Sunday, April 6, 2014

Supercard 49: Ultimate Grand Prix IV

17. The_Purple_Bunny (c) d. ElJobber in a decimating title defense! [+20] [Undisputed Championship]
16. King Ratt d. The Great Genku in a gruelling Iron Man Death Match [-1up] [22mins 47secs]
15. "The Service Krew" Baraka_MK & DECEPTION (c) d. Kron & Porygonix [+1] [Duo Division Championship]
14. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile d. m0s [+1]
13. Shoe, Hokey, Mime, Artanix & Murdoink [The United] d. Death, Conquest, War, Pestilence & Famine [The Barons]
- 1. Famine (Barons) elim. Murdoink (United) [1-0]
- 2. Artanix (United) elim. Famine (Barons) [1-1]
- 3. Artanix (United) elim. Pestilence (Barons) [2-1]
- 4. War (Barons) elim. Artanix (United) [2-2]
- 5. Mime (United) elim. War (Barons) [3-2]
- 6. Conquest (Barons) elim. Mime (United) [3-3]
- 7. Hokey (United) elim. Conquest (Barons) [4-3]
- 8. Death (Barons) elim. Hokey (United) [4-4]
- 9. Shoe (United) elim. Death (Barons) [5-4]

12. (HOF) Mimik d. "The Predator" TonyTheTiger [+1]
11. "The Service Krew" DaMo & DeathScepter d. "The Cult of Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon [+1]
10. Y2Knickxasawrrrr (c) [+1] d. Ken [--] & Jammer2Omega [-1] [Division 2 Championship]
9. "The Harbinger" VenoMark d. LordSkarlet [+1]
8. "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J d. "Pacific Connection" Oozaru & Banging [+1]
7. Scott-Howell [+1] d. DArqueBishop [--] & CCShadow [-1]
6. Nephrite d. jack4813 in a solid victory. [+2]
5. MKR & blacksaibot d. Jerrod & Killswitch in a solid win. [+1]
4. SubScorpTile d. "Mad Dog" Onryo [+1]
3. Statix d. (HOF) Singapore Shamrock in a solid win. [+1]
2. The Great Genku d. DigbyRigby in a coup ending +MAX win!
1. Rockey316 d. foahchon to win 30-man UGP Battle Royal
- 1. NovaStarr (#1) elim. Unknown265 (#2)
- 2. NovaStarr (#1) elim. Torchia (#4)
- 3. NovaStarr (#1) elim. SubMan799 (#3)
- 4. NovaStarr (#1) elim. NightHawk (#5)
- 5. NovaStarr (#1) elim. deadly (#6)
- 6. NovaStarr (#1) elim. rxvt (#7)
- 7. NovaStarr (#1) elim. redman (#8)
- 8. NovaStarr (#1) elim. Coltess (#10)
- 9. NovaStarr (#1) elim. Shen_DuHBK (#9)
- 10. NovaStarr (#1) elim. MINION (#11)
- 11. NovaStarr (#1) elim. Kiara85 (#12)
- 12. NovaStarr (#1) elim. Asesino (#13)
- 13. NovaStarr (#1) elim. nface (#14)
- 14. NovaStarr (#1) elim. avenger45 (#15)
- 15. NovaStarr (#1) elim. ]{0MBAT (#16)
- 16. Jason_Voorhees (#18) elim. Sekktor (#17)
- 17. NovaStarr (#1) elim. vaiisekk (#19)
- 18. NovaStarr (#1) elim. xtactics (#20)
- 19. NovaStarr (#1) elim. Philip94 (#21)
- 20. NovaStarr (#1) elim. Jason_Voorhees (#18)
- 21. NovaStarr (#1) elim. legoslayer10 (#22)
- 22. NovaStarr (#1) elim. Politics (#23)
- 23. NovaStarr (#1) elim. EasterBunny (#26)
- 24. Shinnokxz (#24) elim. Jironobou (#27)
- 25. NovaStarr (#1) elim. kingjolly (#30)
- 26. Rockey316 (#29) elim. NovaStarr (#1)
- 27. Zentile (#25) elim. Shinnokxz (#24)
- 28. foahchon (#28) elim. Zentile (#25)
- 29. Rockey316 (#29) elim. foahchon (#28)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Supercard 46: Battle Royale 2014

