Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekly Rankings Recap - 6/12/2016

Pre-Show 80: DECEPTION/TPB II - The Rematch delivered a shake-up of the championships with DECEPTION rebounding quickly to regain the Undisputed Championship, and Statix successfully knocking back the heavyweight advance of Invasion recruit: Hokey!

These results will pose serious questions about the next crop of contenders. "The Fallen" LordSkarlet hovers as a circling shark around the KFL Championship, but the Undisputed title will likely have to wait for the annual Mid-Year Grand Slam later in June to find its top contender!

The rise of "The Franchise" Poasty delivered the greatest intrigue - new Division 2 Champion after a stunning win against arch-rival The Great Genku! The result shifts power back to the under 5k class after Genku's unusual request to fulfill his "Grand Path" of holding every title in his career. It remains to be seen if tensions between the two will compel Genku to remain in the second tier ranks, or if he will return his sights to higher goals.

With the Duo Division Championship to be on the line this weekend at Supercard 80: Tower of Power XVI - "The Service Krew Damo & DeathScepter did their campaign a world of good, knocking back VenoMark's attempt to upset their final run! "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo also evened out a rough run with a solid win against Jammer2Omega & Porygonix! How the Tower of Power will come together is still anyone's guess, but these teams, along with "The United" Shoe & Artanix seem to be frontrunners for the top spots!

Supercard 80 takes place this weekend - Sunday, June 19th! Weeks of scrambling will finally deliver the best Duos in the league to The Tower of Power, where they will all fight to upset the dominant Duo Division Champions: "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J!

The Great Arena League Top Ten:
#1 (--) United: Shoe
#2 (+1) Banging
#3 (-1) ElJobber
#4 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#5 (--) Mime
#6 (--) United: Artanix
#7 (+1) "American Dream" Scott-Howell
#8 (+1) Jammer2Omega
#9 (-2) Benjamin
#10 (--) Hokey

The Great Arena Duo Division Top Ten:
#1 (--) Jammer2Omega & Porygonix
#2 (+2) "The Fallen" UlcaTron & Corrupt hydraslash
#3 (-1) "The United" Shoe & Artanix
#4 (-1) "Guardians of the Crow" Pink_Ranger & Ghostdragon
#5 (--) CCShadow & Scott-Howell
#6 (--) "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo
#7 (+1) McDaniel & fraysol
#8 (+1) "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane
#9 (-2) "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade
#10 (RE) "The Invasion" DaemonX & Banging

The Division 2 Under 5k Top Ten:
#1 (--) Banging
#2 (--) AlbertBeefcake
#3 (+1) "American Dream" Scott-Howell
#4 (+1) Jammer2Omega
#5 (-2) Benjamin
#6 (--) The_Hurricane
#7 (--) Knickxasawrrrr
#8 (--) "Silent Assassin" Ghostdragon
#9 (+1) Porygonix
#10 (RE) DaemonX

The Invasion/Alliance Independent Top Ten:
#1 (--) Banging (Invasion)
#2 (--) AlbertBeefcake (Alliance)
#3 (--) Hokey (Invasion)
#4 (--) The_Hurricane (Alliance)
#5 (--) DaemonX (Invasion)
#6 (+3) edge (Invasion)
#7 (+3) Jason_Voorhees (Invasion)
#8 (-1) Loopster (Invasion)
#9 (-1) Statix (Alliance) [KFL Champion]
#10 (-4) ShawnMichaels (Invasion)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pre-Show 80: DECEPTION/TPB II - The Rematch

A super stacked card had Pre-Show 80: DECEPTION/TPB II - The Rematch feeling like a main event Supercard! With three major championships on the line, and Tower of Power stakes up and down the card, it was guaranteed to be a historic night!

Just twenty-one days after The_Purple_Bunny made history as the first ever six-time Undisputed Champion, he found himself back in the firing line with his Supercard 79 opponent! "The Hitman" DECEPTION was targeting a quick comeback after his disappointing loss, which surprised many, ending a title reign that included a main event defense at Ultimate Grand Prix VI! The challenger seemed completely unphased by his recent loss. DECEPTION came in hard and fast, bamboozling a TPB who seemed fatigued after his sixth championship! The Hitman picked all the right spots, utterly destroying The_Purple_Bunny to restore himself back to the top as the Undisputed Champion!

It was a good night for The New Generation all around! Baraka_MK & Onryo had set the tone for DECEPTION earlier in the night, taking a competitive win from #1 ranked duo Jammer2Omega & Porygonix! The result picked up the tab from The New Generation's shock June 6th loss to The Invasion's DaemonX & Banging, and recent troubles with The United. They'll likely have to go through The United next week if they're to become Duo Division Champions.

