Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekly Rankings Recap - 7/9/2017

The Duo Division continues to reshape itself in a lot of interesting ways. With both members of The Pacific Connection now targeting solo titles at Supercard 96: Royal Roulette, the door to the Duo Division Championship is really opening up!

Jerrod & SubMan799 may just be the pair to take advantage of the lay of the land. Their victory over "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge during this week's Friday Night Fights was exactly the kind of credibility builder they needed to be more than a couple of big noting hotheads. It would be foolish to under estimate their ability, they both have a strong pedigree as part of combinations from the very first years of the Duo Division!

Speaking of throwbacks: "The New Generation" DECEPTION & Onryo will completely change the game if they stick it out beyond their freshly announced match with Mark & Leroy! With the raw power 2-time Undisputed Champion DECEPTION brings to the team, they should be able to do what Baraka_MK & MKMaster couldn't. I'm just not sure DECEPTION is getting as much out of the arrangement as Onryo! In some ways, DECEPTION has found himself where I was convinced Damo would be, at the end of last year.

I'm very much looking forward to The Pacific Connection exhibition later today. Make sure you don't miss the Monday Night Games! I see a lot of bad blood boiling over from last week's American Dream Elimination Battle Royal! It should be a real treat! We're also due an announcement about this weekend's Pre-Show 96, scheduled to take place Sunday, July 16th!

The Great Arena League Top Ten:
#1 (--) United: Mime [KFL Champion]
#2 (--) Oozaru [2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam Winner, #1 Contender]
#3 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#4 (--) MKMaster
#5 (--) "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile
#6 (--) United: Artanix
#7 (+1) Scott-Howell [Duo Division Champion]
#8 (-1) Benjamin
#9 (--) Banging [KFL #1 Contender]
#10 (--) Statix

The Great Arena Duo Division Top Ten:
#1 (--) CCShadow & Scott-Howell [Duo Division Champions]
#2 (--) "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge
#3 (--) AlbertBeefcake & Shen_DuHBK
#4 (--) Benjamin & Mo2
#5 (--) DaemonX & Banging
#6 (+1) Politics & Menas
#7 (-1) "Brexiteers" Liam & nif
#8 (--) "Red Reign" LordSkarlet & legoslayer10
#9 (--) Oozaru & PaganFreak
#10 (--) "Red Reign" Sekktor & hydraslash

The Division 2 Under 5k Top Ten:
#1 (--) Oozaru [2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam Winner, #1 Contender]
#2 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#3 (--) MKMaster
#4 (+1) Scott-Howell [Duo Division Champion]
#5 (-1) Benjamin
#6 (--) Banging [KFL #1 Contender]
#7 (--) United: Murdoink
#8 (--) SubScorpTile
#9 (--) Baraka_MK
#10 (--) Poasty [Division 2 Champion]

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Onryo Ready to Return to Duo Division

After their disappointing loss to Mark & Leroy at Ultimate Grand Prix VII: "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo decided to go their separate ways to better develop their individual fighting skills.

"Mad Dog" Onryo went to Friday Night Fights, where he quickly became a hot prospect in the chase for the Division 2 Championship, while Baraka_MK faced adversity competing during the Monday Night Games. The New Generation had BMK's back, helping him deal with his rivals at Pre-Show 92 and Supercard 92, but it was the emergence of MKMaster that turned BMK's fortunes around.

Around the same time, Onryo's fortunes as a solo fighter began to decline. He was beaten by MKM at Supercard 93: The Chosen, and more recently hit a low when he suffered MAX Damage annihilation at the hands of Kron in the First Round of the Mid-Year Grand Slam!

With the school of hard knocks taking its told, Onryo has called time on his solo apprenticeship. He's ready to resume his career as a Duo Division fighter, and challenge the team that started his journey: Mark & Leroy! To make his comeback, Onryo will reunite with "The Hitman" DECEPTION to reform the team that won the Duo Division Championship way back at Supercard 18!

With Baraka_MK & MKMaster having come up short against Mark & Leroy at Supercard 94: Red Reign, there's sure to be some unspoken competitive rivalry between the pairs, even though they've denied professional jealousies since competing together in VS United [June 5th].

A huge first entry for the Duo Division in the annual Royal Roulette card!

The event will also feature legendary duo The Pacific Connection competing for solo glory when 2017 Mid-Year Grand Slam winner Oozaru challenges Damo for the Undisputed Championship, and American Dream Battle Royal winner Banging takes on Mime for KFL gold! Don't miss The Pacific Connection tomorrow when they compete in a special headlining challenge for the Monday Night Games!

Supercard 96: Royal Roulette (July 23rd, 2017):
- Oozaru versus "The Chosen One" Damo (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- ElJobber versus VenoMark [#1 Contenders]
- Banging versus United: Mime (c) [KFL Championship]
- 30-Fighter Royal Roulette Match feat. Poasty, Genku
- "The New Generation" DECEPTION & Onryo versus Mark & Leroy

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Genku Breaks Silence After Beatdown

The past few weeks saw Genku fall uncharacteristically silent as he distanced himself from The Invasion. That calm finally ended today as he stormed against the authority after his two-on-one beating during yesterday's Friday Night Fights!

He called the assault -- waged by Statix & The_Hurricane -- a public "failure". Not for the case of mistaken identity that saw the pair attack who they assumed was still a cohort of The Invasion, but for officials like Mick who continuously allow it to happen.