8. ElJobber d. DaMo to win the 2014 40-Man Battle Royale
- 1. Cherri (#1) elim. Menas (#2)
- 2. Kron (#4) elim. Cherri (#1)
- 3. legoslayer10 (#6) elim. AlexanderLuthorJr (#3)
- 4. Genku (#7) elim. MinnyBean (#5)
- 5. Kron (#4) elim. vaiisekk (#9)
- 6. Kron (#4) elim. legoslayer10 (#6)
- 7. Kron (#4) elim. DoObyScoO (#13)
- 8. Genku (#7) elim. nightbreed_16 (#8)
- 9. Jammer2Omega (#11) elim. J-Spit (#14)
- 10. Genku (#7) elim. Jammer2Omega (#11)
- 11. Kron (#4) elim. WhiteRanger (#12)
- 12. TonyTheTiger (#17) elim. Riku (#10)
- 13. Kron (#4) elim. BilboFett (#16)
- 14. Genku (#7) elim. iGornet (#20)
- 15. Genku (#7) elim. Queequeg (#18)
- 16. TonyTheTiger (#17) elim. avenger45 (#25)
- 17. Darfus (#22) elim. ]{0MBAT (#23)
- 18. CaTigeReptile (#29) elim. KombatKid (#24)
- 19. TonyTheTiger (#17) elim. Nordling (#26)
- 20. Genku (#7) elim. GBK (#28)
- 21. TonyTheTiger (#17) elim. MKR (#31)
- 22. Jason_Voorhees (#30) elim. Khan (#21)
- 23. CaTigeReptile (#29) elim. CeeKay (#27)
- 24. CaTigeReptile (#29) elim. STEROLIZER (#37)
- 25. m0s (#40) elim. Darfus (#22)
- 26. CaTigeReptile (#29) elim. Artanix (#15)
- 27. DECEPTION (#19) elim. Ken (#32)
- 28. Genku (#7) elim. Politics (#33)
- 29. m0s (#40) elim. Zentile (#34)
- 30. TonyTheTiger (#17) elim. Mimik (#38)
- 31. ElJobber (#35) elim. Philip94 (#39)
- 32. m0s (#40) elim. Jason_Voorhees (#30)
- 33. TonyTheTiger (#17) elim. DECEPTION (#19)
- 34. CaTigeReptile (#29) elim. Kron (#4)
- 35. ElJobber (#35) elim. TonyTheTiger (#17)
- 36. ElJobber (#35) elim. Genku (#7)
- 37. m0s (#40) elim. CaTigeReptile (#29)
- 38. DaMo (#36) elim. m0s (#40)
- 39. ElJobber (#35) elim. DaMo (#36)

7. The_Purple_Bunny d. Ratt (c) [+MAX] [Undisputed Championship]
6. Hokey & Mime (c) d. CCShadow & Scott-Howell [+2] [Duo Division Championship]
5. Alexander Conquette d. Shoe [+9]
4. Knickxasawrrrr (c) d. Jade [+1] [Division 2 Championship]
3. Quirk d. deadly [+1]
2. Shamrock d. Marz [+3] [Hall of Fame Clash]
1. Sekktor & SubMan799 d. VenoMark & blacksaibot [+1]

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Super Punch-Out II: The New World Series

After a big year of international gauntlet battles, the phenomenon called Project Super Punch-Out is about to reboot! Super Punch-Out II will introduce an all-new global line-up for 2014: featuring some of the brightest up and coming world warriors from the four corners of the globe!

Even more significant in 2014 -- the original Project Punch-Out Challenger: little-mac will be sent to his corner to allow new fighters to take the challenge! He will take one final run in the first week, launching January 6. little-mac's best 2013 result came in Week 19 (September 2), when he was able to reach ArtemisFlow (Minor Circuit #6), but suffered 2 defeats (1 rematch). He had been defeated by arch-rival Lays earlier in the same event, but won his rematch.

As in 2014, Project Punch-Out will test the mettle of burgeoning fighters -- offering The Dream Match of a title bout with the Undisputed Champion of the time. Each of the circuits features the same number of opponents as last year, with a roster of new names and returning powers. Sgtf makes his career debut, eager to follow in the footsteps of 2013 Top 20 fighter: proXade!

Also joining the Project Punch-Out line-up in 2014: Bronzie (Australia), Miller (Israel), Torchia (Canada), jaytea (UAE), Asesino (Bulgaria), Hokey (USA) & CaTigeReptile (China/USA). Returning fighters have been elevated to reflect their increased powers: kingjolly (Nigeria) & Zentile (Portugal) making the notable transition from The Minor Circuit to The World Circuit.

    Project Punch-Out Basic Rules
  • Project Punch-Out takes place every Monday.
  • A victory advances The Challenger to the next rank in his circuit.
  • A loss grants The Challenger the right to a rematch.
  • Losing a rematch demotes The Challenger to the previous opponent.
  • Three defeats and/or ties in a single session will end The Challenger's run.
  • By defeating the top rank, The Challenger will graduate to the next circuit.

The Contender
#NA little-mac From: [United States of America] Career Record: [45-98-3]

The Minor Circuit
#9 Sgtf From: [Estonia] Career Record: [0-0-0]
#8 Bronzie From: [Australia] Career Record: [1-9-1]
#7 Miller From: [Israel] Career Record: [5-10-1]
#6 Torchia From: [Canada] Career Record: [7-15-1]
#5 Lays From: [Thailand] Career Record: [19-27-1]
#4 giandavil From: [Italy] Career Record: [13-30-2]
#3 Red_Spaniard From: [Spain] Career Record: [4-28-0]
#2 proXade From: [Greece] Career Record: [41-27-1]
#1 marianokombat From: [Argentina] Career Record: [7-21-0]

The Major Circuit
#10 jaytea From: [United Arab Emirates] Career Record: [9-23-2]
#9 kingjolly From: [Nigeria] Career Record: [5-33-0]
#8 vaiisekk From: [Malaysia] Career Record: [6-32-0]
#7 Maridany From: [Venezuela] Career Record: [11-41-0]
#6 Asesino From: [Bulgaria] Career Record: [9-32-1]
#5 "Pegaso" Zentile From: [Portugal] Career Record: [18-44-1]
#4 Chromatose From: [Hungary] Career Record: [29-31-0]
#3 Murdoink From: [Chile] Career Record: [73-73-0]
#2 Nephrite From: [Croatia] Career Record: [69-75-0]
#1 Ken From: [United States of America] Career Record: [74-70-1]

The World Circuit
#7 Banging From: [New Zealand] Career Record: [25-14-0]
#6 Rockey316 From: [India] Career Record: [27-20-0]
#5 DECEPTION From: [Canada] Career Record: [71-53-0]
#4 Statix From: [Australia] Career Record: [40-20-1]
#3 Hokey From: [United States of America] Career Record: [111-58-1]
#2 "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile From: [China/USA] Career Record: [131-87-0]
#1 The_Purple_Bunny From: [United States of America] Career Record: [167-76-0]

The Dream Fight
#1 The Undisputed Champion [Currently King Ratt]

Super Punch-Out II begins January 6, 2014 - the Monday of the new year!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tournament 31: Mid-Year Grand Slam - Round 3!

