I think we need to be taking The British Exit very seriously. I think we need to be looking at them very closely, I think they're very dangerous. ShawnMichaels was removed from The Invasion for a reason. I think, if possible, we need to remain vigilant and work to erase this threat completely. That's what we're doing. Trust me."

Genku and LordSkarlet both participated in a precision strike against The British Exit on November 25th. There are, of course, many who believe the Friday Night Fights attack was crossing the very line The Invasion axed ShawnMichaels over. Regarding criticism of their actions: "That's where the threat was coming from. Should we just ignore it? No. We're going to eradicate the problem and we're going to fortify our borders. The British Exit, The Alliance, The New Generation. Very big problems, huge problems. It stops now. I don't work for the critics, I work for The Invasion. That's a good thing, okay? Trust me. That's a good thing. We're going to make The Great Arena great again. There will be lots of happy faces, all the critics will be smiling. Trust me."

When challenged as to whether he's merely making scapegoats of those opposing The Invasion's agenda, The Contender Elect offered a contradictory statement: "Nobody tells me what to do. I'm the only one of The Invasion who can win the Undisputed Championship. It's just a fact. So I don't need this. I can do this without them. I'm Invasion for life, but trust me, nobody tells me what to do."

Genku was a longshot throughout his campaign. The only thing certain since his win is uncertainty.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Invasion Decides - Recap & Result

The Invasion have been an opposing party since emerging under ShawnMichaels, late last year. In 2016, the importance of their influence has been growing steadily. The party underwent a leadership change in July, beginning with more moderate policies towards The Invasion's position within The Great Arena. As the months wore on, they became more emboldened, pursuing opposing parties more aggressively, and ultimately setting their sights on the Undisputed Championship.

The Great Genku brought considerable hope with him in July as he emerged as The Invasion's great white hope under DaemonX. "American Nightmare" LordSkarlet soon emerged as a second viable choice for the championship race, backed by Violent`J.

LordSkarlet launched his campaign with close ties to Violent`J at the end of September. The pair appeared together at Pre-Show 84:A Lovely Tea Party, publicly opposing Ratt & NightHawk and further cementing their association by protecting the Duo Division Championship. Genku was slow to respond, favouring safe, basic attacks on broad enemy The Alliance, before tackling LordSkarlet head-on on October 3rd. The clash provided Genku with his first important victory and kick the championship race into a higher gear.

LordSkarlet looked shaky heading in to Supercard 84, losing face in a brutal annihilation at the hands of Ratt. He was able to turn it around in spectacular ways, however, earning a career defining victory inside the Steel Cage at Pre-Show 85 - a result that completely removed Ratt from the equation! At that same time, Genku became distracted with personal issues with Damo. Some saw this as a petty distraction, while his attacks on The Alliance were too safe. Through DaemonX, he made the master stroke of shifting his attentions to The British Exit. He crossed borders to go after DemoniaX on October 14th. It was a bold move that paid off and drew turncoat Banging onto Genku's home turf, where he scored another important victory on October 17th!

The Steel Cage win against Ratt was a tent pole victory for LordSkarlet, but it also cost him most of October. While Genku attended Devil's Night, LordSkarlet's absence in The Great Arena allowed the seeds of a narrative of inexperience to take hold. He had an ace in the hole, though. Neither fighter attended the Halloween Battle Royal, but LordSkarlet saw King Ken as a potential recruit who could bring veteran experience to his campaign. The offer backfired in the best way possible. On November 7th, LordSkarlet eliminated a stated threat to The Invasion by removing Ken from the scene! Once again LordSkarlet was a hero, and a slayer of giants! A potential game changer!

Things continued to go LordSkarlet's way in November. Genku again found himself distracted by personal rivalries at Pre-Show 86. On November 14th he suffered an even bigger setback when DemoniaX showed up to score an upset victory! Genku's campaign was now all-in on The British Exit, but it was blowing up in his face. Public opinion was now firmly behind LordSkarlet.

Supercard 86: Survivor Sequence - Invasion was a defining moment not just for the candidates, but for the entire Invasion party. Their resources were spread thin as they were forced to fight a war of multiple fronts. This trial by fire made friends all the more important to LordSkarlet and Genku.