Genku said he wasn't surprised by the 2-on-1 attack, carried out by Mick's lackeys, just as it was back on April 21st when The Pacific Connection attacked him. He blamed Mick for starting The Invasion's game of chess by constantly manipulating pawns against him with terrible booking, and preventing him from becoming Undisputed Champion.

Looking ahead to Royal Roulette, Genku has proclaimed Mick will not be able to screw with him when he enters the thirty-man Royal Roulette match, and earns the right to challenge for the title of his choosing, at any time he likes.

Supercard 96: Royal Roulette (July 23rd, 2017):
- Oozaru versus "The Chosen One" Damo (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- ElJobber versus VenoMark [#1 Contenders]
- Banging versus United: Mime (c) [KFL Championship]
- 30-Fighter Royal Roulette Match feat. Poasty, Genku

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Night Fights (July 7, 2017)

Jerrod & SubMan799 declared their intentions to target the Duo Division Champions during a dramatic Friday Night Fights last week -- but not everyone was so ready to part for this aggressive pairing of common interest!

"The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge issued a challenge during the week: intent on shutting down the upstart challengers and gaining some payback on behalf of their freshly fallen comrade: Rhyno! The plan was sound, but they under estimated the individual team-fighting experience of both Jerrod and SubMan799! Though not a traditional pairing, their excellence from past tandems meant they gelled incredibly well! It was enough to turn the tables on The Invasion, and further justify their quest to face CCShadow & Scott-Howell at the upcoming Royal Roulette Supercard!

Invasion rivals Statix & The_Hurricane were also in The Great Arena on Friday, following the trail of DaemonX! Instead of their arch-rival, they found wayward son Genku and clearly mistook him for a piece in The Invasion's grand game! A 2-on-1 assault left Genku battered and bruised as the lone wolf was completely dominated by the investigating twosome!

In the days of ICWW, it was Statix who was known for developing uncanny premonitions, but this time it was DaemonX whose words seemed most prophetic! He warned Genku that something like this could happen if he rejected the safety of numbers The Invasion can offer! A painful lesson for Genku, but will the uncharacteristically silent fighter heed the call?

In other results: TripleH was unable to the turn the tables on his rival when he involved fellow Invasion pawn WilliamRegal in a two-man battle against Politics & Menas! It was better luck for Zengeance, who managed to fend off old rival Jericho one week after losing his tag team partner Rhyno. Genku's tournament rival Darfus also went down in a clash with ]{0MBAT.

Friday Night Fights (July 7, 2017):
10. Jerrod & SubMan799 d. "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge [+1]
9. Statix & The_Hurricane d. Genku [+4]
8. Politics & Menas d. "The Invasion" WilliamRegal & TripleH [+1]
7. ]{0MBAT d. Darfus [+1]
6. Zengeance d. Jericho [+1]
5. deadly d. Killswitch [+1]
4. Celeste d. JoelKatz [+1]
3. Dolce d. deadpool [+1]
2. Onimike d. Nemesis316 [+1]
1. subzero776 d. CRX7 [+1]

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pacific Connection Headline Massive Monday

Next week's Monday Night Games will feature a massive headlining match as fallout from last week's American Dream KFL Contender's Battle Royal takes control of The Great Arena!

The main event will host Hall of Fame royalty as American Dream Runner-Up Benjamin reunites with his Duo partner Mo2 for an intriguing clash against dual #1 contenders "The Pacific Connection" Oozaru & Banging!

The legendary tag team are preparing to go their separate ways at Supercard 96: Royal Roulette as recent fortunes take them in pursuit of the Undisputed and KFL Championships! Banging's American Dream win propels him into an intriguing rematch with dominant KFL titleholder United: Mime, while Oozaru's Mid-Year Grand Slam success means a chance to claim the coveted Undisputed Championship if he can over come "The Chosen One" Damo!

It's sure to be a blockbuster Monday Night Games main event! Plus: More action spilling out of the annual Elimination Battle Royal! Be here next week - Monday, July 10th for the full results!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Invasion Book FNF Face-off With Duo

During last week's edition of Friday Night Fights, The Great Arena was introduced to the newest combination stalking the Duo Division Champions! Jerrod & SubMan799 are individual fighters with a common cause, announcing their plans for payback against Scott-Howell & CCShadow with a vicious victory that put Rhyno on the Incapacitated List!

The Invasion were none too pleased to see one of their pawns go down, nor were they happy to see an upstart team claiming contention with a single win! Jason_Voorhees & edge have been on the cusp of championship wins at Pre-Show 94: Blood Gold and Pre-Show 95: Tower Defense! Now they've booked a face-off with Jerrod & SubMan799 for this week's Friday Night Fights - July 7th!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

American Dream Title Bout Announcement

Together they've been one of the most electrifying tag teams to contest Duo Division gold, but the two halves of The Pacific Connection will fight alone at Royal Roulette to contest solo gold!

Banging earned the right to challenge the KFL Champion by winning yesterday's American Dream Battle Royal during the Monday Night Games! Officials have confirmed that he will take his shot on the same card that will see Oozaru challenge for the Undisputed Championship!

It's going to be a rematch of the surprise January 1st title change when Banging takes on dominant KFL Champion United: Mime! The bout will be Banging's chance to walk into Dead Or Alive X with gold as The Great Arena hosts a special celebration of the 15th Anniversary of ICWW in August!

Supercard 96: Royal Roulette (July 23rd, 2017):
- Oozaru versus "The Chosen One" Damo (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- ElJobber versus VenoMark [#1 Contenders]
- Banging versus United: Mime (c) [KFL Championship]
- 30-Fighter Royal Roulette Match feat. Poasty