June 26, 2013 -- A new tradition is established as 128 of the best fighters in the league are gathered for a Mid-Year Grand Slam tournament! It is the first event of this scale since March, when Genku battled his way to claim total victory over Tournament 27: Grand Prix Warm-Up! It was his third Grand Slam tournament win -- making him the most accomplished of the elite club of just five Grand Slam winners! As defending champion; Genku is seeded #2 -- and after Round 3 he is the only remaining seed (of four) in the tournament!

T31 Impact Players:
Kron +MAX (R1)
VenoMark +18 (R1)
Jason_Voorhees +16 (R3)
Genku +13 (R1)
Hokey +11 (R1)
The_Purple_Bunny +10 (R1)
Mime +8 (R1)
CaTigeReptile +8 (R2)
LordSkarlet +7 (R3)
DaMo +7 (R3)
Shamrock +6 (R2)
Ghostdragon +5 (R3)
This time it was The_Purple_Bunny's turn to be upset by an unlikely opponent: absolutely destroyed in a +16 demolition by Jason_Voorhees! The relative unknown had showed signs of hidden potential in his earlier bouts, but no one could've predicted such a decisive dismissal of the two-time Undisputed Champion! TPB was delivered to the Third Round via a circumstantial bye -- a pattern that played out way back during Tournament 11! While the free pass can be seen as a boon to the next stage, it has to be acknowledged that the cool down can be deadly! Especially when hungry competitors are building momentum in other fights! Jason_Voorhees will attempt to ride the massive win to another upset when he faces "The Harbinger" VenoMark!

Genku's endurance was confirmed in the main event of the round -- a never-in-doubt victory over Y2Knickxasawrrrr! Y2K was carrying the torch for prematurely eliminated bro: Lord m0s. Alas; it seems The Great Genku is playing a strong hand in his attempt to win a record setting fourth Grand Slam tournament! His path to victory remains one of the toughest, however, as he prepares to take on an in-form SubMan799 -- who took out rival Duo Division Champion: McDaniel!

Kron enjoyed a massive victory over "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile in the second main event of the day. The would-be allies engaged in a powerful confrontation, but in the end it was the overwhelming power and experience of Kron that won the day. He sets himself up as a major threat to the Grand Slam crown! Not only is Kron one of the most powerful competitors in the league -- he is also the only winner of a 256-fighter Ultimate Grand Slam tournament! LordSkarlet will face this intimidating challenge in the Fourth Round. He's in good stead, taking out "The Charmed" Hokey in a surprising result. Great Arena superstition says anyone who beats Hokey in a tournament match has special odds to take it all!

Gutsy performances by Ken and DECEPTION further concreted their status as sentimental favourites. Ranking among the most seasoned veterans in The League, they have long been outsider prospects to the top contenders. Comfortable wins push them deeper into the tour. Ken will progress through the Ratt-less top bracket, meeting former Duo Champion Baraka_MK - who is chasing his own career high. DECEPTION meets Singapore Shamrock who earned a massive win over dark horse contender "The Predator" TonyTheTiger! Shamrock -- one of the "ICWW Immortals" who returned for their 2012 10th anniversary -- looks to be a real threat to the Grand Slam crown!

DaMo & Ghostdragon breezed through their predicted wins. DaMo is expected to continue to rise through a generous draw, taking on an over achieving Stealth-Ninja! Of course, with so many upsets already claiming the top names, DaMo will want to be on his toes, regardless of expectations! Celeste, CeeKay, mwgrant0, SlumDunk, avenger45 and Kiara85 were all victims of high aspirations in Round 3.

Artanix' grudge match victory over long time Duo rival Scott-Howell further proved that he truly is on the state of the art edge of competition! His transfer to the solo stakes will continue with another crossover competitor and former rival: Ninja_Mime! Mime escaped the upset fate of his pal Hokey to set up the exciting Round 4 clash!

Tournament 31: Round 3 Results:
1. Baraka_MK d. Kiara85 in a solid +3 result.
2. Ken d. Pink_Ranger in a solid win.
3. State of the Artanix d. Scott-Howell in a solid win.
4. Ninja_Mime d. CeeKay in a comprehensive +2 victory!
5. Kron d. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile in a convincing +2 win.
6. LordSkarlet d. "The Charmed" Hokey in a surprise +7 comprehensive win!
7. Rise of the DaMo d. Celeste in a comprehensive +7 victory!
8. Stealth-Ninja d. mwgrant0 in a close fought match!
9. Jason_Voorhees d. "True #1" The_Purple_Bunny [#3] in a destructive +16 shock upset!
10. "The Harbinger" VenoMark d. "Big John" Bofh in a +10 utter destruction!
11. Ghostdragon d. SlumDunk in a solid +5 victory.
12. Porygonix d. avenger45 in a solid win.
13. Singapore Shamrock d. "The Predator" TonyTheTiger in a solid result.
14. DECEPTION d. Sekktor in a comprehensive +3 victory!
15. SubMan799 d. McDaniel in a solid +2 result.
16. The Great Genku [#2] d. Y2Knickxasawrrrr in a comprehensive result!