DaemonX was in the trenches with Genku, leading their team against The British Exit. It came as no surprise they were able to defeat the British relatively easily. On the other hand, with Violent`J busy keeping the Duo Division Championship within The Invasion's hold, LordSkarlet took a leadership role against the forces of The Alliance. His team was outclassed and very nearly defeated, were it not for the grit and determination of LordSkarlet himself. He snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. It was another example of LordSkarlet as Invasion hero, overcoming overwhelming odds. Genku was a winner, but some felt the hard work was done before he took the glory. LordSkarlet was still ahead, but the gap between candidates was significantly closed as they shared success.

They were difficult to separate on November 21st as they both beat their opposing team captains from the night before. On November 23rd, the final week of the championship race was announced. Neck and neck, their next steps would prove pivotal to the election.

They were together on November 25th, participating in a joint assault on Friday Night Fights. The tactic that had given Genku an edge early was now shared between them as The Invasion performed a precision strike on The British Exit. While LordSkarlet was kept to these events only, Genku got more aggressive with his campaign, making an effort to have a greater presence in the arena between battles. He risked being seen as antagonist, controversially mixing "alternative facts" that snubbed former Undisputed Champion Violent`J with his claims of proven championship experience. With everything to play for, he pulled his trump card -- a final one-on-one battle between he and LordSkarlet. On November 28th, just two days ahead of the election, he scored a decisive victory.

Closing arguments were difficult to separate. Genku leant hard on LordSkarlet's inexperience, and pushed the title bout experience that brought him to The Invasion in the first place. LordSkarlet talked up his own achievements in a short amount of time, instead of attacking Genku's failures. Both sold the dream of the Undisputed Championship. Genku said he could make The Invasion Great.

Including the two candidates themselves, twenty-seven members of The Invasion gathered to vote. DaemonX publicly supported The Great Genku, while Violent`J carried his Duo Division title into the voting booth for LordSkarlet. All twenty-seven votes were tallied, and the verdict determined. It was incredibly close race - a verdict decided by just one vote!

With 51.85% (or 14-13 votes in favour): The Great Genku is the Contender Elect!

Contender Elect Genku now looks ahead to January 29th, 2017, when he will have the opportunity to complete his path to the Undisputed Championship at Supercard 88: Battle Royale!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Invasion Decides - Closing Arguments

Since their emergence in the latter parts of 2015, The Invasion have been synonymous with an ideal of opposition. In 2016, they broke new ground as a party, establishing the weekly Monday Night Invasion program. Over the course of the year, they have become an increasing part of The Great Arena and its most important moments. With this growth has come greater ambition, and as The Invasion looks to the future, they see the reign of an Undisputed Champion who will make The Arena Great again! The only question in November -- who will be The Invasion's Contender Elect?

The Great Genku
The very foundation of Genku's recruitment into The Invasion was built upon the ideal that the Undisputed Championship could be theirs. It was a partnership forged to repel a mutual enemy, and achieve a mutual goal. Thus, Genku's veteran status has already been an incredible boon. The depth of his experience goes all the way back to the earliest days of The Great Arena, far beyond the debut of his election rival. His aggressive pursuit of glory has also made him a more powerful fighter than his rival. This is evidenced in his many victories since joining The Invasion, and his two one-on-one wins against LordSkarlet on October 3 and November 28!

In Closing: Without Genku, the dream of contention may never have been possible. With Genku, the Undisputed Championship can be theirs and The Invasion can be made Great!

"American Nightmare" LordSkarlet
Inexperience has been the biggest criticism of LordSkarlet. Both his time in The Great Arena and his time with The Invasion have been far shorter than that of his election rival. Yet, in this time, he has amassed a catalogue of accolades, including the Duo Division Championship, and seven reigns as KFL Champion - two this year! In 2016, he was Runner-Up in Battle Royale and the UGP Battle Royal! Most recently he averted threats from King Ken on November 7, and legendary Hall of Famer Ratt on October 16 and October 2. In his short time he has already protected and helped The Invasion to prosper. Traits of commitment his election rival lacks. Indeed, Genku's two match victories against LordSkarlet highlight the ease with which he turns against The Invasion!

In Closing: LordSkarlet fought to rebuild himself after a great fall, but he's never been given a shot at the Undisputed Championship. For The Invasion to achieve this dream, first they must embrace an American Nightmare.

There are currently twenty-five fighters who are part of The Invasion, not including the two election candidates. Their votes will decide the fate not just of The Invasion, but also the entire league! This is a result everyone will want to see!

The Invasion decides who their Contender Elect will be - Tomorrow, November 30th! Be here!