The Invasion had their chips in a recruit that was controversially fired by The United: Hokey managed to fend off the aggressions of "The Fallen" LordSkarlet during Monday Night Invasion earlier this week. The win secured his chance to take the KFL Championship on The Invasion's behalf, but it seemed he may have expelled his best in dominating LordSkarlet! The Alliance champ Statix appeared to have Hokey's number, countering his attacks to take a well earned, comfortable win. The Invasion will have to continue to covet the object of power from afar!

"The Franchise" Poasty got his first taste of gold, ending the dominating reign of unlikely Division 2 Champion: The Great Genku. Genku was reluctant to defend the title against Poasty, who made his recent return from the injured list to issue the grudge match. Genku was languid in his efforts as "The Franchise" lived up to his name! A major moment in Poasty's career that left Genku fuming!

VenoMark & MKR weren't too pleased to see their best laid plans go awry, either. The #1 Tower of Power team Damo & DeathScepter managed to fend off the spiteful duo, who thought they might turn the tables for The Service Krew's sniping at Pre-Show 79! The Krew will go on to Tower of Power to try to stop "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J surpassing their record of ten title defenses.

Pre-Show 80 also confirmed two of the Challenger 7 teams who will take on The Tower of Power! The only team to have ever defeated the champions in their Great Arena career: Ratt & NightHawk, took out the recently recalibrated The Unholy Alliance in an all-star encounter! Jason_Voorhees & edge will represent The Invasion thanks to their win over Rhyno & Grayback.

Chromatose was a surprising addition to a newly solidified European Union, joining "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade in a beat down of "British Exit" ShawnMichaels, Ironize & AcidicWonder. The solid win is a strike back for the Europeans, who've taken exception to plans for British fighters to leave the League and join The Invasion!

Pre-Show 80: DECEPTION/TPB II - The Rematch (June 12, 2016):
14. "The Hitman" DECEPTION defeated The_Purple_Bunny (c) in a complete destruction! [+15] [Undisputed Championship]
13. Ratt & NightHawk defeated "The Unholy Alliance" ElJobber & Mime [+1] [Challenger 7 Qualifier]
12. Statix (c) defeated Hokey [+1] [KFL Championship]
11. "The Service Krew" Damo & DeathScepter defeated VenoMark & MKR in a decimation. [+3]
10. "The Franchise" Poasty defeated The Great Genku (c) [+1] [Division 2 Championship]
9. "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo defeated Jammer2Omega & Porygonix [+1]
8. "European Union" maxilos, proXade & Chromatose defeated "British Exit" ShawnMichaels, Ironize & AcidicWonder [+1]
7. Politics & Menas defeated "British Exit" Liam & nif [+1]
6. "The Invasion" DaemonX & Banging defeated McDaniel & fraysol [+1]
5. CCShadow & Scott-Howell defeated Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+1]
4. "Portuguese Pegasus" Zentile defeated Nephrite in convincing fashion. [+2]
3. "The Secret Weapon" SubScorpTile defeated Benjamin [+1]
2. "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge defeated "The Invasion" Rhyno & Grayback [+1] [Challenger 7 Qualifier]
1. "The Guardian" CaTigeReptile defeated "The Predator" TonyTheTiger [+1]

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pre-Show 80 Card Announcement

It promises to be a Supercard calibre Pre-Show when the three major solo championships go on the line at Pre-Show 80: DECEPTION/TPB II - The Rematch - tomorrow, June 12th!

The looming stakes of Tower of Power XVI will continue to have a major effect on the shape of things at Pre-Show 80: Two Challenger 7 Qualifying matches will take place when "The Unholy Alliance" ElJobber & Mime meet the only team to have ever beat the champions in their Great Arena careers: Ratt & NightHawk! The Invasion will also be guaranteed a team in the Tower of Power Challenger 7 when Jason_Voorhees & edge attempt to settle a score with faction rivals Rhyno & Grayback!

The order of the rest of the Challenger 7 & Tower of Power is sure to be shaped by a slew of big time Duo Division match-ups! Leading the charge is a massive Supercard 79 rematch between the beleaguered "New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo and the beloved, freshly minted #1 ranked team of Jammer2Omega & Porygonix!

PLUS: Some of the best fighters from Great Britain think it's time they leave behind The Union of The League! The Invasion takes on a new face when "British Exit" ShawnMichaels, Ironize & AcidicWonder accept a spiteful challenge from European stars: "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade and their new recruit - 2-time Fighter For Europe: Chromatose!