With another blockbuster day of Grand Slam competition behind us, we reach the coveted Round of 16! Round 4 promises to establish the true favourites of the Mid-Year tour -- but who will they be? State of the Artanix and Ninja_Mime will likely factor in to the finals picture when they go head-to-head in the main event of the round! Baraka_MK vs Ken and Ghostdragon vs Porygonix set up two more statistically intriguing bouts!

The remaining powerhouses of the league will be tested by youthful exuberance in several intriguing match-ups! As an emerging favourite to win -- Kron will need to hold his mettle against the rising fist of LordSkarlet! #2 seed and defending champion The Great Genku will need to show strength against an in-form SubMan799 if he's to continue his run. DECEPTION's rise the top will rest in his ability to counteract the fortunes of the mysterious veteran: Singapore Shamrock!

Tournament 31: Round 4 Draw:
1. Baraka_MK versus Ken
2. State of the Artanix versus Ninja_Mime
3. Kron versus LordSkarlet
4. Rise of the DaMo versus Stealth-Ninja
5. Jason_Voorhees versus "The Harbinger" VenoMark
6. Ghostdragon versus Porygonix
7. Singapore Shamrock versus DECEPTION
8. SubMan799 versus The Great Genku [#2]

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tournament 31: Mid-Year Grand Slam - Round 2!

June 25, 2013 -- A new tradition is established as 128 of the best fighters in the league are gathered for a Mid-Year Grand Slam tournament! It is the first event of this scale since March, when Genku battled his way to claim total victory over Tournament 27: Grand Prix Warm-Up! It was his third Grand Slam tournament win -- making him the most accomplished of the elite club of just five Grand Slam winners! As defending champion; Genku is seeded #2 -- one of only two surviving seeds from the original four! The_Purple_Bunny is seeded #3 after a Supercard 37 win firmly established him as still right at the top of the contender stakes!

T31 Impact Players:
Kron +MAX (R1)
VenoMark +18 (R1)
Genku +13 (R1)
Hokey +11 (R1)
The_Purple_Bunny +10 (R1)
Mime +8 (R1)
CaTigeReptile +8 (R2)
DaMo +6 (R1)
Shamrock +6 (R2)
Jason_Voorhees +4 (R1)
NovaStarr +4 (R1)
Ken +4 (R2)
Artanix +4 (R2)
With The Ratt [#1] and Lord m0s [#4] eliminated in shock First Round upsets; all eyes were on their eliminators: MercWithMouth & Barbara! Alas; Round 2 proved there was nothing left in the tank -- both fighters swept aside by their contemporaries: Kiara85 & Stealth-Ninja. Even so, to have taken out two of the leagues biggest names -- Undisputed and KFL Champions, respectively -- is a massive undertaking! Many will point to the intense Championship scheduled Ratt & m0s have been burdened with, but history will always grant MWM & Barbara this special moment.

There were no obvious upsets in Round 2 -- a day all about the thinning of the bracket. The majority of results proved decisive, establishing the rank of competitors looking increasingly favoured. Kron stamped his name right at the top of the list - destroying foahchon in a punishing +14 demolition! Current Duo Division Champion, "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile earned the second most devastating win of the round with a +8 impact over former Duo Division Champion: ShingoEX. Right behind her was Hokey and VenoMark with respectable +7 blows.

Jammer2Omega found himself facing steep odds in the Second Round. Ever the fringe contender; the eternal Next Phase competitor found himself outmatched by former Undisputed Champion and defending #2 seed - The Great Genku. It was a disappointingly comprehensive result, given J2O's popularity as a potential contender. It was, however, a spectacle worthy of being called the main event of Day 2! The result sets up an equally intriguing Third Round clash when Genku is challenged by contemporary Next Phase star: Y2Knickxasawrrrr! Y2K had an easy draw for R2 and will carry the torch for his prematurely eliminated brother - Lord m0s [#4]!

Recently dethroned KFL Champion Sekktor emerged from an intriguing showdown with former Champion and 2012 rising star: jack4813! Counterparts in their respective years; the pair were incredibly evenly matched, making predictions difficult to come by. In the end, it was the more fresh of the two who asserted himself in a close fought battle! Sekktor will face much steeper odds in Round 3 when he's forced to face down a fan-favourite on the fast track to success: DECEPTION! DECEPTION was completely in control in his win over Duo Division staple: CCShadow.

Ken emerged unscathed from his encounter with another of the KFL's rising stars. Unknown265 has taken a pummelling in the past, learning from the school of hard knocks to become a dangerous opponent for anyone underestimating him! His contemporary redman didn't fare as well against an in-form Mime, who along with partner Hokey has been one of the top contenders through 2013. Jerrod's momentum was stopped cold in another KFL spawned fued! "The Predator" TonyTheTiger reprised his role as strong winner against his fellow "God Among Us." TTT is currently the #1 contender for the KFL title, but has also been quietly establishing himself as a future prospect for the universal Undisputed Championship, as well.

Artanix and DaMo secured their place on a similar level to Hokey & Mime. Jason_Voorhees, LordSkarlet & CeeKay confirmed themselves as names to watch. Ghostdragon earned a solid victory in his match with recent dominator NovaStarr.