It's going to be a massive, gold plated affair! Be here tomorrow for all the results!

Pre-Show 80: DECEPTION/TPB II - The Rematch (June 12th, 2016):
- "The Hitman" DECEPTION versus The_Purple_Bunny (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- Hokey versus Statix (c) [KFL Championship]
- "The Franchise" Poasty versus The Great Genku (c) [Division 2 Championship]
- VenoMark & MKR versus "The Service Krew" Damo & DeathScepter
- "The Unholy Alliance" ElJobber & Mime versus Ratt & NightHawk [Challenger 7 Qualifier]
- "The New Generation" Baraka_MK & Onryo versus Jammer2Omega & Porygonix
- maxilos, proXade & Chromatose versus "British Exit" ShawnMichaels, Ironize & AcidicWonder
- "British Exit" Liam & nif versus Politics & Menas
- McDaniel & fraysol versus "The Invasion" DaemonX & Banging
- Unknown265 & mwgrant0 versus CCShadow & Scott-Howell
- "The Invasion" Jason_Voorhees & edge versus "The Invasion" Rhyno & Grayback [Challenger 7 Qualifier]
- "Portuguese Pegasus" Zentile versus Nephrite
- "The Secret Weapon" SubScorpTile versus Benjamin

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Night Fights (June 10, 2016)

Pre-Show 80: DECEPTION/TPB II - The Rematch may be just two days away - but the looming expectation for Supercard 80: Tower of Power XVI had everyone on high alert during this week's Friday Night Fights! A pre-announced line-up of high stakes Duo Division competition gave FNF a big time feel - many matches sure to be scrutinized before The Tower of Power event!

"The Unholy Alliance" ElJobber & Mime were being scrutinized for entirely different reasons. Their tumultuous relationship of the past few months has been well documented, with no certainty they were even still willing to work together! Fortunately, it seems Mime has chosen ElJobber over Hokey after their Supercard 79 showdown! The pairing were in scintillating form as they dominated the rising combo of DaemonX & Banging! The result puts a dent in The Invasion's contention plans after a major upset win against The New Generation this past Monday! What it means in the short term for The Unholy Alliance - to be determined!

Politics & Menas probably won't be starting at the top of The Tower in two weeks. Coming off a big win at Supercard 79, they had high hopes against newly #1 ranked team Jammer2Omega & Porygonix! It was a highly competitive match - an endorsement of the high calibre performances Politics & Menas have been putting on this year. Alas; the developing chemistry between J2O & Pory continues to be a compelling concoction! You can be sure they'll factor in to the coming Tower!

McDaniel & fraysol, AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane, rxvt & deadly, Piccolo & GohanSon and deadpool & MercWithMouth were the other big duo winners on Friday night! "British Exit" Liam & nif shored up their position with a big win over The Greek Crisis -- good for their case for Britain to leave Europe and The Union League behind, as well as their title aspirations! The loss for Unknown265 & mwgrant0 -- another cruel note in their reunion after mwgrant0 spent several months on the sidelines due to a devastating injury in their title match at Supercard 76.

Before The Tower of Power there is Pre-Show 80: DECEPTION/TPB II - The Rematch -- a heavily stacked Pre-Show card with an unbelieve three championship matches! "The Hitman" DECEPTION will attempt to recapture his lost Undisputed Championship in the headlining rematch with six-time champ The_Purple_Bunny! The power of the KFL Championship will be contested when Hokey represents The Invasion against reigning Alliance champ Statix! PLUS: "The Franchise" Poasty finally gets his grudge match with notably reluctant Division 2 Champion: The Great Genku!

Friday Night Fights (June 10, 2016):
10. "The Unholy Alliance" ElJobber & Mime d. "The Invasion" DaemonX & Banging [+2]
9. Jammer2Omega & Porygonix d. Politics & Menas [+1]
8. "British Exit" Liam & nif d. "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade [+1]
7. McDaniel & fraysol d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+1]
6. "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane d. Sekktor & legoslayer10 [+1]
5. rxvt & deadly d. "The Alliance" Jauger & PaganFreak [+1]
4. Piccolo & GohanSon d. NosajSamoht & Shinnokxz [+1]
3. xort d. Baraka407 [+1]
2. Sgtf d. Coltess [+1]
1. deadpool & MercWithMouth d. ]{0MBAT & tabmok99s_wife [+1]

Thursday, June 9, 2016

FNF: Duo Division Tops Line-Up

Thanks to a major announcement we already know "The Unholy Alliance" ElJobber & Mime will headline this week's Friday Night Fights, but they won't be the only two-man team taking centre stage this week - June 10th!