Tournament 31: Round 2 Results:
1. Kiara85 d. MercWithMouth by a narrow margin.
2. Baraka_MK d. ArtemisFlow in convincing fashion.
3. Ken d. Unknown265 in a comprehensive +4 victory!
4. Pink_Ranger d. UlcaTron in a solid +3 result.
5. Scott-Howell d. Jax in a solid +2 result.
6. State of the Artanix d. xtactics in a solid +4 result.
7. Ninja_Mime d. redman in a solid +2 result.
8. CeeKay d. ThirtyThr33 in a solid +3 result.
9. Kron d. foahchon in a punishing +14 destruction!
10. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile d. ShingoEX in a comprehensive +8 win!
11. LordSkarlet d. "The Prophet" Jironobou in a close fought encounter!
12. "The Charmed" Hokey d. Killswitch in a comprehensive +7 win!
13. Rise of the DaMo d. buragas in a comprehensive +2 victory!
14. Celeste d. legoslayer10
15. mwgrant0 d. Kairyu in a close fought match.
16. Stealth-Ninja d. Barbara in a convincing +2 result.
17. "True #1" The_Purple_Bunny [#3] progressed to Round 3 via a bye.
18. Jason_Voorhees d. Murdoink in a hard fought encounter.
19. "Big John" Bofh d. Torchia in a convincing +2 result.
20. "The Harbinger" VenoMark d. sucka in a comprehensive +7 win!
21. SlumDunk d. Skaven13 in a close fought match.
22. Ghostdragon d. NovaStarr in a convincing +2 result.
23. Porygonix d. Politics in a convincing +2 win.
24. avenger45 d. "The Manhunter" MINION in a close fought match.
25. "The Predator" TonyTheTiger d. Jerrod in a comprehensive +3 win!
26. Shamrock d. IAmAce in a comprehensive +6 win!
27. DECEPTION d. CCShadow in a solid +4 victory!
28. Sekktor d. jack4813 in an exciting encounter!
29. SubMan799 d. giandavil in a solid +2 result.
30. McDaniel d. Liam in a close fought match!
31. Y2Knickxasawrrrr d. jackle86 in a solid +3 result.
32. The Great Genku [#2] d. Jammer2Omega in a comprehensive +3 blockbuster!

#3 seed The_Purple_Bunny returns to competition in Round 3 after a lazy day-off! He'll be looking to springboard out of the bye a lot better than he did way back in Tournament 11, where a similar break produced an upset loss to Pink_Ranger in Round 3! He'll take on Jason_Voorhees in an interesting match sure to test JV's credentials as a Next Phase challenger.

Round 3 promises multiple main events as the cream of the league rises to the top!

Y2Knickxasawrrrr versus The Great Genku [#2] has all the expectations of being another thrilling test of the #2 seeds ability to follow-up with his record-setting fourth Grand Slam tournament win! Right there with them will be Kron versus "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile in a top flight contest between would-be allies. In 2012, the pair contemplated an unlikely alliance. In 2013, they will have to go head-to-head to secure Grand Slam glory!

Old enemies meet again in two of the intriguing Third Round bouts: Ken v Pink_Ranger and Scott-Howell v Artanix! LordSkarlet will be desperate to do the impossible when he meets frequent Semi Finalist "The Charmed" Hokey! CeeKay will look to carve his way past Ninja_Mime in another top flight opportunity! Can Kiara85 break new ground, or is Baraka_MK coming into his own? TonyTheTiger, DaMo, Ghostdragon, DECEPTION & more will be names to watch!

Tournament 31: Round 3 Draw:
1. Kiara85 versus Baraka_MK
2. Ken versus Pink_Ranger
3. Scott-Howell versus State of the Artanix
4. Ninja_Mime versus CeeKay
5. Kron versus "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile
6. LordSkarlet versus "The Charmed" Hokey
7. Rise of the DaMo versus Celeste
8. mwgrant0 versus Stealth-Ninja
9. "True #1" The _Purple_Bunny [#3] versus Jason_Voorhees
10. "Big John" Bofh versus "The Harbinger" VenoMark
11. SlumDunk versus Ghostdragon
12. Porygonix versus avenger45
13. "The Predator" TonyTheTiger versus Shamrock
14. DECEPTION versus Sekktor
15. SubMan799 versus McDaniel
16. Y2Knickxasawrrrr versus The Great Genku [#2]

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tournament 31: Mid-Year Grand Slam - Round 1!

June 24, 2013 -- A new tradition is established as 128 of the best fighters in the league are gathered for a Mid-Year Grand Slam tournament! It is the first event of this scale since March, when Genku battled his way to claim total victory over Tournament 27: Grand Prix Warm-Up! It was his third Grand Slam tournament win -- making him the most accomplished of the elite club of just five Grand Slam winners! As defending champion; Genku is seeded #2 at the opposite end of a bracket topped by reigning Undisputed Champion -- The Ratt!

T31 Impact Players:
Kron +MAX (R1)
VenoMark +18 (R1)
Genku +13 (R1)
Hokey +11 (R1)
The_Purple_Bunny +10 (R1)
Mime +8 (R1)
CaTigeReptile +7 (R1)
DaMo +6 (R1)
Jason_Voorhees +4 (R1)
NovaStarr +4 (R1)
Unknown265 +3 (R1)
Artanix +3 (R1)
The top seed would become the top story as Round 1 produced an intriguing mix of results from an incredibly diverse field! 2-time Grand Slam winner and Hall of Famer, Crow, would be notably absent for the first time since his retirement. 2012 UGP Warm-Up winner ElJobber would also open up the field to new winners -- incapacitated since his UGP Iron Man loss to Ratt.

The_Purple_Bunny [#3] and Lord m0s [#4] would complete top four seeding -- but after Day 1, only two seeds would remain! The Ratt and Lord m0s had an exciting match at Supercard 37: The Test (June 16), but clearly their intense Championship focus had taken its toll! Both were stunning exits in Round 1, eliminated by MercWithMouth and Barbara in their respective shock upsets! m0s will take small solace in the fact he was able to claim his first KFL Championship during the preceding Friday Night Fights. One could conclude, however, that the double duty Championship chase played a detrimental role in his Grand Slam efforts.

The Great Genku [#2] and "True #1" The_Purple_Bunny [#3] had a considerably easier time in their matches, doing away with EasterBunny and Asesino with punishing results. Historic Ultimate Grand Slam (256-man) winner Kron made the play of the day -- crushing Bloodysinner with the only MAX Damage impact of the round. DaMo - the only other Grand Slam tournament winner in history - had a comfortable start with Bee_07. Nobody will feel as comfortable as TPB, however, as he looks forward to the only bye in Round 2. A tied result between classic rivals ZachAngel and Mark would grant the #3 seed an unexpected day off.

"The Harbiner" VenoMark followed through on his aspirations, making a statement with a +18 victory (second only to Kron)! VenoMark's win came at the cost of Tournament 30 European champion: Nephrite! VM's partner in the Duo Division wasn't so lucky, however, beaten for a second time by Baraka_MK -- one-half of the duo who took their titles after just one month! Reigning Duo Division champions - CaTigeReptile & McDaniel -- fared well, both progressing through comfortable results.

It was a good day for many up-and-coming contenders! Ken emerged victorious in one of the matches of the round, beating out veteran competitor - DeathScepter. Recent KFL contender Unknown265 put in a star making effort, while former champion redman continued to show true grit in his pursuit of the upper ranks. DECEPTION continued to earn favour for his solo career, as did Jammer2Omega in a solid win over beleaguered Project Punch-Out feature: little-mac. mac's arch-rival proXade didn't do much better -- bundled out in a far easier draw against giandavil! Previous special project fighters - Piccolo & nface - didn't do much better: devastated by Mime and mwgrant0, respectively. "The Prodigy" nface in particular performed poorly, suggesting his days of going 99-0 are well behind him!

Rivalries from other areas were rekindled by the random draw! Killswitch earned an impressive win over recent KFL nemesis: hydraslash! Meanwhile, a rivalry straight out of 2003-2004 was rekindled when Shamrock beat out fellow ICWW Immortal Statix! King Mimik's rivalry with tournament competition continued as he was taken out in yet another opening match, this time by Duo specialist: xtactics! SubMan799 was able to repel one of Mimik's classic foes - "The Upset Machine" Chiefin - earning his way back into good graces with a good win!

"Mad Dog" Onryo was another somewhat surprising exit having had a modest amount of excitement around his potential to go farther. Tournament veteran Chromatose had considerably less fanfare, but his own share of bad luck, claimed by rising star DECEPTION. CeeKay and ShingoEX proved more fortunate. MKR went out against foahchon in one of the match-ups of the round!

Other fighters making waves in one of the most impressive spreads in history: HokeyArtanix, KnickxasawrrrrTonyTheTiger, Murdoink, NovaStarr, Jerrod, Jason_Voorhees, GhostdragonPink_Ranger, LordSkarlet, Sekktor, Scott-Howelljack4813, Stealth-Ninja.

Tournament 31: Round 1 Results:
1. MercWithMouth d. The Ratt [#1] in a shocking comprehensive +2 upset!
2. Kiara85 d. bfk in a close fought match.
3. Baraka_MK d. blacksaibot in convincing fashion.
4. ArtemisFlow d. Benjamin in a close fought match.
5. Unknown265 d. J-Spit in a convincing +3 win.
6. Ken d. DeathScepter in a solid victory.
7. Pink_Ranger d. jaytea in a convincing +2 win.
8. UlcaTron d. Buster by a narrow margin!
9. Scott-Howell d. Abaddon in a solid win.
10. Jax d. unixpunk in a hard fought match.
11. State of the Artanix d. GohanSon in a solid +3 win!
12. xtactics d. King Mimik in a comprehensive +2 upset!
13. redman d. DarknessDragon in convincing fashion.
14. Ninja_Mime d. "Project Zenkai" Piccolo in a solid +8 win!
15. CeeKay d. Simon in convincing +2 fashion.
16. ThirtyThr33 d. NightHawk in a hard fought match.
17. Kron d. Bloodysinner in a MAX Damage 36% impact annihilation!
18. foahchon d. MKR in a hard fought match.
19. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile d. Leroy in a comprehensive +7 victory!
20. ShingoEX d. BibloFett in convincing fashion.
21. LordSkarlet d. Shujinko in a comprehensive +2 win.
22. "The Prophet" Jironobou d. STEROLIZER in convincing fashion.
23. Killswitch d. hydraslash in a convincing +2 win.
24. "The Charmed" Hokey d. Menas in a +11 destruction!
25. buragas d. kororaa in a close fought match.
26. Rise of the DaMo d. Bee_07 in a solid +6 win!
27. legoslayer10 d. TheMetinPorta by a narrow margin!
28. Celeste d. Philip94
29. Kairyu d. nav-gone in a close fought match.
30. mwgrant0 d. "The Prodigy" nface in a close fought collapse.
31. Stealth-Ninja d. "Mad Dog" Onryo in a hard fought match!
32. Barbara d. Lord m0s [#4] in a shocking comprehensive +2 upset!
33. "True #1" The_Purple_Bunny [#3] d. EasterBunny in a +10 destruction!
34. ZachAngel and Mark fought to a tie.
35. Murdoink d. Dolce in a convincing +2 win.
36. Jason_Voorhees d. "Pegaso" Zentile in a comprehensive +4 victory!
37. Bofh d. JRF
38. Torchia d. deadpool in a close fought match.
39. "The Harbinger" VenoMark d. Nephrite in a punishing +18 destruction!
40. sucka d. Learn in a close fought match.
41. Skaven13 d. Red_Spaniard in a close fought match.
42. SlumDunk d. fraysol by a narrow margin!
43. Ghostdragon d. Eko in a solid +2 victory.
44. NovaStarr d. Exthalion in a solid +4 victory.
45. Politics d. kingjolly in a close fought match.
46. Porygonix d. deadly in a well earned win.
47. "The Manhunter" MINION d. muttonhead by a narrow margin!
48. avenger45 d. rxvt in a convincing +2 win.
49. "The Predator" TonyTheTiger d. "Red Cyclone" Shen_DuHBK in a comprehensive win!
50. Jerrod d. Mandijadeee in a convincing +2 result.
51. Shamrock d. Statix in the reigniting of a classic ICWW rivalry!
52. IAmAce d. Sarten-X in a near draw!
53. DECEPTION d. Chromatose in a solid win.
54. CCShadow d. Methuselah6463 in a convincing +2 victory.
55. jack4813 d. vaiisekk in a close fought result.
56. Sekktor d. Shinnokxz in a convincing +2 result.
57. SubMan799 d. "The Upset Machine" Chiefin
58. giandavil d. proXade in a close fought match.
59. Liam d. Angelia in a near draw!
60. McDaniel d. nif in a well earned win.
61. jackle86 d. LadyRaiden by a narrow margin!
62. Y2Knickxasawrrrr d. GreenLantern in convincing fashion.
63. Jammer2Omega d. little-mac in a solid win.
64. The Great Genku [#2] d. Asesino in a punishing +13 destruction!