The Duo Division is on high alert with the announcement of Supercard 80: Tower of Power XVI! Every team in the league is fighting to earn a spot on the unique ten-duo structure that will offer them all a chance to face "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J for the coveted Duo Division Championship!

Joining this Friday's line-up is a massive list of top class Duo Division competition!

- Politics & Menas versus Jammer2Omega & Porygonix
- "The Greek Crisis" maxilos & proXade versus "British Exit" Liam & nif
- Unknown265 & mwgrant0 versus McDaniel & fraysol
- Sekktor & legoslayer10 versus "The Alliance" AlbertBeefcake & The_Hurricane
- rxvt & deadly versus "The Alliance" Jauger & PaganFreak
- Piccolo & GohanSon versus NosajSamoht & Shinnokxz

Politics & Menas will aim to continue their winning ways against newly minted #1 ranked team Jammer2Omega & Porygonix - a match that could have major implications on The Tower of Power! PLUS: European tension with The British Exit continues, and recently returned combination Unknown265 & mwgrant0 look to get their title hopes back on track against some up-and-comers!

Supercard 80: Tower of Power XVI (June 19th, 2016):
(c) "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J [Duo Division Champions]
#1 "The Service Krew" Damo & DeathScepter

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pre-Show Payback For Service Krew

"The Service Krew" Damo & DeathScepter have been granted an opportunity to protect their record of ten successful Duo Division Championship defenses at Supercard 80: Tower of Power XVI. The record has already been equalled by dominant champs "Team Xtreme" Marz & Violent`J, but as the guaranteed #1 team - Damo & DeathScepter could turn the tables with a fourth championship win! That is - if they can defend against the next rung down on the Tower of Power...

Last month, "The Chosen One" Damo had grand designs of another type. During the May 6th Friday Night Fights, he goaded VenoMark into a match to prove he was the superior contender for the Undisputed Championship. The sniping continued at Pre-Show 79, where Damo again got the better of VenoMark by bringing DeathScepter into a duo division clash.

VenoMark may have had the last laugh with an emphatic one-on-one victory at Supercard 79: Purple Reign, but now that Damo is the one precariously clinging to championship hopes - it's the perfect time for payback! That's why VenoMark & MKR will challenge "The Service Krew" Damo & DeathScepter this weekend at Pre-Show 80 - Sunday, June 12th!

It's sure to be a spiteful contest as VenoMark & MKR attempt to upset the game plan of The Service Krew just one week before they go for gold at Supercard 80: Tower of Power XVI!

Pre-Show 80: DECEPTION/TPB II - The Rematch (June 12th, 2016)
- "The Hitman" DECEPTION versus The_Purple_Bunny (c) [Undisputed Championship]
- Hokey versus Statix (c) [KFL Championship]
- "The Franchise" Poasty versus The Great Genku (c) [Division 2 Championship]
- VenoMark & MKR versus "The Service Krew" Damo & DeathScepter

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Unholy Alliance Headline FNF - This Week

"Are they - or aren't they?" Questions about the future of "The Unholy Alliance" ElJobber & Mime have lingered ever since Mime re-formed his legendary duo with Hokey! They originally forged their alliance during last year's conquest of The Kombat Fight League, but their association became fractured as Mime continued teaming with Hokey -- a new recruit of The Invasion.

With Mime sympathetic to Hokey's plight after being fired from The United by new manager DArqueBishop, he attempted to forge a super-team with his two allies. The uneasy three-man alliance produced a major victory at the 2016 Spring Classic, where they beat the combined United: DArqueBishop, Shoe & Artanix.

Tensions quickly got the better of the Unholy Trinity. The innate rivalry between Hokey & ElJobber was too great. While Mime was confronted with the madness of Knickxasawrrr; Hokey & ElJobber exploded in a one-on-one clash at Supercard 79: Purple Reign!

Mime walked away from his Iron Man Death Match relatively unscathed, but the state of his alliances was left completely unknown. As Hokey returned to The Invasion, would Mime join him? Or would the dark designs of ElJobber be too compelling? We'll find out the answer - June 10th!

With Supercard 80: Tower of Power XVI on the horizon, and League officials doing everything they can to stack the Tower with the very best teams to challenge the Duo Division Champions - we'll finally see The Unholy Alliance together again in a massive main event!