With so many fighters spread across a massive Grand Slam bracket, Round 2 promises to be a compelling experience! How can you not anticipate the next wave of upsets with only two of the original four seeds making it to the Second Round? There'll be stiff competition at every turn and a long list of fighters hungry to take advantage of the career-making opportunity offered by these tournament events! DaMo, VenoMark, Shamrock & Knickxasawrrrr enter Round 2 as favourites in their lopsided matches -- The_Purple_Bunny [#3] already qualifying for Round 3 via a bye!

With so many names still involved, it's almost impossible to name just one main event!
Jammer2Omega and #2 seed The Great Genku will headline at the very bottom of the bracket. The history fringe contender of The Next Phase will attempt to rise through the ranks against the three-time Grand Slam winner and top 2013 contender! It promises to be an exciting match -- one that could have major implications on the future of the Championship picture!

Unknown265 vs Ken is just one of the potential career-making match-ups coming in Round 2! jack4813 vs Sekktor presents an intriguing meeting of two eras of KFL Champions! Murdoink vs Jason_Voorhees tugs at the sentimentality of Murdoink's long career! TonyTheTiger & Jerrod will be a KFL rematch giving Jerrod a shot at redemption against KFL's #1 contender! PLUS: What will become of the unexpected heroes? MercWithMouth and Barbara will be challenged to continue their impossible run!

Tournament 31: Round 2 Draw:
1. MercWithMouth versus Kiara85
2. Baraka_MK versus ArtemisFlow
3. Unknown265 versus Ken
4. Pink_Ranger versus UlcaTron
5. Scott-Howell versus Jax
6. State of the Artanix versus xtactics
7. redman versus Ninja_Mime
8. CeeKay versus ThirtyThr33
9. Kron versus foahchon
10. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile versus ShingoEX
11. LordSkarlet versus "The Prophet" Jironobou
12. Killswitch versus "The Charmed" Hokey
13. buragas versus Rise of the DaMo
14. legoslayer10 versus Celeste
15. Kairyu versus mwgrant0
16. Stealth-Ninja versus Barbara
17. "True #1" The_Purple_Bunny [#3] progresses to Round 3 via a bye.
18. Murdoink versus Jason_Voorhees
19. Bofh versus Torchia
20. "The Harbinger" VenoMark versus sucka
21. Skaven13 versus SlumDunk
22. Ghostdragon versus NovaStarr
23. Politics versus Porygonix
24. "The Manhunter" MINION versus avenger45
25. "The Predator" TonyTheTiger versus Jerrod
26. Shamrock versus IAmAce
27. DECEPTION versus CCShadow
28. jack4813 versus Sekktor
29. SubMan799 versus giandavil
30. Liam versus McDaniel
31. jackle86 versus Y2Knickxasawrrrr
32. Jammer2Omega versus The Great Genku [#2]

Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Mid-Year Grand Slam Tournament Draw!

The 128-fighter Grand Slam tradition returns for the first time since April's Grand Prix Warm-Up! It's a mid-year medley as the league prepares for a packed Summer season! Tournament 31 begins the summer festival June 24th with a week-long elimination bracket! Then the Duo Division gets the doubles spotlight as July 3 marks the 2nd Anniversary of the original Championship Tournament! The tandem tour will recreate the bracket of the original crowning, with a second half built around a random draw of some of the biggest Duos of today! Then it's all capped off with Supercard 38: Royal Roulette (July 14) and the annual major event of All-Star Summer Showdown 2013 - August 18!

Four hand selected seeds bookend a bifurcated elimination bracket filled with 124 completely randomly drawn competitors! The Ratt tops the tour as reigning Undisputed Champion and natural choice for the #1 seed! Defending Grand Slam touranment winner The Great Genku positions at the opposite end, while recent ranking contenders The_Purple_Bunny [#3] and Lord m0s [#4] take their seeded placements at the middle of the bracket!

A generous random draw has seen some of the biggest names evenly distributed throughout the Grand Slam bracket! Former champions like DaMo, Kron, Hokey & Mime have plenty of room to rise back to the top! The next phase of contenders look just as likely to stake their claim: Artanix, DECEPTION, Jammer2Omega, Y2Knickxasawrrrr & more all riding a wave of Supercard success into the mid-year tournament! King Mimik tentatively returns to the picture, looking to undo a history of tournament misery as he claws his way back to the winning record!

Current KFL Champion Sekktor starts things off with a seasoned but irregular opponent in Shinnokxz. The Duo Division Champions ease into their solo campaigns with opponents more likely to cause trouble in the specialized duo realm: CaTigeReptile faces Leroy (partner of Mark), while McDaniel meets nif (longtime ally to Liam)! With one more Friday Night Fights scheduled before Tournament 31 -- #4 seed Lord m0s may be the holder of the KFL Champion when the tournament action kicks off!

Tournament 31 will mark the first Grand Slam since the retirment of 3-time tournament winner and Hall of Famer: Crow! His legendary status as a tournament favourite lasted right up to retirement -- capped off with a runners-up loss to Genku in the final of 2013 UGP Grand Slam! Also leaving a gaping hole will be 2012 Master's Series winner and fellow Hall of Famer: Violent`J! The "ICWW Immortal" is far from alone in this respect, with Statix and Shamrock representing the last competing members of the invading legends. In a particularly intriguing twist of fate, the recent partnership has been drawn to face each other in Round 1! Tensions between the 10 year rivals re-emerged at Supercard 37: The Test after a Duo Divison loss to the classic alliance of Kron & Porygonix.

"Iron Man of Conquest" ElJobber will be another major omission from the draw, having been absent from competition since losing a gruelling Championship Rules Iron Man Endurance Match to The Ratt at Ultimate Grand Prix III! His return to competition remains uncertain.

With victory over the 128 Grand Slam format so valuable to forging a legacy in The Great Arena, no fighter will shed any tears for those who are no longer with us! Only those who give their lives to competition have the right to call themselves the best in the league! Round 1 is the first step toward immortality!

First Round feature matches include: Nephrite versus VenoMark; TonyTheTiger versus Shen_DuHBKKen versus DeathScepter; Chiefin versus SubMan799Shamrock versus Statix; Chromatose versus DECEPTIONMKR versus foahchon; blacksaibot versus Baraka_MK; Dolce versus Murdoink; ZachAngel versus Mark; "Mad Dog" Onryo versus Stealth-Ninja! Current Project Punch-Out challenger little-mac will have his work cut out for him when he meets Jammer2Omega! [Project Punch-Out will go on one week hiatus while the tournament occurs.]

Tournament 31: 2013 Mid-Year Grand Slam First Round Draw:
1. The Ratt [#1] versus MercWithMouth
2. Kiara85 versus bfk
3. blacksaibot versus Baraka_MK
4. Benjamin versus ArtemisFlow
5. Unknown265 versus J-Spit
6. Ken versus DeathScepter
7. Pink_Ranger versus jaytea
8. Buster versus UlcaTron
9. Abaddon versus Scott-Howell
10. unixpunk versus Jax
11. GohanSon versus State of the Artanix
12. King Mimik versus xtactics
13. redman versus DarknessDragon
14. Mime versus Piccolo
15. CeeKay versus Simon
16. NightHawk versus ThirtyThr33
17. Bloodysinner versus Kron
18. MKR versus foahchon
19. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile versus Leroy
20. ShingoEX versus BilboFett
21. LordSkarlet versus Shujinko
22. STEROLIZER versus "The Prophet" Jironobou
23. hydraslash versus Killswitch
24. Menas versus "The Charmed" Hokey
25. buragas versus kororaa
26. Bee_07 versus Rise of the DaMo
27. TheMetinPorta versus legoslayer10
28. Philip94 versus Celeste
29. nav-gone versus Kairyu
30. "The Prodigy" nface versus mwgrant0
31. "Mad Dog" Onryo versus Stealth-Ninja
32. Barbara versus Lord m0s [#4]
33. "True #1" The_Purple_Bunny [#3] versus EasterBunny
34. ZachAngel versus Mark
35. Dolce versus Murdoink
36. Jason_Voorhees versus "Pegaso" Zentile
37. JRF versus "Big John" Bofh
38. deadpool versus Torchia
39. Nephrite versus "The Harbinger" VenoMark
40. Learn versus sucka
41. Skaven13 versus Red_Spaniard
42. fraysol versus SlumDunk
43. Ghostdragon versus Eko
44. NovaStarr versus Exthalion
45. kingjolly versus Politics
46. deadly versus Porygonix
47. muttonhead versus "The Manhunter" MINION
48. avenger45 versus rxvt
49. "The Predator" TonyTheTiger versus "The Red Cyclone" Shen_DuHBK
50. Mandijadeee versus Jerrod
51. Shamrock versus Statix
52. IAmAce versus Sarten-X
53. Chromatose versus DECEPTION
54. Methuselah6463 versus CCShadow
55. jack4813 versus vaiisekk
56. Shinnokxz versus Sekktor
57. "The Upset Machine" Chiefin versus SubMan799
58. proXade versus giandavil
59. Liam versus Angelia
60. nif versus McDaniel
61. LadyRaiden versus jackle86
62. Y2Knickxasawrrrr versus GreenLantern
63. Jammer2Omega versus "Project Punch-Out" little-mac
64. Asesino versus The Great Genku [#2]